How to make an Orange Peel block

Whether you’re a curve connoisseur or a stranger to anything without straight lines, learn to master perfect Orange Peel blocks.

Orange Peel Templates

How to use Orange Peel templates

Step one: Cut two shapes from Template A, and one shape from Template B. If making many blocks, it’s easiest to cut 612in wide strips first, and then subcut your template pieces, fitting them together to avoid fabric wastage (Figs 1 and 2). If you struggle with curves you may want to cut the Template A pieces from 7in squares, so there’s an extra 12in beyond the straight edges. You can trim these down after sewing.

How to sew Orange Peels step 1
How to sew Orange Peels step 2

Step two: Use the templates as a guide to mark the dots on your fabric pieces. Take one piece each from Templates A and B and with right sides together and the A background piece on top, pin together at the dot (Fig 3).

How to sew Orange Peels step 3

Step three: Pin at either end, then ease along the curve and pin together between these points. Sew the two pieces together slowly to avoid stretching, removing the pins as you go (Fig 4).

How to sew Orange Peels step 4

Step four: Carefully clip into the seams at regular intervals, or trim the seam allowance with pinking shears. Open the block up and gently press the seam to one side (Fig 5).

How to sew Orange Peels step 5

Step five: Repeat with the second background Template A piece on the opposite side of the block (Fig 6). Your block should measure 612in square. If you cut your Template A pieces larger in step 1, then trim the block to size.

How to sew Orange Peels step 6