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DIY soap tutorial

Fancy an Easter treat? Tamsyn Morgans’ jewel-like DIY soaps are a gem of a find. Make your own with her free tutorial.

DIY soap marbled tutorial step 6

Indulge your inner magpie with these Fabergé-worthy egg-shaped DIY soaps. With their rich jewel colours and diamond-like facets, we don’t just want to put them in the bathroom any old how we want to build an extravagant gilt cabinet and display them on the wall for all to see.

If you’ve never made DIY soap before, this project is guaranteed to convert you. Melt and pour soap bases are readily available online and in most craft stores. And, if you add a few drops of fragrance or essential oil to the melted soap base, you can make your versions scented.

If you’d prefer to make your own soap at home using the full cold process method rather than a melt and pour, take a look at our How to make soap at home tutorial guide.

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DIY soap tutorial

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You Will Need

  • Pigment
  • Soap base
  • Craft knife

Total time:

Step 1

DIY soap marbled tutorial step 1
Place half a teaspoon of mica pigment into each muffin case – we used nine different cases and pigment colours, but you can use as many or as few as you like.

Step 2

DIY soap marbled tutorial step 2
Melt the transparent soap base in the saucepan on low heat, then pour into the muffin cases, filling them roughly two-thirds full. Mix the base and dye together thoroughly, then leave to set.

Step 3

DIY soap marbled tutorial step 3
Remove your solid soaps from the muffin cases, then cut up into irregular-shaped shards.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1-3 to make a variety of soap shards using just the opaque soap base, just the transparent base, and mixing the opaque base with a small amount of some of the mica pigments, to give a range of different shades.

Step 5

DIY soap marbled tutorial step 5
Place a handful of shards into each plastic cup, grouping complementary colours together. Top up the cup with melted soap base – either clear or opaque, depending on the look you want to achieve – then leave to set.
DIY soap marbled tutorial step 5a

Step 6

DIY soap marbled tutorial step 6
Remove the soap from the plastic cup, then carve into egg shapes using a craft knife. This step takes patience, as you’ll need to work around the soap carefully, removing a small amount at a time. We’ve left ours with lots of facets for a gemstone feel, but you can make yours smoother if you prefer.

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DIY soap tutorial