From fun pipe cleaner animals to cute DIY accessories and stationery, you'll be amazed what you can make from a humble set of pipe cleaners! Raid your kitchen cupboards for the basic supplies or if you're not a pipe cleaner household, good news, you can buy multipacks of pipe cleaners for crafting inexpensively online. Pipe cleaner crafts are fun, quick to make and an eye-catching activity for to keep children occupied too.


I've been testing out and saving this collection of ideas for pipe cleaners crafts for kids with my own children ever since they were toddlers. Our craft kit is never without a bag of pipe cleaners, lolly pop sticks or feathers! Googly eyes are, of course, the ultimate accessory to your pipe cleaner creations, especially if you want to make them into pipe cleaner animals – and we've got lots of ideas for making your own menagerie of these below.

If you're looking for craft ideas for kids, this article is for you. Read on to find a big batch of our favourite ideas for what to make with pipe cleaners, and yes I've included a whole section on Christmas pipe cleaner crafts at the end as the fun ramps up a whole other notch once we get to the holiday season! None of these ideas will take you long to make, so curl up, take a look and discover your new favourite rainy day craft project.

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What crafts can you make with pipe cleaners?

Pipe cleaners are the ultimate kids craft supply as you can easily twist them, bend them, curve them and manipulate them into pretty much any shape you fancy. The most common things you can make with them are accessories (think hair bands and bracelets), animals and Christmas ornaments. We've also included some ideas for grown ups and teenagers too, from pen pots to flowers, as why should adults miss out on all the fun? But pretty much all of the ideas in this article would suit all ages, from toddlers to grandparents!

In this article you'll find...

  • Pipe cleaner crafts for adults – from fancy dress outfits to DIY decor
  • Pipe cleaner crafts for kids – quick projects for mini makers
  • Pipe cleaner animals – craft your own zoo!
  • Christmas pipe cleaner crafts – deck the halls for the holiday season

Where can you buy pipe cleaners for crafts?

Here are a few places to stock up on pipe cleaners for crafting:

  • Baker Ross – our go-to kids craft supplies store have a huge range in all colours and types, from metallic to pastel shades, and some great starter kits too (we've included a few below)
  • Etsy – since they expanded their store to include craft supplies as well as ready-made items, Etsy has grown a huge range of pipe cleaner packs to buy cheaply in a huge range of colours
  • Amazon – are fully stocked with pipe cleaners in every shade under the sun.

Pipe cleaner crafts for adults and teens

Pipe cleaner bunnies

We're going to start strong with one of the most stylish pipe cleaner crafts we've ever seen. All hail Handmade Charlotte for this beautiful way to twist pipe cleaners into stylish Easter decorations. We think they'd look lovely strung up as a garland.

More like this

How to make pipe cleaner bunnies

Pipe cleaner crafts for adults bunnies

Wrap gifts with pipe cleaner details

Oh Happy Day have got found a way to make pipe cleaners look like the biggest trend of the year! Combine them with Kraft paper for a simple gift wrap idea with a texture boost. How to wrap gifts with pipe cleaners.

Pipe cleaner craft ideas for adults gift wrapping

DIY pipe cleaner flower pots

This is a sweet idea from Nora Nalle over at The Spruce Crafts is a lovely pipe cleaner craft idea to give to a friend or family member who needs cheering up or to send your love if you're short of funds but want to send flowers – nothing beats the homemade variety after all!

Pipe cleaner crafts for adults flower pot

Pipe cleaner dream catchers

Ensure sweet dreams every night with this cute idea for a DIY pipe cleaner craft project from Hobbycraft.

Pipe cleaner crafts how to make a pipe cleaner dream catcher

DIY pipe cleaner cacti

This sweet and stylish take on pipe cleaner crafts from Handmade Charlotte shows you how to twist pipe cleaners into one of the most clever 3D projects in this article.

Pipe Cleaner cactus

Play pipe cleaner noughts and crosses

Stuck at home on a rainy day but trying to have less screen time? This great little DIY for how to make your own Tic Tac Toe game out of pipe cleaners from Makes and Takes will only take a few minutes to craft but offer hours of fun to play with – it's is the pipe cleaner crafts activity you need in your life.

Pipe cleaner crafts tic tac toe

Grow your own pipe cleaner roses

This sweet YouTube tutorial from Miss Tricks Mix Crafts & DIY shows you how to make a single stem Pipe Cleaner Rose but you could use the basic technique to make anything from a pipe cleaner rose bouquet to a garland or bunch of pipe cleaner blooms!

How to make pipe cleaner roses

Get romantic with heart pencil toppers

This sweet DIY is a lovely make for valentines or wedding favours, or make them just to liven up your desk if it's feeling a little lacklustre. Twist pipe cleaners into cute hearts and top pencils with them with this tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids. Adding it to he adults and teens section of this round-up as we don't see why kids should have all the fun

Pipe cleaner crafts heart pencil toppers

Fun Fancy Dress idea – craft a pipe cleaner crown

Make your own 10 minute pipe cleaner crown with this fun party pipe cleaner craft project from

Pipe cleaner crafts for adults crown

Pipe cleaner pencil holders

Weave them into desk tidies with this Pipe Cleaner Pencil Holder Tutorial from Factory Direct Craft's blog. Give your desk a quick pop of texture with this 5 minute make.

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids pot holder

Pipe cleaner beaded rainbow

There's now way this colour-popping pipe cleaner rainbow DIY from Happy Hooligans can be just for kids. You might also like our round up fo the best rainbow craft ideas if this one captures your imagination! Add beads for a glorious boho effect and if you do want to make this with kids, they'll also get to practise their fine motor skills by threading on the beads.

Pipe cleaner rainbow

Easy pipe cleaner bracelets

This is a great little DIY to while away an hour or two if you're stuck inside on a rainy day. Twist pipe cleaners into bracelets – they make lovely gifts for children in the family. How to make pipe cleaner bracelets with Thrifty Fun.

Pipe cleaner bracelets

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids

Pipe cleaner lollipops

Makes and Takes are one of our favourite places to find kids craft ideas, and this sweet pipe cleaner lollipop DIY won't take lont to craft but will delight your mini makers.

Pipe cleaner lollipops

Pipe cleaner bubble wands

Why have we never thought of this?! Thankfully My Home Based Life has come to our rescue and brought us the joy of DIY pipe cleaner bubble wands. We are never going back to buying plastic bubble wands ever again! Add Hamma beads to reinforce the stems!

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids bubble wands

Add beads to make pipe cleaner dolls

This cuuuute DIy from Mini Made Things talks you through how to make your very own dolls by adding a bit of yarn and some beads to your pipe cleaners. We need to make a whole family of these tiny dolls pronto!

Pipe Cleaner crafts DIY dolls

Pipe cleaner bunny ears

There are really no words for how much we love this idea for DIY pipe cleaner bunny ears from Inspiration Made Simple. They've used super-sized chenille stems to make these super-sized bunny ears but you could easily adapt the technique to twist smaller pipe cleaners into Easter-ready headgear.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts DIY bunny ears

Pipe cleaner butterfly rings

One Little Project rarely fails us when we're on the hunt for kids craft inspo, and they've delivered the goods yet again with this fun DIY for how to make pipe cleaner butterflies which double up as wearable crafts for kids – rings!

How to make pipe cleaner butterfly rings

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids butterflies
Butterfly pipe cleaner rings ©

Pipe cleaner bicycles

We haven't come across many vehicle crafts with pipe cleaners, which just makes this clever pipe cleaner bike DIY from My Kid Craft all the cooler.

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids bicycles

Pipe cleaner super heroes

Cuuuuuute idea from our kids craft heroes over at Baker Ross – turn pipe cleaners into mini superstars and add your own imaginary super powers with these handy craft kits.

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids super heroes

Pipe cleaner wands

One for all you magic lovers and Harry Potter fans – Art Bar have a lovely DIY for how to make your own pipe cleaner wands out of basic supplies.

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids wands

Build 3D rainbows

We've included this second pipe cleaner rainbow tutorial from Still Playing School as we like the 3D effect – it would make a great decoration for nurseries and play rooms.

Pipe cleaner rainbow DIY

Pipe cleaner glasses

Another clever idea from Makes and Takes, turn pipe cleaners into DIY spectacles – they've made this project as a bat-themed Halloween craft idea but you could easily drop the wings and make them for DIY party props.

Pipe cleaner craft glasses

Pipe cleaner animals

Pipe cleaner spiders

One of our ultimate go-to pipe cleaner crafts has to be spiders. Not just a fun halloween craft for kids, wind your cleaners into DIY creepie crawlies and have fun watching who you can make jump in the house when you leave them lying around!

Blissful Domestication shows you how to make pipe cleaner spiders

Pipe cleaner spiders DIY

Pipe cleaner jelly fish

Do we need pipe cleaner jelly fish in our lives? Well yes of course we do! Not sure why only kids should get to enjoy this one but head over to 5 Minute Fun to make pipe cleaner jelly fish in their 5 cute animal crafts post.

Pipe cleaner crafts jellyfish

Pipe cleaner crocodiles

Snap to it! Wrap pipe cleaners around lolly pop sticks to make these fun crocs. Tutorial from Easy, Peasy and Fun.

Crocodile pipe cleaner craft

Pipe cleaner turtles

Lo and behold people! We have found a whole blog filled with pipe cleaner animals projects and it's called.... Pipe cleaner animals! Here's one of our favourite DIYs they have to share – how to make pipe cleaner turtles.

Pipe Cleaner Animals Turtle

Pipe cleaner dinosaurs

Twist and mould your very own DIY Brachiosaurus with this nifty YouTube video from Eager Crafts.

Pipe cleaner crafts dinosaurs

Pipe cleaner fishing game

Oh yes! This is the pipe cleaner crafts for kids that doubles up as a creative activity (making the fish, complete with goggly eyes) and then playing with them (use a straw and magnets to turn your pipe cleaner fish into a fun kids game). We are so happy we discovered this DIY from Artsy Craftsy Mum – her YouTube channel is well worth subscribing too for more ideas like this.

Watch the video from Artsy Craftsy Mum

Pipe cleaner animals fish
Pipe cleaner animals – fishing game from Artsy Craftsy Mum on YouTube

Pipe cleaner snails

Hooray for another excuse to use our googly eyes! Watch the video from Guide Central English on YouTube to discover how to make pipe cleaner snails.

How to make a pipe cleaner snail

Pipe cleaner monkeys

Loving this idea from one of our favourite sources of kids crafts inspiration – Frugal Fun for Boys. How to make pipe cleaner monkeys!

Pipe cleaner animals monkey

Pipe cleaner crabs

Another fun video DIY, transform your humble pipe cleaners into this super cute crab with Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY channel – how to make a pipe cleaner crab.

Pipe cleaner crab

Christmas pipe cleaner crafts

How to make pipe cleaner snowflakes

Make white or metallic snowflakes out of pipe cleaners to create a flurry of DIY Christmas decorations with this stylish tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts Snowflakes

Twist a pipe cleaner Rudolph

Kid Friendly Things to Do we salute you for this absolutely awesome pipe cleaner reindeer DIY!

Pipe Cleaner Christmas crafts rudolph

Make your own pipe cleaner Christmas cards

Write festive greetings, from JOY to NOEL with this quick-make Christmas card idea using pipe cleaners from Crafty Morning – Simply Pipe Cleaner Christmas Card DIY.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Craft Card idea

Turn spirals into pipe cleaner Christmas trees

There is literally nothing anyone can do to stop us from whipping up a batch of these sparkly fun twisty pipe cleaner Christmas trees from Play Trains! as table toppers for our festive table this year. We're thinking of adding place names for a cute twist on table settings!

How to make pipe cleaner Christmas trees

Pipe cleaner crafts Christmas trees

DIY pipe cleaner Christmas wreath

We can already hear jingle bells in the air and are planning a whole batch of these cute pipe cleaner wreath ornaments with the tutorial from One Little Project. How to make pipe cleaner wreaths

Pipe cleaner Christmas wreath

Pipe cleaner 3D reindeer

Make your Santa's troupe full of reindeer with these fun reindeer pipe cleaner craft kits from Baker Ross.

Pipe cleaner Christmas crafts reindeer

Pipe cleaner snowman

This frosty pipe cleaner DIY looks great with metallic pipe cleaners for the snowman's scarf. Twist them into a snowman that doubles up as a pencil topper with this easy DIY from Our Kid Things.

Pipe cleaner snowman

Pipe cleaner garland

Deck the halls with a paper-chain inspired interlocking chain of pipe cleaners in festive shades! We've found this nifty tutorial for how t o make one over at Powerful Mothering.

Pipe cleaner garland


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