Basket weaving can seem like one of those mystical crafts of olden times, but like many traditional crafts it’s popularity is on the rise.


You may remember doing some over-and-under weaving with paper strips at school, or maybe you’re already familiar with crochet or macramé, or even weaving on a loom. Although these techniques may have similarities, basket weaving is an art all of its own.

There’s quite a lot of learning resources available online, including our own beginners guide to basket weaving. But in our opinion, there's nothing quite like starting with a kit! Weaving, like many crafts, is much easier to understand when you have the tools and materials in your hands.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some fabulous basket weaving kits that you can order today!

The Best Basket Weaving Kits

1. ‘Baskets’ by Tabara N’Diaye

Best for a full introduction to weaving

Baskets book

Before we get really stuck into basket weaving kits, we just had to mention one of our favourite resources.

Many of the kits we’ll cover below are aimed at beginners, and that’s great for if you just want to try weaving for the first time or as a one-off. But if you want to know more about the different styles, techniques, materials and even the history of this craft, as well as a wealth of different projects to try, then we’ve got the perfect starting point for you!

Our beginner's guide to basket weaving was written by weaving artist Tabara N’Diaye, founder of La Basketry, who has a beautiful and insightful book all about the art of basket weaving, simply titled – ‘Baskets’. This beautifully designed book contains 15 fabulous projects to try, from mini-baskets to rope bags and much more.

2. Mini Basket weaving kit

Best for beginners who want to get stuck in!


If you’re already sold on Tabara’s brilliant ‘Baskets’ book, but want something you can get started on straight away, then these fab kits from La Basketry are perfect for you.

This mini basket weaving kit can be ordered with or without Tabara’s ‘Baskets’ book and comes with 50g of seagrass, two rolls of raffia paper (in colours of your choice), a needle and full written instructions plus access to a tutorial video too. It’s the perfect first project… and then some!

3. Baker Ross Kids Basket Weaving Kit

Best for kids (and adults)

baker ross basket weaving kits

Looking to start simple and entertain your kids at the same time? These incredibly simple basket weaving kits from Baker Ross are a fun little project you can try together. They come with four basket templates, plus a selection of raffia yarns in festive colours, plus a plastic needle for sewing in the ends so that it’s neat and tidy.

They make a sweet little 10cm bowl, perfect for holding Christmas candies – there are similar kits in other colour options too.

4. Mini Basket weaving kit with handle

Best for cute factor

mini basket weaving kit

We love how cute this little basket is – perfect for picking (a very small amount of) berries! This rattan basket kit is a brilliant way of trying a bit of more advanced weaving, and would make a great activity to try together with older kids (it’s recommended ages 8 and up).

More like this

It’s a centre cane weaving kit with a wooden base which you attach spokes to, then you weave your canes around the spokes.

Weave a basket today

Can’t wait for your kit to arrive? Or maybe you want to try before you buy? Then give our DIY paper weaving basket tutorial a try – it’s made entirely from things you’ll find around the house!


5. Pine needle basket weaving kit

Best for natural products

pine needle basket weaving kit

This beautiful basket weaving kit is made using gorgeous treated or dyed longleaf pine needles. It uses the coil weaving method, which encloses and shapes those pine needle strands with a waxed linen thread.

It all starts with a solid wooden centre base, which BeckysBasketShop will pick to match your needles and thread, so you will be getting a truly unique kit. However, you can message if you have colour preferences, plus you can also order it as a two basket combo kit if you fancy trying it with a friend!.

6. Willow Craft Bread Basket weaving kit

Best for traditional weaving

Bread basket weaving kit

This weaving kit has a fantastic traditional feel as well as using authentic techniques! It has a lovely rustic charm to it, and is made entirely from beautiful English willow. Whether you live in a quaint thatched cottage or a high rise apartment, everyone’s bread will look delicious displayed in this lovely basket!

7. Willow bird feeder basket weaving kit

Best for nature-lovers

bird feeder basket weaving kit

While this kit is technically a basket, it’s a basket with a difference – one for feeding birds with! This lovely kit is again made from wonderful willow and is perfect for using with fat balls (essential for helping our feathered friends through winter). It would make a fantastic gift for anyone who’s a fan of both nature and natural materials.

8. Raffia basket weaving kit

Best for a bit of quick crafting

raffia coiling basket weaving kit

For those of you who don’t want to tackle anything too big for your first project, this raffia basket weaving kit is perfect for a bit of mindful crafting. Using (relatively) simple coil weaving, you can choose to make a small basket, a table mat or two coasters from your kit.

You can also choose which secondary colour of raffia you would like to use in combination with the primary natural tone – we’ll pick bright pink every time!

More ways to weave

Now that you’ve had your pick of basket weaving kits, get ready to enter a whole world of wonderful weaving. While wood and raffia fibres are most commonly used for 3D weaving, wool and other yarn fibres can be used to create a huge range of different textiles – not surprising seeing as it’s one of the oldest crafts in history!


Going beyond baskets

If you fancy trying some yarn weaving, then check out our pick of the best weaving kits.


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