Weaving is an ancient craft that's been crafted by different communities for hundreds of years. Traditionally used to make blankets and clothing, weaving has made a comeback and is now used to make all sorts of decorative and practical items. Whether you're crafting a wall hanging or making a woven bookmark, the simple act of weaving is both calming and therapeutic. It can also be a fab stash buster, as you can use all your yarn scraps, alongside extra bits and bobs like pom poms, to give your designs extra texture.


For beginners, the world of weaving can be a little overwhelming as it uses equipment not used in other crafts. To help you become acquainted with weaving we've collected some of our favourite weaving kits on the market. These kits are great for beginners as they often included everything you need (loom, accessories, yarn) as well as detailed instructions teaching you all the techniques you need. Kits also make lovely gifts and advanced crafters can enjoy them too, especially if there's looking for an affordable, calming project. We've included weaving kits from a range of retailers and at a range of price points to help you find the perfect kit for you. Have a browse of the kits below and happy weaving!

The best weaving kits of the bunch

If you need extra help weaving then head over to our how to weave and DIY loom tutorial. We also explain the anatomy of the weaving loom so you can get to know your tools! We also have plenty of weaving patterns to make once you've finished your kits.

2023's best weaving kits

1. Myriad Choices Large Weaving Loom

  • Pros: Large loom, bag for transporting, accessories included (comb, sticks)
  • Cons: Yarn not included, instructions won't take you through step by step

We're starting off big! Myriad has created this super-sized loom kit which includes a stand-up loom measuring 60 x 54cm. Bigger looms are great if you have back problems as it prevents you from crouching over a small loom. It's also great for beginners as you're working with a larger canvas and weaving is less fiddly. This kit comes with weaving sticks and a comb to help you weave neatly and a bag to store your loom in. It's adjustable too which allows you to tighten and loosen the tension of the warp. This is an affordable option but we wouldn't recommend it for complete beginners as it doesn't include yarn or step-by-step instructions.

2. Wool Couture Company giant weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£74)
  • Pros: All equipment included, different colour options, great for beginners
  • Cons: Expensive, projects not included

Wool Couture Company is a renowned weaving company that produces beautiful, high-quality kits. They sell three types of kits on their Etsy shop: the beginner, the starter, and the quintessential kit. The starter kit is basic but is ideal for beginners just wanting to learn the techniques. However, we'd recommend the quintessential kits. There's a huge variation of yarn colours available and each kit comes with plenty of roving, cotton, and merino yarn to play and practice with. There's also needles, a comb, a loom, a mounting bar, and most importantly, a detailed instruction booklet for beginners.

3. Curtzy weaving kit

  • Pros: Affordable, yarn included
  • Cons: No roving, no instructions

If you're looking for an affordable weaving kit then this is the one for you. This simple little kit comes with all the basics including some colourful yarn to weave with. It's ideal for beginners just wanting to play around with weaving but you'll need to watch Youtube videos or read online resources to use. Instructions aren't included but luckily we have a complete guide to weaving here on Gathered. It covers everything from techniques to equipment you need.

4. Bookmark weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£18)
  • Pros: Portable, practical project, includes everything you need
  • Cons: Small so may be fiddly for complete beginners

Weave on the go with Tabby and Tweed's mini weaving kits. This little kit comes with a mini loom, colourful thread of your choice, a needle, and a comb. The detailed instructions will teach you how to weave and how to turn your weave into a pretty little bookmark. Each kit is super affordable and will get you hooked on weaving! There's plenty of kits available on their Etsy shop so have a browse to find your favourite.

5. Kitchnexus wooden weaving kit

  • Pros: Sturdy frame, easily assembled, equipment included
  • Cons: No instructions and limited wool included

Weave your own geometric weaving wall hanging with this kit from Kitchnexus. It's a basic kit and although it doesn't include instructions, its Amazon page does link to several useful YouTube tutorials. There's plenty of accessories included but you'll need to buy extra roving and yarn if you're making a project. This loom is also suitable for kids so you can weave as a family.

6. Wildwoven weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£58)
  • Pros: Unique design, great quality, includes everything you need
  • Cons: May be tricky for beginners

How gorgeous is this weaving kit from Wildwoven? This kit (available in four colourways) will teach you how to weave a lovely tree. We love the rustic loom included as it not only looks good but will last well (perfect for multiple uses). There's also some extras that make this kit extra special. It comes in a Wildwoven tote bag which is lovely if you're gifting this kit. All the yarns are hand-dyed which gives a natural feel to your tree design. And, finally, it comes with a detailed 12-page instruction booklet to ensure you're weaving confidently!

More like this

7. Circular weaving loom

  • Buy now from Etsy (£50)
  • Pros: Unique frame, weaving tools included, six different yarns/roving included
  • Cons: PDF instructions

Make unique designs with My Little Dreamers weaving kits. They sell a range of different weaving kits but we love their circular ones which included 4 yarns and 2 roving yarns. Designed for beginners, My Little Dreamer has created a detailed PDF download and a video tutorial to help you craft with ease. Each kit comes with plenty of spare materials for you to practice and make several different weaves with.

8. Hawthorn Handmade weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£44)
  • Pros: Colourful design, quality materials, six colourways, beginners guide to weaving included
  • Cons: Light weight loom

If you're looking for a fun weaving kit then Hullaballoo is the Etsy shop for you. Their bright, colourful kits are a joy to make and are high quality too. We love the detailed guide to weaving booklet that comes with this kit as well as the colour pattern inspiration guide. The snap-together frame makes it great for transporting but it's less sturdy than other wooden frames on the market. Despite this, we think this is one of the best weaving kits on the market especially as it's designed by crafting professional Stephanie.

9. Shiv Textiles beginners weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£28)
  • Pros: Great price, 34 page manual, quality materials
  • Cons: Small loom, large loom available but at a high price

This kit is one of the best value-for-money kits we've found. For £28 pounds, you'll get high-quality and eco-friendly tools, a sturdy loom, colourful textured yarns, and detailed instructions. The booklet has 34 pages of history, photo instructions, project inspiration and techniques. It's ideal for newbies and will teach you everything you need to know in one place. When checking out, type which bundle of yarns you'd like. The yarn bundles are a beautiful collection of textured yarns, all slightly different shades but following a clear theme.

10. ELKA weaving kit for beginners

This fab little kit from ELKA comes in 9 different colourways. It comes with all the materials and tools you need (including the fork!) to make intricate designs. We love this kit's high quality and the fact it comes with plenty of spare materials for you to practice with. This kit is for weavers with more experience and knowledge of the tools – it doesn't come with any instructions or project inspiration.

11. Children’s rainbow weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£7)
  • Pros: Ideal for kids, affordable, all materials and tools included
  • Cons: Very simple, quick project

If you're hoping to weave with your little ones then Robins and Rainbow have some really sweet kits available. Weaving is great for child development and will teach them dexterity skills. This colourful rainbow kit will teach kids the basics of weaving through its photo instructions booklet. The yarns, needle, and rustic cardboard loom are all included in the kit too. For adults, why not learn how to make a tassel wall hanging?

12. Wool Couture's small weaving kit

Wool Couture not only creates massive kits but they also create mini kits! This weaving kit is ideal for beginners as everything you need, including detailed instructions, is inside the box. Choose between the starter and quintessential kit (the only difference is the quintessential kit comes with merino wool and roving). You can use your kit to make mini wall hangings, bookmarks, coasters, and more.

13. Tiny weaving loom necklace kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£12)
  • Pros: Affordable, fun design, tiny loom, necklace fixings and instructions included
  • Cons: Yarn/thread not included

Wear your work with pride thanks to Bethany Snaddon's necklace kit. This adorable kit comes with a tiny loom and detailed instructions on how to weave small! It also includes the fixings and chain to turn your piece into a necklace. You'll need to provide your own threads but this can be a bonus as it allows you to use up those scrap embroidery threads. This kit is super unique and would make a great gift for crafters of all abilities.

14. Woven coasters kit

Give your coffee table an upgrade with this weaving coaster kit! The kit comes with enough materials for you to weave four beautiful coasters. We love that this kit comes with step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, and some project inspiration. The box comes with plenty of different templates too so you can learn how to weave several different patterns. This is a great option for beginners wanting to weave a project they can use every day.

15. Mini tapestry weaving kit

Studio Ruldoph has created the sweetest mini weaving kits. They come in a pretty drawstring bag and have a range of wooden accessories as well as a bonus pack of assorted yarns. The mini-guide makes this kit perfect for beginners or for crafting on the go. Currently, there are only grey and black colourways available but we hope they'll release more colours soon.

16. Honeycomb weaving kit

Fancy something a bit different? Wool Couture has the kit for you. These cool hexagonal looms allow you to weave some unique and beautiful designs. This kit, known as the honeycomb kit, comes with yarn, 3 looms, a needle, and a wooden bee for decoration. Detailed instructions are also included making it beginner-friendly. Choose your colourway from several different options and weave a design that the queen bee will be proud of.

17. Pillow weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£155)
  • Pros: Unique design, PDF instructions, all materials and equipment to make your own pillow!
  • Cons: Expensive

Set yourself a weaving challenge with the Divinity Fibres pillow weaving kit. As well as the yarn and accessories you need to make this pillow this kit also comes with the canvas to make the pillow from. The loom included in this kit is a great size too meaning you can reuse it to make more pillows. Although this kit is expensive it's well worth the money and will give you a beautiful pillow as a result. You do need a basic knowledge of weaving and sewing to make this project so it isn't ideal for complete beginners. To learn how to sew the pillow check out our sewing for beginners guide and our how to use a sewing machine tutorial.

18. Three Sisters weaving kit

We just know these weaving pieces will look incredible displayed on your walls. Their modern design and fun colourways make a real statement and will become the talking piece in your home! The kit includes everything you need along with an instruction booklet that talks through every weaving technique used. This project looks difficult but we promise it's not – it's beginner-friendly and you'll love making it!

19. Jamboree weaving kit

You'd never suspect this weaving kit could produce such a beautiful wall hanging. Hawthorn Handmade has created a small weaving kit that includes a snap-together loom, accessories and wools, and a detailed guide. The guide not only teaches you the basics of weaving but also includes a pattern guide that inspires you to create your own unique designs. This kit is a great price considering how much is included and how big the finished piece is.

20. Round weaving kit

  • Buy now from Etsy (£20)
  • Pros: Pretty packaging, cool design, personalised touches
  • Cons: Only one loom included meaning one suitable for one project make

This kit by Peak & Pine is one of our favourites for gifting. Not only does it fit through a letterbox but it has some lovely personal touches which make it extra special. It comes beautifully wrapped, has some crafty stickers, and can have a note popped in on your behalf. The recipient will also see there are detailed instructions, a hoop, needle, and three recycled cotton yarns (you can choose the colours). The only disadvantage with this kit is you can't reuse the frame. It's designed to be used once to display your weaving but we still think it's incredible value for money.

21. Bombus weaving kit

This nifty little kit is ideal for gifting to a crafty pal. It comes in a beautiful tote bag which can be engraved with a name. Inside the bag, you'll find the loom, some yarn, a shuttle, and an instruction card. It's beginner-friendly and would be perfect for popping under the tree! You can add extra yarn when you get to check out (all recycled yarn).


We hope you've enjoyed these fun weaving kits! Now you've mastered weaving why not try your hand at basket weaving? We have a beginners guide to basket weaving here on Gathered. Or you could learn how to do peg loom weaving.


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