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How to make slime without Borax

Learn how to make slime without borax in our free step-by-step tutorial! Easy recipe on how to make slime at home using household items.

how tot make slime

Homemade slime is an easy, inexpensive way to keep the kids entertained over the holidays. It’s tactile and messy, what’s not to love? There are lots of different ways how to make slime, but in this tutorial, we show you how to make slime without borax. So, how do you make slime?

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that, until 2010, was widely available in the UK as an ingredient in household cleaning products like detergent. As an alkaline substance, when added to laundry it helped to whiten your whites by converting some of the water molecules to hydrogen peroxide. Since 2010 however, you are not able to buy borax in the UK as it has been reclassified as a substance potentially hazardous to health.

Borax was also an excellent activator when making slime, so – we need a substitute! Cue – contact lens solution. This is widely available in supermarkets and chemists, but you can also substitute in Elmer’s Magical Liquid which has been specifically created to be a slime activator!

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At the end of this tutorial on how to make slime at home, you’ll also find a rundown of some of our favourite slime makers on the world wide web! If you want to buy a slime as a gift or treat yourself, these creative slime masters will point you in the right direction.

How do you make slime?

Watch our video tutorial and find out how to make slime at home in just a few simple steps.

How to make slime at home

This is the easiest slime recipe, and takes less than 10 minutes to make!

How to make glitter slime without borax

Slime Ingredients: 

Basic slime ingredients

You Will Need

  • PVA glue
  • Contact lens solution
  • bicarbonate of soda
  • Food colouring
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spoon

Step 1

Add approximately 200ml of white PVA glue to a mixing bowl. Don’t worry about being too precise with measurements!

How to make slime - step 1

Step 2

Add in a few drops of food colouring, and mix well.

How to make slime - step 2

Step 3

Add in two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. Mix well.

How to make slime - step 3

Step 4

Squirt in some Contact lens solution (that contains Boric acid) (also called activator for the purposes of this article). If you don’t have any contact lens solution and are buying some specifically to make slime, a good alternative is to use Elmer’s Magical Liquid as it’s been specifically developed to create slime.

How to make slime - step 4

Step 5

Gradually mix in the activator until it becomes sticky and starts coming away from the sides of the bowl.

How to make slime - step 5

Step 6

Once it becomes too difficult to mix with a spoon, it’s time to get your hands in! Start kneading the slime with your hands, by stretching and squashing.

How to make slime - step 6

Step 7

Add more solution if needed, until you achieve a ‘glob-like’ consistency.

Now add any additional bits, like glitter, googly eyes or plastic insects! That’s how to make slime that’s soft squishy and totally satisfying to play with.

How to make slime with glitter

Step 8

To prolong the life of your slime, keep it in an airtight container.

How to store slime in an air tight container

How to make slime less sticky

If your slime seems too sticky, before reaching for more contact lens solution or Elmer’s Magical Liquid, try kneading the slime a little more (that is, stretching the slime then squishing it back together). It will take a while, but kneading encourages the chemical reaction that turns the glue into slime. If this still doesn’t work, add a little more activator, one drop at a time. Only add a drop at a time, because if you introduce too much into the recipe the slime will become too rubbery. If you are making a big batch of slime, you can afford to be more liberal with adding the activator, but if it’s a small batch, then you need to be very sparing with how much you add.

If your slime has become sticky after being left in a warm place for too long, then popping it in the refrigerator (or on a cold windowsill overnight) is a good trick to restore some of the original texture to the slime.

How to get slime out of clothes

Now you’ve discovered how to make slime at home, you’ll know this for sure: slime is messy. And sometimes, it gets where it’s not supposed to. If you can, try and wear an apron when making slime, but it’s good to know how to get slime out of clothes if mistakes do happen.

  1. Remember slime is mostly glue, so first, pick off as much of the slime as you can. A spoon is a useful tool to scrape it off with!
  2. Next, put the affected clothing item into a container and pour on some vinegar. Make sure you fully saturate the area as vinegar helps to break down the slime.
  3. Use a soft scrub to release some of the smaller bits of slime from within the clothes fibres.
  4. Now, rinse with hot water.
  5. If there are any remaining bits of slime, repeat the vinegar-scrub-hot water process, until there are no bits of slime left. If the slime is being particularly stubborn, soak the stain in vinegar and let sit for a few minutes before scrubbing.
  6. Then, when there are no visible stains left, add some washing up liquid over the area and rub the fabric together (just like you would in a hand wash). Using washing up liquid will help to break down the oils in the slime.
  7. Finally, wash in the washing machine as per that items instructions.

Where to buy slime?

If you don’t fancy getting messy creating your own slime there are plenty of places to buy ready-made slime from numerous talented slime creators! They can be found all over the place online, but we’ve found most of our favourite slimes on Etsy, where independent slime makers are celebrated. You’ll find everything you can imagine in slime form, from foodie slime to scented slimes and even slimes that glow in the dark. There’s so much creativity that surrounds the slime industry, and we just want to squeeze them all! Your little ones definitely won’t be sad to receive a new unique slime for their birthday. Now, what are you waiting for, find your slime!

Watermelon scented slime

Enjoy the sweet scent of watermelon with this fabulous thick and glossy slime, play with it for hours and feel your stress melt away! The vibrant colour and delightful scent will be sure to become a new favourite.

Buy the watermelon slime on Etsy

where to buy slime 1

Brown Sugar Boba Pancakes Scented DIY Clay Slime

Now, this is amazing slime, this is what we mean when we say it could be mistaken for real food! Be sure not to eat it though, it doesn’t taste as nice as it smells. Boba craze is in full swing at the moment, popping up in all sorts of places and the kids love it! This slime would make the ideal gift for those slime-crazy boba-drinking youngsters.

Buy the boba pancake slime from Etsy

where to buy slime 2

Cereal and milk slime

Whilst we’re talking foodie slime, we simply had to include this milk and cereal slime! You’ll receive a milk-white slime and a cereal box of charms which you can mix in yourself.

Buy the Cereal and milk slime from Etsy

where to buy slime 3

Crystal clear slime

There is just something so satisfying about clear slime, you can enjoy it as is, or you could add your own charms, glitter or whatever takes your fancy for a completely unique slime.

Buy the Crystal clear slime from Etsy

where to buy slime 4

Lemon poppy seed slime

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cakes? You can enjoy the scent of a lemon poppy seed cake with this delightful cloud slime, puffy and fluffy you won’t want to stop squeezing it! It also creates satisfying crackle noises when you play with it!

Buy the lemon poppy seed slime from Etsy

where to buy slime 5

Lime popsicle slime

indulge in the sweet tropical lime scent with this fabulous thick and glossy slime! Available in a choice of pots and weights.

Buy the Lime popsicle slime on Etsy

where to buy slime 6

Strawberry fluffy slime

Enjoy sweet summery strawberry all year round with this fluffy clay-based slime. In the pack, you’ll also find a useful leaflet on caring for your new slime. How handy!

Buy the Strawberry fluffy slime on Etsy

where to buy slime 7

Rice Krispie treat slime

This crispy and crunchy slime smells like freshly baked bread! This lovely slime is soft and fluffy, sure to be a favourite in your collection.

Buy the Rice Krispie treat slime from Etsy

where to buy slime 8

Glow in the dark slime

Inspired by the amazing film Life of Pi, this slime really does glow in the dark! It also comes with little charms like a whale and a lifebuoy plus it is a glittery slime.

Buy the glow in the dark slime from Etsy

where to buy slime 9

Lemon refresher slime

Enjoy a refreshing burst of lemon scent with this gorgeous bright yellow slime, which comes with an ice cube and lemon charms to play with.

Buy the Lemon refresher slime on Etsy

where to buy slime 10

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