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DIY Halloween bunting – how to make a Halloween garland

Magic up a fang-tastic DIY Halloween bunting with Kirsty Hartley’s easy step-by-step guide to how to make a Halloween banner – have fun with glitter stars, spooky bats and colour-popping pom poms

DIY Halloween bunting

DIY your decor this Halloween with this frightfully fun craft Halloween bunting project. It’s easy to whip up a string of spooky shapes to make your own DIY Halloween garland in just an evening with our quick-make tutorial. String up bats, glitter stars and pom poms to make your own easy Halloween banner using our step by step guide.

We’ve even included free DIY Halloween bunting printable templates to get you started, along with and easy-to-follow instructions.

We’re huge fans of decorating for Halloween here on Gathered, and it brings us joy that the trend for making your own Halloween decorations is on the rise. The average American spent $87 a year on Halloween supplies in 2019, according to Marketing experts at The Shelf. So we’re here to help you get in on the action. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big budget – you can easily adapt this tutorial to make it with everyday supplies from your craft stash.

While we’ve created this Halloween banner tutorial for makers all ages, it’s also a great kids craft project to get children involved in crafting.

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This projects was designed by Kirsty Hartley and was first published in Simply Sewing magazine – the UK best-selling magazine filled with projects for everyone who sews or wants to start.

DIY Halloween bunting tutorial



You Will Need

  • Felt (Black felt: 40x35cm (12x18in) and Orange felt 20x25cm (12x18in))
  • Fabric (Glitter fabric – 35x15cm (12x6in))
  • Bondaweb (80x43cm (32x17in))
  • Strong thread (3.5m (4yds), for hanging), Or you can use fine ribbon
  • Yarn (For the pom poms)
  • Pom pom maker, Optional
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Thread (For sewing your bunting together)

Total time:

Cutting out your DIY Halloween garland

Step 1

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, press the Bondaweb to the WS of the black felt piece. Leave the paper backing attached for now.

Step 2

Cut this black felt piece into two pieces measuring 20x25cm (12x18in) for the bats, and 35x15cm (12x6in) for the stars. Now carefully peel off the paper backing.

Step 3

Press the orange felt onto one of the black felt pieces.

Step 4

Press the glitter felt onto the other black felt piece.

Step 5

From the orange piece cut three bats using our Free halloween garland templates.

Step 6

From the silver glitter piece cut four stars using the Free halloween garland template.

Assembling your DIY Halloween bunting

Step 1

Make pom poms that measure 4cm (158in) in diameter using the pom pom maker, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2

Arrange your bunting shapes and pom poms, spacing them approx 15cm (6in) apart.

Step 3

Use a large needle to sew alternate shapes onto thread or thin ribbon, working the needle beneath the surface on the WS.

How to make halloween bunting step 2

Step 4

Tie loops at either end of your bunting so you can easily hang it up at home.

How to make a Halloween garland

Witches Halloween garland
Enjoyed making our DIY Halloween bunting banner?

Leave a comment below to let us know how you got on with it. Good news – it’s part of a set! Kirsty originally made this bunting to match her tutorial for how to make a Trick or Treat bucket – so head on over and give that project a go too. You might also like round-up of 57 of our favourite Halloween Crafts for kids for more inspiration of what to make this Halloween. We wish you all a creative and fun spooky season!

How to make halloween bunting and bucket

5 Halloween banners we love!

If you’re short of time and think you’ll struggle to make this Halloween bunting in time for the big day this year, or you’re looking for ideas for how to adapt this project, check out these five ready-made Halloween garlands which have been handmade by other makers…

1. Custom Bunting Halloween banner

Give your Halloween garland a personal touch with this personalised bunting from TE Art Gifts on Etsy – it comes with eco friendly twine and we love the painted-effect of the pumpkin pennants.

Halloween Bunting

2. Disney-inspired Halloween banner

For all those of you who love a bit of classic Mickey Mouse, this card banner from Willows Wonders Store on Etsy is a cute twist on some of the scarier Halloween garlands out there – a good choice if you have young children in the family who find Halloween decorations a bit unsettling.

Disney Halloween banner

3. Witches Halloween garland

For a more classic Halloween banner, we love this paper cut version – get this Witches Halloween garland from Norrska on Etsy.

Witches Halloween garland

4. Trick or treat hanging banner

For a stylish addition to your Halloween decor, we’re loving this canvas Halloween banner from Classy by Crissy on Etsy.

Halloween canvas banner

Short of space or want to decorate your desk? Try this cute mini paper Halloween bunting from Framed by Julie J on Etsy.

Happpy Halloween mini bunting