How to make a velcro wallet

Get the kids together for a crafternoon and make Jennie Jones’ simple-sew DIY velcro wallets by hand or machine.

How to make a velcro wallet

Whip up these easy-make velcro wallets using just a few supplies and no previous experience of sewing. They’re perfect for young crafters to try or if you’re on the hunt for a fast-make DIY accessory either for yourself or to give as a gift. Switch up the fabrics to change the style easily.

You will need

  • 1 fat quarter
  • Felt square
  • Velcro: 8cm (318in)
  • Ribbon: 1.5cm (58in) width x 30cm (12in)
  • Basic sewing kit
DIY wallet tutorial

How to make a velcro wallet


You Will Need

  • Felt (1 fat quarter)
  • Velcro (8cm (3 1/8 in))
  • Ribbon width (1.5cm (5⁄8in) x 30cm (12in))
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out the pieces

Step 1

Cut out the fat quarter to 15x27cm (6×1058in).

Step 2

Cut the felt to 11x23cm (438x918in).

Step 3

Cut the ribbon to:

  • Front strip: 15cm (6in).
  • Bow: 9cm (358in).
  • Bow knot: 3cm (1¼in).
How to make a velcro wallet step 1

Attaching the ribbon and bow

Step 4

Take the fabric and fold all the sides under by 2cm (¾in) to the wrong side (WS) and press. 

How to make a velcro wallet step 2

Step 5

Fold the bow piece in half widthways and crease to make a fold.


Step 6

Place the two raw ends touching on this fold to make a loop and pin.

Step 7

Wrap the bow knot length of ribbon around the centre of this bow loop so the raw ends meet at the back.

Step 8

Stitch the bow knot into place using small invisible stitches. 

How to make a velcro wallet step 3

Step 9

Place the ribbon front strip across the short edge of the fabric just 5mm (¼in) in from the folded-under edge and wrap the ends underneath to the WS of the fabric. Slip stitch into place using small stitches.

Step 10

Place the bow you’ve just made on top of the ribbon and stitch into place. We positioned ours off centre to the right hand side, but place yours wherever you prefer.

Adding the velcro closure

Step 11

Pin the hook part of the velcro across one of the short ends of the felt 1cm (38in) in from the edge.

Step 12

Stitch the velcro into place all the way around. This will be the flap fastening of the wallet. 

How to make a velcro wallet step 4

Step 13

Pin the felt to the WS of the fabric on top of the folded-under edges so that the velcro strip you have stitched on the felt is right side (RS) up but directly beneath the ribbon sewn onto the fabric. The felt is a little larger than the fabric for a decorative look.

Step 14

Fold the fabric and felt into a wallet shape and mark where the sewn-on velcro touches the fabric.

Step 15

Pin the loop part of the velcro into this position. 

How to make a velcro wallet step 5

Step 16

Unfold the felt then stitch the velcro strip into place.

Step 17

Stitch the fabric to the felt across the top short edge above the loop velcro strip you’ve just sewn on.

Assembling the wallet

Step 18

Fold the bottom section up to make the wallet shape.

Step 19

Stitch the felt and fabric layers together up the sides and across the top of the flap section. 

How to make a velcro wallet step 6

Step 20

Fold the flap over to complete.


How to make a wallet with velcro

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