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21 of the best candle making kits

Find all your candle making supplies and step by step instructions in these handy kits.

candle making kits 1

What’re the two most relaxing things in the world? Candles and crafts! So why not combine the two with these beautiful candle making kits. There’s scented candle making kits, eco candle making kits and soy candle making kits so you can choose which one suits you and your needs best. They also make for great gifts so pick your favourite and gift a candle making kit to a crafty pal or loved one.


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Best kits and supplies for making candles at home


HB Wale’s complete candle making kit

candle making kit

Amazon, £34.88

We love this candle making kit by HB Wale because it comes with everything you could ever need to start making your own candles. There’s even funky tins and paper boxes to keep your candles in giving this kit an extra edge over your old glass jar candles.


Beeswax candle making kit

candle making kit 21

Etsy, £12


YMing Store candle making kit

candle making kit for beginners

Amazon, £15.99

If you’re a fan of natural scents then this is the candle making kit for you. Choose from Gardenia, Lavender, Jasmine and Vanilla and make the most beautiful smelling candles around.


It’s Honey Candle’s beeswax candle making kit

candle making kits 17

Etsy, £24.02

This beeswax kit includes 12 sheets of natural beeswax from Siberian beekeepers! It’s all there ready for you to make your own beautiful candles.


Hot coco candle making kit

candle making kits 18

Etsy, £34.69

This quirky candle making kit comes with mason jar mug and an Irish coffee glass to make your candles into. Who wouldn’t want a candle shaped like a delicious drink?

Eco-friendly candle making kits


Scented Candle Making Kit by Lunar Oceans

candle making kits for adults

Amazon, £45

This rather beautiful candle making kits for adults is by Lunar Oceans. It comes in this gorgeous packaging and includes everything you need alongside six gold tin cases and two oils – lavender and pomegranate & hibiscus.


Calm And Cosy Soy Candle Making Kit

candle making kits 1

Not on the Highstreet, £28

Hazel & Blue’s beautiful kit is complete with everything you need to start soy candle making. Each kit makes 2 soy scented candles and you can personalise each as it comes with your very own candle labels. In completely eco-packaging, this kit is a winning present for all your eco-pals.


Soy candle making kit – jasmine and patchouli

candle making kit 2

Etsy, £23

jasmine and patchouli kit or sweet orange and chilli pepper (or unscented if you’d prefer) and start your candle making journey!


Make & Melt’s Soy Wax DIY Candle Making Kit

candle making kit 23

Amazon, £35.99

This candle making kit by Make & Melt comes with everything you need to make three soy wax candles. It comes with a cotton fresh-scented oil to make your candles smell beautiful and a handy melting jug to help you melt and pour the wax safely.


Geometric Concrete Soy Candle Making Kit

candle making kits 3

Not on the High Street, £26.95

If you’re looking for a candle making kit with an edge then we’d recommend Segment 9’s concrete candle. Using soy and packaging made from recycled plants, it’s a great alternative to the glass and tin candles on the market.


Candle Making Kit

candle making kits 6

Etsy, £29.00


The London Refinery’s candle making kits are great for beginners because they include a link to a step by step video. Choose between their relax or revitalise scented candle making kits then put the video on your phone and start making!


Candle Making with Dried Flowers

candle making kits 7

Etsy, £39.11

This beautiful candle making kit contains dried lavender buds, dried flowers like rose petals, marigold, pressed flowers and raw gemstone crystals to give your candles some extra sparkle. Plus you can choose which essential oils you’d like to come in the kit.


Wax And Wick Candle Making Kit

candle making kits 1o

Not on the High Street, £29.95

Create your own fragrance with Luckies scented candle making kits. Made from completely organic and recyclable materials this candle making kit is as green as can be.

Metal Soy Candle Making Kit

candle making kits 16

Etsy, £22.00

Teepee Craft have a range of candle making kits in their Etsy store but we love how eco this set is. With wooden wicks and gorgeous dimpled metal jars, it’s sustainable crafting at its best.

Eco-friendly candle making kit

candle making kits 19

Etsy, £30.24

reusable cotton pads tutorial and our DIY dishcloth crochet pattern.

Tea light candle making kit

candle making kits 11

Etsy, £7.99

Start small with this eco tealight kit which contains biodegradable glitter! This is a great way to kick off your candle making journey and is a quick craft to do in the evenings.


Mini Candle Making Kit

candle making kits 12

Etsy, £32.00


Eco candle making kit

candle making kits 13

Etsy, £13.99

Move aside soy wax, there’s a new eco alternative on the block. Coconut wax is another fab alternative to beeswax and have used it in their cute box. We especially love the heart-shaped tins that make for the cutest candle making kit gift.


coffee scented candle making kit

candle making kits 14

Etsy, £14.95

This candle making kits will make a fantastic gift for all coffee lovers. It comes with everything you need to make your own coffee candle and we love the extra touches like the cross stitch gift tag and beaded heart decorations inside.


Beginner Lavender Candle Making Kit

Candle Making Kits 15

Etsy, £35.57

Lavender is proven to help with sleep and create a calming atmosphere. This soy candle making kit comes with two relaxing scents of either Wild Lavender, Lavenberry n’ Creme or Vanilla alongside dried lavender buds for you to sprinkle in your candles.

Simply Make’s Soy Candle Making Kit

candle making kids for adults

Amazon, £19.99

Master the art of candle making then share your gift with all your friends! This candle making kit for adults comes with everything you need to make two soya candles and will keep you busy all evening long.

We hope you’ve found some candle making kits that appeal to you! For more crafty inspiration follow us on Instagram and check out our other projects such as our collection of the best punch needle kits on the market and our free daily craft patterns