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DIY Halloween banner

Get your home Halloween ready with Hobbycraft's spooky DIY Halloween banner. Pom pom pumpkins and ghosts have never looked so cute!

halloween banner

Your half-term doesn’t have to be a horror – Hobbycraft has got plenty in-store to keep the kids entertained. Get crafty at home with this fantastic DIY Halloween banner. With pom pom spiders and pumpkins, and spooky tassel ghosts, it’s guaranteed to create a house of horrors – and it’s so easy to make, too! It makes for great budget Halloween decor that you can string up in the window to let the Trick or Treaters know yours is the house for them. Although we’ve used a pom pom maker in this tutorial you can learn how to make a pom pom here on Gathered without any equipment. Also, to keep it budget, why not use scraps yarns and strings to make your DIY Halloween banner? This project can easily be a stash buster and we’re sure friends and relatives will happily give you their leftover materials to craft with.

Once you’ve made your fun DIY Halloween banner make sure you check out our other affordable spooky projects. We have loads of DIY Halloween decorations like our halloween bunting, DIY monster costume idea, and our trick or treat bag knitting pattern. But now it’s time for Hobbycraft to show you how to make a DIY Halloween banner.

halloween banner

You will need:

halloween banner materials

Craft essentials (available at Hobbycraft)

Hobbycraft supplies

How to make a DIY Halloween banner


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Pom Pom makers
  • Scissors

Total time:

Step 1

halloween banner step 1

To create the pumpkin, make a large pom pom with the orange yarn.

Step 2

halloween banner step 2

When that’s made, attach half a green pipe cleaner to it using the two lengths of yarn that come from the securing knot at the centre of the pom pom.

Step 3

halloween banner step 3

Wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil to create a curly stalk. Do not trim the two lengths of yarn.

Step 4

halloween banner step 4

For the body of the spider, make a black pom pom using the large pom pom maker. When you secure the centre, leave two lengths of yarn loose to attach to the garland later. For the spider’s legs, cut four black pipe cleaners in half. Place the eight lengths together and twist in the middle to join them together. To attach the legs to the body, take the two lengths of loose yarn and tie on the joined pipe cleaner legs.

Step 5

halloween banner step 5

Bend the legs at right angles to resemble spider’s legs.

Step 6

halloween banner step 6

For the ghost, cut 60 lengths of white yarn to 20cm (8″). Tie them in the middle using more white yarn.

Step 7

halloween banner step 7

Fold the lengths over each other and then tie them again about 3cm (1″) down. This will create the ghost’s head.

Step 8

halloween banner step 8

Trim the bottom so everything is neat and even.

Step 9

halloween banner step 9

Using the loose yarn at the top of each pom pom, attach each decoration to the same length of twine, ready to hang up.

Step 10

halloween banner step 10

Using the glue gun, stick wiggly eyes onto the ghost and spider, making sure all the pom poms are facing forward.

halloween banner step 11

Hey presto, you have a fantastic spooky DIY Halloween banner. Now all you have to do is find a place to hang it up! Remember to check out our easy Halloween crafts for kids for more fun projects and our DIY Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for last-minute outfits.

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