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How to make a cross stitch necklace

We've got some free cross stitch charts for you to follow and make this gorgeous Delftware pottery inspired necklace!

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Follow our simple cross stitch carts and make easy cross stitch necklace inspired by the distinctive blue and white Delft pottery from the Netherlands. We’ve used materials you’re likely to find in your workbox to make this on-trend necklace – and you can too! Patterns on the Delftware range from geometric to architecture and the natural world and we’ve developed three simple designs that are suitable even for a beginner.
You could stitch the design for your cross stitch necklace on 14-count aida for a first attempt but you will get a more attractive finish using 28-count evenweave – just remember that the cross stitches are worked over two threads. The designs are small and simple to work and, as you can easily make the necklace in just a few hours, you’ll find this cross stitch necklace a profitable project to add to your range if you’re looking to sell your makes – or a beautiful gift for someone you know.

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To make this cross-stitch necklace you will need:


How to make a cross-stitch necklace


  • 29mm buttons

Step 1

Using two strands of embroidery cotton and following the free charts below, stitch each motif in the middle of an 8 x 8cm (3¼ x 3¼in) piece of evenweave fabric. Sew in all thread ends, then iron lightweight interfacing on the reverse of the fabric.

Step 2

Cut a 5cm (2in) cardboard circle and use it as a template to cut three circles in the fabric with a cross-stitch motif in the centre of each one. Stitch a line of running stitch around the edge of each circle.

Step 3

Remove the metal shank from inside the self-cover button. Lay face down on the reverse of the stitched fabric and pull the thread to gather evenly. Tie the thread ends using a surgeon’s knot (like a reef knot but take left thread over right twice first, then right over left).

Repeat with the other circles.

Step 4

Cut two 7cm (1¾in) lengths of ribbon and tie an overhand knot in the middle. Cut the remaining ribbon in half and tie an overhand knot on one end of each length. Arrange a short length ribbon on each side of the middle button with the knots just over the edge. Position the other buttons on either side and add the longer ribbons just above the centre. Tuck the ribbon in the back of the buttons, and push on the back to finish.


Cross-stitch necklace chart

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How to make a cross stitch necklace