15 Christmas trends for 2021

We've asked Vicki Atkinson, Editor of Simply Christmas magazine, to share her top Christmas 2021 trends - bring in the joy!

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In the run-up to our favourite season, we’re looking forward to the simple things – and happy days, the global pandemic cannot take away comfort foods, time-honoured traditions, heart-warming gifts and cosy homes. While socialising is very much likely to be restricted this year, the outlook doesn’t have to be bleak, we can still find joy in creating new ways to share the festive love.


Whether it’s the big high street brands or smaller retailers on Etsy, there are some gorgeous and imaginative Christmas 2021 trends coming through for you Christmas aesthetic. And one thing is clear – we all need to get started a little earlier on our shopping and gifting plans, as stores will have limited access and postal services are likely to be maxed out. And what’s so bad about bringing Christmas forward anyway? There’s more excitement and more creativity to be found as we adapt.

Planning ahead is another way to get excited too: swap the house parties for smaller social gatherings (or even digital ones), try out some delicious looking new recipes in advance of the date (no one in the household will complain about that!), get clearing space and dusting, ready to hang the decorations and find inspiration here on Gathered, to make your own cards, gifts and wrap. Here are 15 Christmas 2021 trends and ideas for your Christmas decorations this year – let’s end 2021 with some well-needed joy!

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Christmas 2021 trend: Going green

Natural foliage teamed with wooden bases or willow wreath bases will be all around in Christmas aesthetics this year. Whether you gather your own stems and branches, visit a local flower shop or buy in a ready-made arrangement (like this one from www.realflowers.co.uk), this is simple and sustainable idea for making your home more festive. Eucalyptus leaves are still riding high as a Christmas 2021 trend this year, why not buy in a few stems and team with foraged fir or holly branches for a budget option?

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Christmas 2021 trend: Light it up

As LED lights seem to get smaller every year, you’ll find a lot more choice for fairy lights and baubles in Christmas aesthetics, with wreaths or even trees with strings of lights already fitted, so there’s less plugging in. Team with silver and white decorations for a frosty look or warm coppers and golds for something more luxurious. There are lots of ideas to brighten up your home this winter, see www.lights4fun.co.uk for inspiration.

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Christmas 2021 trend: Moody blues

Dark, moody shades alongside gold accents are a great way to bring the opulent look into your Christmas aesthetic. There’s a host of dark blue and purple decorations to choose from, from glass baubles and candle holders to elegant peacocks and sequinned reindeer – see www.tch.net and www.giselagraham.co.uk for some great examples. This colour scheme works well against a backdrop of a darker feature wall like this stunning set up from www.homebase.co.uk.

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Christmas 2021 trend: DIY décor

With the nights drawing in, it’s a great time to get to grips with a craft you’ve always liked the look of, from crochet to pyrography, lino cutting to macramé. This last craft is undergoing a big revival and doesn’t need many tools or materials. Click to find this free pattern for this Christmas macrame star by Isabella Strambio, author of Macramé for the Modern Home, available for you as a taster of the brilliant 2020 issue of Simply Christmas magazine.

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Christmas 2021 trend: Advent countdown

Whether you love a classic chocolate variety, or prefer the booze (see Prezzybox.com’s gin clock), luxury cosmetics, stationery or snack options (even pork scratchings or protein balls), you are seriously spoilt for choice. Why not buy one as an early gift for farflung family? For something sustainable and plastic-free, the charity calendar from www.adventofchange.com is a worthy option.

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Christmas 2021 trend: Subscription boxes

On the subject of subscription boxes, rather like advent calendars, we are truly spoilt for choice with kits available for gardeners, artists, coffee lovers and spice fanatics. Check out our favourite craft subscription boxes article for a complete list of crafty options and our round-up of the best stationery subscription boxes.

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we love this Mum and Baby box from www.littlefawnbox.co.uk

Christmas 2021 trend: Personalise

We never get bored of personalised gifts, from a photo book to an engraved whisky flask, and the options grow each year. For grown ups, look up The Book of Everyone, a personally generated book of data and graphics based on your recipient’s date of birth. We love this idea from The International Elf Service, of a series of beautifully illustrated and named letters to give to little ones in the run-up to Christmas, inspiring them with stories from The North Pole.

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Christmas 2021 trend: house plants

Plants look fab all year round and you don’t even have to wrap them. Air purifying plants, poinsettias or mini Christmas trees will never go out of fashion but for something a little different, look out for hydroponics – they don’t need soil and can grow in dark corners with little LED lights for a brilliant Christmas aesthetic. Plant subscriptions are a thing now too, with www.leafenvy.co.uk your loved one will receive a different plant in the post each month (certainly one for our wishlist).

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Christmas 2021 trend: Sustainability

There are lots of ways to avoid cards and wrap that can’t be recycled with companies like www.1treecards.com offering sustainable cards and wrap with gorgeous illustrations and the promise to plant a tree each time. Replace your plastic adhesive tape with paper adhesive tape for extra green points, too. Look out for gorgeously designed fabric wrap too, that can be used again and again, like this range from www.wrapuccino.com.

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Christmas 2021 trend: Brush lettering

Hobbycraft saw a 70% increase in brush lettering products over lockdown and beyond and it’s not slowing for Christmas. As well as the mindfulness and relaxation benefits of calligraphy, after a bit of practice the results are great too. Choose from coloured or metallic pens and work your magic on gift tags, cards, brown-paper wrapped presents, and ceramic baubles, like these from www.hobbycraft.co.uk.

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Christmas aesthetic: Food and entertainment


Christmas 2021 trend: Home baking

Here’s hoping the flour shortages of earlier this year are over, so it’s time to get some fun in the kitchen, perhaps inspired by the Great British Bake Off. There are loads of amazing festive recipes over at www.bbcgoodfood.com to try. With the new issue of Simply Christmas magazine, you’ll get a 5-piece cookie cutter set to make a 3D gingerbread house and inside you’ll find ideas for a candy-tastic design for the kids or a more sophisticated chocolate version, both by www.lauraskitchencakery.co.uk. Definitely, something to show off on Instagram!

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Christmas 2021 trend: cheese

You don’t have to be hosting a party to enjoy a good cheeseboard and a browse of a local cheese shop or deli counter is a treat too. BBC Good Food suggests a mix of fresh goat, a soft brie or camembert, a hard Somerset cheddar or Comté, a blue stilton or Roquefort, all finished with a wild card such as a spicy or fruity variety. And if it’s all yours to enjoy over a few evenings at home, then you can cut them however you please.

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Christmas 2021 trend: virtual catch ups

We’re sure you’ve been as amazed as us at the digital ingenuity that’s come through over the last few months, and there are lots of fun options for Christmas too. Plan ahead and you can do wine, gin, chocolate or other types of tastings online, where they send you a tasting pack and you join in via video call – it’s a great replacement idea for the smaller office party. More locally, make a date with friends for a virtual dinner party and choose to make a course each, delivering the necessary ingredients on the day so you’re all enjoying the same meal.

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Christmas 2021 trends: Excursions

Wrap up and head out into a local park or nearby countryside, even if you don’t feel like it, the benefits are immense. If you’re struggling to get the kids out, look around local National Trust, English Heritage or other properties to see if they’re running outdoor events this year. We’re looking forward to the Illuminated trails at Blenheim Palace, Kew Gardens, Stourhead, Dunham Massey and Edinburgh as well as the Land of Light at Longleat (featured here, www.longleat.co.uk).

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Christmas 2021 trend: Movie time

TV has undoubtedly been trending this year, more than ever. While nothing beats a night out at the cinema (especially the ones with the sofas), there are ways to make a night watching telly a little bit more special. Gourmet popcorn, fairy lights, hand-crafted tickets if kids are involved and either a family festive favourite (Home Alone would be Vicki’s choice) or something completely new, all make for a wonderful evening. You can even watch along with friends and family using the Teleparty extension (formerly known as Netflix Party) for Google Chrome if you have this browser on your computer. And if the wi-fi goes down, make sure you have a copy of Elf on DVD for emergencies…

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