DIY simple-sew Easter bunny egg cosies

Hop to it! Fill your breakfast table with instant Easter cheer by stitching up Kajsa Kinsella’s Easter bunny egg cosies.

Easter craft ideas egg cosies

These adorable bunnies are quick to whip up and all you need is some felt, thread and ribbon. This is a great little project if you’re looking for ideas for kids Easter crafts ideas to keep little fingers busy in the school holidays.

Depending on the age of your mini makers, they can enjoy trying out blanket stitching the edges of the cosies (its an easy stitch to try on felt if they’re new to sewing) or if they’re tinier tots they can still have fun decorating your finished cosies by glueing on the ribbon bows with you – PVA works well on felt and you can always then add a stitch or too to secure them.

For more of Kajsa’s beautiful textile designs, follow her on Instagram @kajsakinsella.

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Read on to learn how to make easy bunny egg cosies…


Download our free egg cosies pattern


You Will Need

  • Felt (20x30cm (8x12in) for each cosy, in yellow, white, beige or lime green)
  • Stranded cotton
  • Narrow ribbon (30cm (12in))
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

Download and trace around the template and cut it out to make your pattern piece.

Step 2

Cut the felt in half then place one piece on top of each other. Pin the template centrally on top of the two pieces of felt. Cut around the template to make two bunny shapes.

Bunny egg cosies step one

Stitching together

Step 1

Pin the two bunny shapes together all the way around. Starting and finishing at the bottom of the sides, work blanket stitch all the way around through both layers of felt to hold them together, but leaving the bottom straight edge open.


Bunny egg cosies step two

Step 2

Use two strands of stranded cotton and keep the stitches the same size and distance apart for a neat finish.

Adding the bow

Step 1

Tie the length of ribbon into a neat, even bow. Pin the bow to the neck on one side of the bunny.

Bunny egg cosies step three

Step 2

Stitch the bow into place through the knot to hold it securely and so the knot doesn’t come undone.

How to make egg cosies

For a neater finish, make sure your stitches don’t go through to the back felt piece but are just worked through the front.


You’ve finished! We hope you enjoy using your bunny egg cosies.

Easter craft ideas egg cosies