We’ve always been a bit obsessed with stationery! Choosing a new pencil case before heading back to school after the summer holidays is one of our favourite childhood memories.


But they’re not just for kids – pencil cases are a useful and practical piece of any creative person’s kit well into adulthood. Whether you’re after a fun novelty pencil case for the workplace, a professional artist pencil pouch to keep your supplies safe, or just looking for something unique like a pencil box or pencil bag – we’ve got you covered!

Read on to find some amazing pencil cases, or use these handy links to go to the section you’re looking for.

Make your own pencil case

Crack out your craft skills and learn how to make a pencil case!

How to make a pencil case

Fun and cute pencil cases

1. Lihit Lab Animal Pen Case


These animal pencil cases are so fun, and we especially love that they come in a choice of different animals!

These super-cute pen cases are made from a pliable silicone fabric, and when you push the base inwards it’s then able to stand upright by itself, so it won’t be rolling off your desk.

It's got a secure zip to keep your pens safe and an easy wipe-clean surface, plus you can also conveniently store an eraser in the animal's head.

The hardest decision you’ll have to make is which animal is your favourite – ours is the calico cat!

2. Cute adjustable pencil cases


Much like bubble tea shops, these cute pencil cases seem to be popping up everywhere. They’re a clever 3-dimensional pencil pouch design that can be used as a conventional case or pulled down to transform them into a free-standing holder for your pens and pencils.

They are available in a range of colours featuring cute bubble tea character designs, as well as a few sweet cat designs too.

Made out of durable canvas, the case can hold approximately 20 gel pens or 40 pencils, plus it has some small but convenient pockets inside.

3. Fluffy pencil cases

fluffy pencil cases

Do you know what’s better than a plain fabric pencil case? A fluffy fabric pencil case!

These ever-so-touchable pencil cases are made from a bouclé lambswool-style fabric, although as it doesn’t list what material it is made from it’s a safe bet to assume it’s probably synthetic. However, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to give it a squeeze!

4. Strawberry milk carton pencil case


Here’s a pencil case that is definitely different, and with such bright and bold colours, it’s a hit with us! This 3D silicone pencil case really stands out, plus we love that extra fake straw detail.

5. Kipling banana pencil case

banana pencil case

There are quite a lot of banana pencil cases available online (we never thought we would write that sentence), however, we personally think this fabric Kipling banana pencil case is by far the best.

With its realistic colours and shape, it may not be one of your five a day but it will certainly put a smile on your face.

6. Personalised wooden pencil box

wooden pencil box

Most of you are probably too young to remember this style of wooden pencil box, but they used to be a classroom staple back in the day.

This sliding lid of this wooden pencil box doubles up as a handy ruler and is custom engraved with your own message and some cute cat images. It would make a lovely gift for a child’s first day at school.

More like this

7. Otter pencil case

otter pencil case

Who wouldn’t want a pencil case in the form of a sleeping otter? Ok, so maybe not everyone is obsessed with otters as we are, but that’s their loss because this pencil case is amazing!!!

As it’s nice and soft you can also use it as a wrist support pillow when typing as well as storing your pencils safely inside the otter - but don’t try either with a real otter, it would certainly bite you!

8. Helix Pringles tube pencil case

Pringles pencil case

We’re not going to encourage kids to take crisps to school, but a crisp-shaped pencil case – we’ve got no problems with that at all! These tube-style pencil cases by Helix take us back to our youth (in the early 90’s there were a lot of Pepsi ones about).

The cylinder design gives you plenty of space and it’s a fun case that will get a bit of a laugh in the classroom or office. The only downside is that you can’t pick which colour you want as it’s randomly selected, so you don’t quite know what flavour you’re going to get.

9. Pepper pencil case

Pepper pencil case

Tongue twister time - Peter Piper put his pack of precious pencils in a pickled pepper pencil case!

This spicy pencil case is made out of durable silicon with a zip opening and comes in three colours - red, yellow and green.

10. 3D dog pencil case


Calling all fans of puppies – we’ve found the perfect pencil case for you. These adorable plush pencil cases are just the cutest and are a soft and fun alternative to a plain boring case.

They come in five doggy designs – Labrador, Border Collie, Schnauzer, Golden Retriever and Chihuahua, so you can pick your favourite breed!

Encourage your child’s creativity

These fun pencil cases will really appeal to kids, and we’ve got plenty of ways that you can help them get creative with their new art supplies – just take a look at our easy drawing ideas for kids.

Unique Pencil Cases

With so many different types of pencil cases available, here’s some really unique and interesting pencil cases for if you’re looking for something extra special.

1. Crochet crocodile pencil case


They say to never smile at a crocodile, but how could you resist this fun crochet version?

Rather than having sharp teeth, this amusing and fun pencil case has a zip opening for your pencils in its mouth instead.

These pencil cases are handmade in Kapan, Armenia, and are Fair Trade certified, so as well as getting a super-cool case you’re also helping a good cause.

2. Cork pencil cases

Mosi cork pencil case

If you’re looking for a super-stylish pencil case in a unique and interesting material, then look no further than these Cork MOSI pencil cases.

They feature an interesting ‘S’-shaped diagonal zip design, plus the water-repellent cork material is available in a range of shades, or in its natural colour. You can always use it as a sunglasses case or makeup bag too.

3. Pencil case embroidery kit

DIY embroidery pencil case kit

When it comes to a unique pencil case, you can’t get more unique than one that you’ve decorated yourself. This pencil case embroidery kit comes with everything you need to make and embroider your own herb garden pencil case.

Suitable for embroidery beginners, this kit comes with fully illustrated instructions showing you how to embroider four herb designs as well as assembling your case, which can be done either by hand or with a sewing machine.

4. Pencil case colouring kit

Colouring-in pencil case kit

Here’s another kit that allows you to get creative with your pencil case, and this one is perfect for kids and adults alike!

Available in four fun designs, these cool pencil cases are designed for you to colour in yourself, great for some relaxing time for adults or just to keep little ones occupied.

You can also choose to have your kit come with permanent fabric markers, or alternatively with washable pens so that you can put your case in the wash and have fun colouring it again and again!

5. Midori book band pencil case


If you’re someone who likes to travel light but always has a sketchbook to hand, this clever pencil case from Midori might just be perfect for you.

The case is small but big enough to hold your essential pens and pencils (approximately 4 pens) and is made from a clear black PVC so that you can see what’s inside. But the really clever part is that it comes with an adjustable elasticated band so that you can attach it to the cover of your notebook!

6. Midori Pasco pen case


Here’s another super-stylish designer pen case from the Japanese brand Midori. This minimalist pen case features pop buttons to keep your case securely closed, and is available in beige, orange and black. But the real reason this case is so unique is that it’s made from 100% recycled paper!

7. Notefor Fruity series pencil cases

Notefor vegan pencil case

If you’re a big fan of keeping things simple, here’s another minimalist pencil case collection that’s available in four fruity shades. The real selling point though is that they’re made from faux PU leather, so even vegans can enjoy the tactile feel of these fab cases.

8. Personalised PU leather roll-up pencil case


If the mention of vegan-friendly faux leather got you all excited, but you’re looking for something that is extra special, then how about this awesome roll-up pencil case?

This sort of case is popular with different types of artists, as you can store anything you wish in the handy pouch slots, from pens to brushes and anything else you might need.

As well as being made from polyurethane/faux leather which is both flexible, waterproof and durable, you can also have your roll-up case personalised too, making it a great gift choice!

9. Trashy Bags Africa recycled plastic pencil cases

trashy bags recycled pencil case

What could be better than a cool pencil case? A cool pencil case that is also good for the planet of course!

Trashy Bags Africa are a social enterprise based in Ghana, who are tackling plastic waste with upcycling. Each month they collect over 200,000 plastic water sachets (the largest source of drinking water in Ghana), which they convert into accessories, like these fabulous pencil cases!

10. Eco stationery gift box

Eco stationery collection 01

If you want to get really eco-friendly, why just stop at a recycled pencil case? With this stationery gift box, you can get kitted out with planet-friendly pens, pencils and a case!

The pencil case is made from recycled plastic, the pencils are made from sustainably sourced wood, and perhaps most amazing, the pens are made from kraft paper so are completely plastic-free! And as you’d expect, all the packaging is plastic free too!

Find the perfect sketchbook

Perhaps you like to experiment with different artistic mediums? If so, you’ll need a suitable surface, so take a look at our pick of the best mixed media sketchbooks.

Moleskine Sketchbook

Pencil cases for artists

We’ve seen plenty of fun and interesting pencil cases, but let’s get serious. We’ve picked 10 pencil cases that are perfect for any artist.

1. Derwent Artpack canvas pencil case

Derwent pencil case

Derwent are well known for creating quality artist supplies, so it’ll come as no surprise that they also make a quality artist pencil case.

It’s divided into two sections so that you can keep your supplies organised. On one side you have a mesh compartment, perfect for storing your erasers, pencil sharpeners and other bits and bobs. The other side is a clear section for your pens and pencils, meaning it’s easier to find the exact one you’re after.

Add to that the sturdy canvas material and quality you’d expect from Derwent, and you’ve got yourself an affordable but professional pencil case.

2. Derwent pencil wrap

Derwent pencil wrap

Choice is always a good thing, so here’s another quality Derwent case for you to consider.

Some people prefer to have their supplies laid out neatly and easily to hand rather than rummaging through a case, and if this sounds like you then a pencil wrap is a great choice.

Each of your pens or pencils slots neatly into the 30 sheaths, making it easy to find a specific pen or colour, plus there’s extra space for erasers and sharpeners too.

When you’re done drawing, you simply roll up the wrap, attach the pop fastener and you’re ready to go!

3. Lihit Lab Pencil Case

Lihit lab pencil case

Perhaps you want a pencil case that neatly keeps your pens in order, but still has plenty of storage compartments for your bits and pieces? This large-capacity pencil case from Lihit Labs does just that, with 4 different compartments that open like a book, each featuring a different style.

Two of the compartments feature different styles of loops to keep pens and pencils securely in place, whereas the other 2 compartments feature different sizes of mesh pockets for keeping your accessories in order.

4. Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer fabric pencil roll


Here’s another fab pencil roll from the respected art supply brand Faber-Castell. This pencil roll can hold up to 45 pens or pencils and is made from vegan-friendly faux PU leather.

5. Pencil case storage bag


Over time it’s easy for artists to build up quite a collection of different supplies. Even if you exclusively use pens and pencils, there’s plenty of types you can amass. So if you want to keep your huge collection safe and in order, then this pencil case storage bag is perfect for you.

This briefcase-style case is capable of holding up to a whopping 300 pens or pencils, thanks to the five layers of double-sided storage sections. It’s also waterproof and has sturdy strong zippers for the compartments, making it ideal for both home use as well as on the go.

6. Derwent leather pencil wrap

Derwent leather pencil wrap 01

If you’re someone who enjoys (and can afford) the finer things in life, then why not splash out on this luxury Derwent leather pencil wrap?

Handmade in Britain using soft full-grain Italian leather, brass buckles and suede lining – it’s not just a pencil case, it’s a thing of beauty!

This Derwent leather pencil wrap does come with a high price tag, but at the time of writing you can get it free from Cult Pens when you also buy the Derwent Lightfast Pencil Tin Assorted Colour Set of 100.

7. King Jim Flatty Works A4 Pouch


When you’re on the go with your art supplies, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged en route. While you may put your pencils in a case, if you just throw your sketch pad or paper sheets in a rucksack it’s easy for them to get bashed about or even damaged if you end up in pouring rain.

These pouches from King Jim are a clever solution for keeping all of your art supplies safely stored in one place. They come in a range of sizes and are made out of waxed canvas with a transparent front cover, magnet fastenings and even a strap loop to attach the pouch to your bag.

8. Derwent carry-all storage case


For those of you who regularly go ‘into the field’ for your art activities, this carry-all case from Derwent is the ideal choice.

Able to contain up to 132 pencils, an A5 sketchbook, plus numerous pockets and compartments, it’s a serious bit of kit. It also has two sturdy carry handles, as well as a removable shoulder strap.

9. Julian half-size sketch box easel and carry bag

Julian classic carry easel

Here’s another one for the really serious artists who like to paint or draw ‘en plein air’. This impressive and ingenious product is a half-size French easel (measuring up to 183cm tall), that collapses and folds up to fit into a travel-friendly shoulder bag.

The easel also features a clever built-in storage box for all your supplies, which is metal-lined and has handy adjustable dividers.

It’s also a top-quality product, with oiled and polished beechwood, brass fittings and moulded plastic feet to avoid scratching surfaces.

The only thing you'll need to find is that perfect painting location!

10. JustGoSketching Pocket Kit


Our last product is a bit of a wild card, but one that we think is a genius idea. You never know when inspiration is going to strike, or when you’ll unexpectedly spot a scene that you want to capture. That’s where these ingenious pocket kits from JustGoSketching come into play.

Inside the optional case, you’ll find your travel-sized sketchbook – but that’s just the start. This kit is all about allowing you to sketch and do watercolour painting on the go, thanks to the ‘sketching companion’ which keeps everything in place.

The companion clips onto your sketchbook and features a magnetic strip to keep your watercolour paint pot in place, as well as an elastic pen/brush holder. There’s also two clips to keep your pages open so that all you need to concentrate on is your painting.

Take a look at the product video to really see it in action and see quite how clever this invention is – you can tell it was designed by an artist!

Gifts for artists

If you’re after a creative present for friends or family members, take a look at our pick of the best gift ideas for artists.

Gifts for artists – Daler Rowney complete art set

Pick the perfect pencil case for your needs

With such a huge range of different styles and sizes of pencil cases, it can be hard to pick just one. But who says you have to have just one, sometimes you may want a different case for different occasions.

You might want one case for drawing at home and another for when you’re on the go, or one for your pens and pencils and another for your charcoal or paint supplies. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to enjoy getting creative!


Fill your new pencil case with art supplies

Now that you’ve got your new pencil case sorted, why not treat yourself to some new art supplies to keep in it? Check out the best pencils for drawing with Gathered.


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