How to make coasters

Let your coasters do the talking with some cheerful stitched-on slogans. A spot of simple embroidery is all you need for a party-table talking point. Chin chin!

How to make coasters party craft ideas

Set the mood for a party with these crafty coasters! These fun designs are a great way to accessorise your table for any celebration – whether it’s a birthday, a Christmas celebration or a New Year’s Eve party.

Read on for Rebecca Reid’s free tutorial for how to make your own embroidered party coasters.

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The finished coaster measures 10cm (4in) in diameter.


Download our free Simply Sewing Templates from issue 11 to get the free embroidery patterns for this project


You Will Need

  • Fabric: 20x20cm (8x8in)
  • Bondaweb: 12x12cm (5x5in)
  • Felt: 3mm acrylic, white 12x12cm (5x5in)
  • Stranded cotton: charcoal grey
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

How to make the coasters

Step 1

Trace one of the coaster templates from PDF download (link above). Place your fabric centrally right side (RS) up on top of it and trace over the words and the circular outline.

Step 2

Stitch over the words with backstitch, using four strands of grey thread.

How to make coasters step 1

Step 3

Press the Bondaweb, paper side up, centrally over the wrong side (WS) of the stitched circle.

How to make coasters step 3

Step 4

Peel off the paper backing then press it RS up on top of the felt.

Step 5

Cut out along the drawn circle outline through both layers of fabric and felt.

How to make coasters step 5

Step 6

Topstitch around the edge of your coaster 3mm (116in) from the edge to secure the felt to the fabric. You can easily do this by hand if you’re not confident sewing in a circle.

How to make coasters step 7

That’s it! Your coasters are ready to party.

How to make coasters