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Sew your own adorable Christmas elf doll!

Christmas just got a whole lot cuter! Use Sarah Jackman Read’s Christmas elf sewing pattern and make your own festive friend.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 8

Elves have a very important purpose…they tell Father Christmas whether a child has been naughty or nice. A job they don’t take lightly! Since there’s so many children and only one Santa, we think every home needs its own Christmas elf doll. They can report any cheeky behaviour back to the big man and make sure all rooms stay tidy in the run-up to Christmas.

Sarah Jackman Read is sharing her Christmas elf sewing pattern so you can stitch your very own little helper. Complete with a red outfit and pom pom nose, this cutie will be a Christmas staple in your home.

Follow Sarah’s tutorial below and spread festive joy with your family.

How to make your Christmas elf doll

Ready to start making? See our full shopping list for what you’ll need to make your Christmas elf.


You Will Need

  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Brown felt
  • Peach felt
  • Small black buttons
  • Toy stuffing (100g)
  • Small pink pom pom
  • Small white pom pom
  • Craft wire
  • Needle and black thread
  • Pink ink pad
  • Sewing machine

Step 1

Let’s cut out and sew your elf’s body

Use the template provided to cut out all the required pieces from coloured felt.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 1 materials

Step 2

Machine-sew the white mittens to the ends of the arms (make sure you have two matching pairs) and machine-sew the white brims to the hat pieces.

You can hand-sew your Christmas elf doll but machine-stitching will make it a lot more sturdy.

Hand-sew two buttons to the top of one of the body pieces.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 2

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Step 3

With right-sides together, machine-sew the legs and the arms together.

Stuff each arm and leg then add a length of craft wire into each limb.

The craft wire in the arms and legs will enable you to put your elf in different poses. Paper-covered wire is ideal as it won’t poke through the felt. You can also use pipe cleaners.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 3

Step 4

Time to make your Christmas elf’s head!

Pin the hair and ears (facing inwards) to one headpiece.

Stick the googly eyes and a pom pom nose.

With your Christmas elf running around checking up on your kids there’s no doubt they will be a little flushed in the cheeks! Add a colour to the cheeks using a pink ink pad.

Hand-sew a mouth and eyebrows.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 4

Step 5

Place the other head piece on top then machine-sew around leaving the neck open. Turn to the right side then stuff.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 5

Step 6

Pin your elf’s body pieces together

Pin the head to the top of a body piece facing inwards.

Pin the arms to the sides facing inwards. Place the other body piece in top then sew around, leaving the bottom open.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 6

Step 7

Turn the body to the right side then pin the legs into place at the bottom.

Fold the edges inside the hand-sew the bottom and legs in place.

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 7

Step 8

Add the finishing touch – the Christmas hat!

Place the hat pieces right-sides together then sew up the sides.

Turn to the right side then sew the pom pom to the top.

Sew the hat to the top of your elf’s head and it’s complete!

DIY Christmas elf sewing pattern step 8

Shopping list

Make Christmas magical for your kids

This Christmas elf doll will bring the magic of Christmas to your kids. This little elf’s mischievous ways will provide plenty of laughs and he’ll quickly become a festive favourite.

Make your Christmas elf doll a staple part of your family tradition. Let your little ones name him and watch as they eagerly await his arrival every December.

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