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10 of the best sewing machine tables in 2022

Find the perfect new sewing machine table for your craft room in our round up!

sewing machine tables
Published: March 17, 2021 at 10:15 am
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The Great British Sewing Bee has inspired crafters up and down the country to get sewing (catch up with The Great British Sewing Bee episode guide) and we're completely here for it! Sewing, dressmaking and crafting, in general, is great for your mental health and will keep you distracted and have you feeling creative for hours. We've collected 10 of the best sewing machine tables from the web so you can find the perfect set up for your craft room, study or bedroom. The great thing with these sewing machine tables is many of them can easily be used as desks too. Work by day and play by night! Browse the sewing machine tables below, pick up your equipment from our sewing kits for beginners guide and get creative.


Once you've browsed our sewing machine tables head over to our best sewing machines for beginners and best overlocker posts and choose your new machine. We've got sewing machines in a range of price points so there's bound to be one for you.

10 best sewing machine tables

1. Sew Ready Comet sewing machines table

best sewing machine tables

Sew Ready's sewing machine table is a sturdy choice for any craft room. Measuring 47.5" x 28", you'll have plenty of room to spread out your fabrics and pattern pieces. This table could easily double up as a general craft table or desk as you can store your sewing machine on the ledge underneath. It's a great one if you don't have much space.

Pros: The adjustable shelf means you can have your sewing machine at whatever height you feel most comfortable with.
Cons: It's all open plan so there's nowhere to hide rough threads, fabrics and your machine. Check out our DIY craft storage pots to make your own baskets for the bottom.

2. Watson sewing machine table

sewing machine tables amazon

This multi-purpose desk is perfect for crafters with small spaces. You can wheel it around your home (wheel to the TV!), you can fold down the desk and there are three sizable drawers to store your fabrics in.

Pros: Super portable and one of the cheaper sewing machine tables we've found.

Cons: It's not specifically designed for sewing machines so the surface may become scratched.

3. Singer sewing machine tables

singer sewing machine table

Etsy or Ebay, various prices

Vintage Singer sewing machines are every sewist's dream and they can range in style and price depending on where you get them. We'd recommend browsing eBay and Etsy to find reclaimed and customised ones.

Pros: They're just beautiful and a statement for your craft room. Plus they're an heirloom piece that you can hand down your family tree and treasure forever.

Cons: The original machines are made from steel making them heavy and hard to manoeuvre. They can also be tricky to find!

4. HOMCOM Drop Leaf sewing machine table

best sewing machine tables amazon 4

We're all about multiple functionalities and HOMCOM's table does just that. We love that it's designed to be a dining table but you can also fold it down and turn it into a side table too.

Pros: The price - this is one of the most affordable sewing machine tables we've found.

Cons: You'll need to find storage for your machine and materials.

Since you're browsing all these beautiful sewing machine tables you'll need a sewing project to get working on! Learn how to make a face mask or check out our how to sew a dress for beginners guide.

5. Abacus filing desk come sewing machine table!

sewing machines john lewis 1

John Lewis' Abacus desk would make a great sewing machine table. Made from quality oak you can use it to work on by day and craft on by night.

Pros: Its universal design - this desk will look good in any room.

Cons: Be careful not to scratch the oak surface with needles or cutting tools.

6. The Craft Armoire sewing machine table and cabinet

sewing machine table amazon 2

The Craft Armoire is ideal for those of you wanting to keep all your craft stash in one tidy place. You'll also be able to see exactly what you've got rather than having craft boxes all over the house.

Pros: The desk folds back into the unit keeping everything packed away in one space.

Cons: The desk circumference is smaller than other sewing machine table so you might find yourself wanting a little more room.

7. The Brookland desk/sewing machine table

The best sewing machine tables

Marks & Spencer, £299

This is another desk that will look lovely in any room of the house. Sleek and simple, it's one that can be used for multiple purposes. Swap out your computer for your sewing machine in the evenings and get creative.

Pros: There's one drawer to keep all your threads, pins and patterns in then a little shelf to store your sewing machine on.

Cons: Your sewing machine will take up most of the desk space.

8. Sew Ready's sewing machine table

sewing machine tables amazon 5

This sewing machine table by Sew Ready is a step up from their other designs. Baskets, wheels and fold out tables make it a serious sewist No.1 choice.

Pros: The sewing machine grid on the top is a super handy feature.

Cons: If you're planning on putting this table on anything other than carpet it might be a little unsteady.

9. String shelving unit

sewing machines john lewis 2

This storage unit by John Lewis is the piece that will change your craft room forever. It's ideal for multi-crafters who need room for all their various equipment and materials.

Pros: So much storage! We also love that it's customisable to you can add your own baskets, trays and hooks to the structure to hold all your craft bits and bobs.

Cons: It's an investment piece so is quite pricey.

10. Arrow 98901 sewing machine table

best sewing machine tables Arrow

The Arrow 98901 makes Singer sewing machines look old fashioned with its airlift mechanism which raises and lowers your machine.

Pros: Your sewing machine is tucked away safely inside your table along with your threads and needles! Also, you can wheel it from room to room and fold down the tables to make it more compact.

Cons: You'll need extra storage for your fabric as the drawers on this table is fairly small.


Whether you opt for a vintage Singer sewing machine table or a fancy modern one we hope you find one you'll treasure. Share your craft room pictures with your fancy new sewing machine inside us on Instagram. If you're still looking for more inspiration, check out our free sewing patterns and our sewing room ideas which features some gorgeous craft rooms from designers-makers.


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