How to sew Advent calendar stockings

Dreaming of a bright Christmas? Make Anna Alicia’s DIY Advent calendar stockings in retro prints and ric rac for a colourful countdown

How to sew advent calendar Christmas stockings

This funky Christmas stocking Advent calendar is the perfect way to count down to Christmas Day!

This project created by Anna Alicia doubles as vibrant Christmas bunting – it’s sure to brighten up your home, wherever you choose to put it. Fill the stockings up with your choice of treats or a little card for each day. After Christmas, you can stash it away and bring it out year after year. It’s bound to become one of your most treasured Christmas decorations.

If you’re a sewing novice, this is a great pattern to make because you don’t need to master any tricky new techniques. As you need to make 24 stockings, it’s a fantastic opportunity to practice your sewing techniques. Why not personalise your stockings by experimenting with your own colour ways?

Looking for more advent calendar inspiration? Try this fabric Advent calendar sewing pattern designed by Rebecca Reid. If you’re a beginner, you might also like this easy-sew Christmas tree Advent calendar project.

Download our stocking advent calendar free sewing pattern here and get stitching! Read on to discover our Christmas stocking Advent calendar tutorial, which will guide you through the project step by step.

What you need to know before you start making your Christmas Advent calendar stockings

Please note that you will need to allow a 1cm (14in) seam allowance when making these stockings.

If you would like to use the same fabrics, here are the stockist details:

  • Outer: From Tinsel by Clarice Gifford for Cloud9 Fabrics. For stockists visit
  • Lining: Flame from Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman. For stockists visit
  • Red and White Wooden numbers and White Double Faced Satin Ribbon 3mm (1/8in), both from

You Will Need

  • A mix of quilting weight cotton (adding up to a total of 75x115cm (30x45in))
  • Lining fabric (75x115cm (30x45in))
  • White ribbon (2.5m (2 3/4yd) x 3mm (1/8in) wide)
  • Ric rac trim (2m (2 1/4in))
  • Wood numbers (1.5cm (5/8in) high)
  • Craft glue and small paintbrush
  • Twine (3m (3 1/4yd))
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Christmas stocking Advent calendar PDF template, download using the link above

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

From the lining fabric cut 24 pairs of stocking lining.

Step 2

How to sew advent calendar stockings step one

From the quilting weight cottons cut 24 pairs of stocking outers.

Before cutting, decide how many stockings you would like to make in each of the fabrics. If your fabric has a directional print, make sure you cut the fabric so that the pattern will be the same way up on both layers.

Draw out your chosen number of stocking shapes, fussy cutting if desired to highlight a particular part of the fabric design. Cut out, keeping the pairs together.

Step 3

How to sew advent calendar stockings step two

Pair up each patterned pair of stocking shapes with a lining pair.

Assembling the stockings

Step 1

How to sew advent calendar stockings step three

Open out a lining pair and an outer pair. Lay the lining pair right side (RS) up on your work surface and lay an outer piece on top of each RS down. Pin each pair along the top straight edge.

Step 2

How to sew advent calendar stockings step four

Sew along the top straight edge only of each pair, 1cm (38in) in. Unfold each pair along the seam and press.

Step 3

How to sew advent calendar stockings step five

Cut a strip of ric rac trim measuring 8cm (318in) long and a piece of ribbon 9cm (358in) long. Lay out one of the lining/outer pieces RS up.

Fold the piece of ribbon in half to form the loop that will hang up the stocking. Place the folded ribbon on top of the outer side of the fabric, so that the cut ends line up with the back of the stocking shape (i.e. not on the toe side). The ribbon should sit approx 1.3cm (58in) away from the seam, at a 45-degree angle with the looped end pointing towards the lining fabric.

Add a couple of tiny stitches by hand at the cut ends of the ribbon loop, just to keep it in place. Also place the ric rac trim across the outer part of the fabric, roughly 1.5cm (58in) away from the seam.

Step 4

How to sew advent calendar stockings step six

Take the other outer/lining piece and lay it on top with the RS down. The two outers should now be on the same side, as should the lining pieces.

Step 5

How to sew advent calendar stockings step seven

Pin all the way around the edges, making sure to pin the ric rac in place.

Step 6

How to sew advent calendar stockings step eight

Starting on the lining side, sew 1cm (38in) in around the edges of the shape, leaving a 3-4cm (114 – 158in) turning gap on the lining side.

Trim the seam allowance down to 3mm (18in) so that the curves will be smooth and the seams won’t be too bulky.

Step 7

How to sew advent calendar stockings step nine

Turn the stocking RS out through the turning gap in the lining, making sure the ric rac ends up on the front of the stocking – if all your stockings will have their toes pointing left, make sure the ric rac is on the front when the toe points left.

The ric rac is only held in place at the sides, so it’s easy to tuck the outer through and swap sides if it starts out on the WS. The ribbon hanging loop should be pointing towards the lining and sticking out at a roughly 45-degree angle.

Step 8

Sew the gap you left in the lining closed. As the seam allowances have been trimmed down, a machine zigzag stitch will close the gap and ensure the edges do not fray.

Step 9

How to sew advent calendar stockings step ten

Tuck the lining down into the outer and press the stocking. Repeat these steps to create the remaining stockings.

Finishing off

Step 1

Lay out all of the finished stockings and decide which order you would like them to be in. Play around with the different patterns and colours to see how they work together.

Step 2

How to sew advent calendar stockings step eleven

Using a small paintbrush, apply a little craft glue to the back of each number and carefully place it onto the ric rac towards the right-hand side. Leave to dry.

Once dry, check all your numbers are secure and add more glue if necessary. If you prefer, you could stitch your numbers in place instead.

Step 3

How to sew advent calendar stockings step twelve

String up the assembled stockings – depending on your space, you might want to hang them in one long line, two rows of 12, four rows of six, etc.

Once you have decided on your preferred layout, pass the length of twine through the loops of the stockings, ensuring that the stockings all have their toes pointing the same way.


All finished! Hang up your stockings and start your Advent countdown.

How to sew advent calendar Christmas stockings