Dog bow tie pattern: learn how to make a dog bow tie

Spruce up your pup this Christmas with Debbie Humphreys’ sensationally smart dog bow tie pattern

Dog bow tie pattern

We love the idea of rewarding your most loyal companion with a stunning collar this festive season. Featuring contrasting fabrics and with two designs to choose from, it will ensure he looks the business when the family gather together this Christmas.

The dapper dog bow tie pattern has a cute vintage feel, and will help your dog look his best. You’ll want to make them for every dog in your life!

This is a great project to make if you want to use up some leftover festive fat quarters or scraps from another project. Debbie says: “Any seasonally themed fabric will do – the brighter and more colourful the better!”

This dog bow tie pattern was originally published in Simply Sewing Magazine. Simply Sewing is the UK’s bestselling magazine for people who sew or want to learn. It’s packed with beautiful sewing patterns and expert tips. Debbie is a sewing pattern designer who loves making projects for pets – her work is often featured in Simply Sewing.

Read on to learn how to make Debbie’s dog bow tie pattern…

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  • Download the dog coat pattern templates.
  • Use a 5mm (¼in) seam allowance
  • The bow tie will fit a dog with 28-30cm (11x12in) neck. This is adjustable by making the collar strip longer.

How to make a dog bow tie


You Will Need

  • Main fabric (40x50cm (16x20in))
  • Contrast fabric (40x40cm (16x16in))
  • Iron on interfacing (12x42cm (5x17in))
  • Sew-on velcro (4x4cm (15/8x15/8in))
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Step 1

From the pattern, trace the collar piece, bottom bow, top bow and bow knot then cut them out.

Step 2

Cut a strip of main fabric 13x43cm (5½x17in) then press the interfacing onto the WS. Fold in half RS together widthways. Place the collar piece pattern edge marked FOLD on the fabric fold, pin then cut out. You can cut this longer if required to fit your dog.

Step 3

Place the remaining main fabric and contrast fabric RS together then pin and cut out your top and bottom bow pieces, taking care to cut on the bias grain. The arrowed lines on the pattern pieces show the direction of the grain. Cut the bow knot piece from the contrast fabric only.

Dog boy tie pattern step 1

Step 4

Place the two top bow pieces RS together, and sew all the way round leaving a 4cm (158in) gap. Repeat with the bottom bow pieces then trim the corners.


Step 5

Turn both pieces RS out and slip stitch the openings closed.

Step 6

Press the long edges of the bow knot 1cm (38in) to the WS. Fold almost in half lengthways so one side is just 3mm (116in) shorter than the other.

Dog boy tie pattern step 3

Step 7

Work running stitch down the centre of both the top and bottom bow with a running stitch, then gather up. Wrap the knot strip around the gathers and neatly sew at the back by folding one short edge under then overlapping it on top of the other.

Dog boy tie pattern step 4

Step 8

Press the long collar piece in half along the centre fold line as indicated on the pattern. Press the long edges 5mm (¼in) to the WS. With right sides together sew down the short edges. Turn RS out, pin the long edges together and topstitch all the way round and press firmly.


Step 9

Sew the hook velcro square onto the WS of one end of strip, and the loop square to the RS of the other end.


Step 10

Sew the bow onto the RS, behind the velcro hook square.


You’ve finished making Debbie’s stylish dog bow tie pattern! Now pop it on your dog, grab your novelty Christmas jumper, and get snapping! Don’t forget to tag us into your festive photos using #gatheredmakers − we can’t resist a dog in a handmade Christmas outfit.

Dog bow tie pattern