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Get cosy with this snuggly sweatpants pattern

Put your feet up for a well-earned rest while wearing your own DIY sweatpants! Learn how to make sweatpants with our easy step-by-step guide.

Sweatpants pattern

Sweatpants are a wardrobe essential and we can’t get enough of them! They’re perfect for lounging around the house or keeping warm while working from home.

The good news is that sweatpants are really easy to sew at home – and you can even use your favourite pair as a template for this pattern to make sure you get the right fit. And who wouldn’t love an extra pair of their most comfortable trousers?

You can make the process even easier by buying ribbing for the waistband and cuffs before you begin.

What you’ll need to make this sweatpants sewing pattern

Ready to learn how to make sweatpants? Stock up on materials before you begin with our sweatpants pattern supplies.

Notes for this sweatpants pattern

  • For this pattern, you will need a pair of loose-fitting trousers or sweatpants to use as a template.
  • Our template trousers were a larger size than our model to begin with so we omitted adding a seam allowance. If your template trousers are closer in size and fit to your desired finished measurements, then add a seam allowance to your markings.
  • Elastic requirement will depend on your waist measurement; add approximately 5cm to your waist measurement for the length to buy.

Sew your own sweatpants


You Will Need

  • Woven relaxed fit trousers, To use as a template
  • Elastic (3cm wide)
  • Soft knit fabric (1.5m)
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Cutting out the fabric for your sweatpants pattern

Step 1

Fold your knit fabric in half wrong sides (WS) together. Fold your trousers in half lengthwise and align the inseams and crotch curves on top of each other. Pin this inseam/crotch curve to your folded fabric.

Step 2

Starting at the waistline, trace the centre back/centre front crotch and inseam line directly onto your fabric.

Sweatpants pattern step 1

Step 3

Trace across the hem to the opposite side seam and trace up the other side. When tracing the side seam of your front leg you may need to roll back your trouser legs along the seam to reveal it, as pictured. Square across at the waistline to finish.

Sweatpants pattern step 2

Step 4

Repeat for the front and back legs so you have one of each drawn directly onto your folded fabric then cut out through all layers. You will now have two Front Leg and two Back Leg pieces.

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Assembling the sweatpants

Step 1

With right sides (RS) together, sew the Front Leg pieces together at the centre front/ crotch, and the Back Leg pieces together at the centre back/crotch.

Sweatpants pattern step 3

Step 2

Sew the Front and Back sections RS together along the entire inseam. Repeat to sew the side seams.

Sweatpants pattern step 4

Making the stretchy waistband

Step 1

Cut elastic to fit your waist plus a few centimetres extra. Measure a folded band long enough to fit the waist circumference of your joggers and wide enough to encase your elastic. Add 1cm seam allowance along all edges.

Step 2

With RS facing, sew the short ends of the waistband together. Clip the corners of the seam allowance at an angle, and cut a deep V notch centred on the fold line, and up to (but not through) the stitching line as pictured.

Sweatpants pattern step 5

Step 3

Step 3

Press the seam allowance to one side in opposite directions above and below the centre fold line as pictured.

Sweatpants pattern step 5

Step 4

Fold the waistband in half along the length, with WS facing, and give it a good press.

Step 5

With RS facing and raw edges aligned, pin the Waistband to the waist (position the Waistband seam at the centre back).

Sweatpants pattern step 6

Step 6

Sew or overlock in place then press the Waistband up and away from the joggers and the seam allowance inside toward the joggers.

Sweatpants pattern step 7

Step 7

On the inside of the Waistband unpick a section of the stitching from before to allow you to access the inside. You can sew a few anchor stitches along the folded edge to prevent the stitching from coming undone any further than you need it to.

Sweatpants pattern step 8

Step 8

Insert the elastic through this unpicked opening, all the way around and out the other side. Cut your elastic to fit, and stitch the ends together. Your elastic should fit your waist comfortably and stretch enough to slide over your hips.

Sweatpants pattern step 9

Step 9

Snap the elastic to the inside of your casing and pin the opening closed. Hand stitch to close.

Step 10

Optional: stretch your waistband out and sew 1–3 lines of straight stitching around the circumference through all layers for a shirred waistband effect.

Sweatpants pattern step 10

Finishing off your fabulous new sweatpants

Step 1

Square off the hems of your trouser legs.

Step 2

Create cuff bands in the same way that you created your waistband.

Sweatpants pattern step 11

Step 3

Attach, add elastic, and finish cuff bands in the same way as for the waistband.

Sweatpants pattern step 12

Shopping list

This sweatpants pattern will keep you warm all winter

There’s nothing better than stretching out in front of the TV while wearing a pair of soft sweatpants. We like to have a few pairs in our wardrobe for laidback days at home.

Sweatpants are ideal for chilling out at home over the weekend or keeping your legs warm while you work from home.

If you already have a favourite pair of sweatpants at home, you can use them as a template to sew some extra pairs!

Sweatpants pattern

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