Drawing is a cheap and easy way to entertain children of all ages, especially on a rainy day! But did you know that it’s also great for your child’s development?


Holding a pencil helps children develop fine motor skills in their hands, which will help them to learn to write.

Sketching and colouring is a brilliant way to encourage a child’s creativity and boost their imagination.

For younger children, begin with crayons or chunky pencils that they can hold easily. Older children can be trusted with felt tip pens.

In this round-up, you’ll find easy drawing ideas for kids of all ages from toddlers to pre-teens. We’ve included everything from cute animals to creepy pumpkins for Halloween. There’s something for everyone!

Drawing materials for kids

Prepare for a fun drawing session with our recommended art supplies.

Bic Kids felt tip pens

Bic Kids felt tip pens

This set of felt tip pens includes twenty-four vibrant colours. They’re just right for colouring and scribbling sessions!

The inks are machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about stains.

Crayola MyFirst Jumbo crayons

Crayola MyFirst Jumbo crayons

Toddlers will find it easy to grip these chunky jumbo crayons! This set includes twenty-four shades for them to experiment.

The crayons are non-toxic and safe for little ones to use.

Crayola colouring pencils

Crayola colouring pencils

Get colouring and sketching with this set of colouring pencils from Crayola. This pack contains thirty-six pencils in a variety of bright tones.

The pencils in this set blend easily, so they’re a great option for young artists.

20 easy drawing ideas for kids

1. How to draw a mermaid

How to draw a mermaid

If your child loves The Little Mermaid, they’ll be delighted to have a go at making their own mermaid drawing.

If it’s too tricky for younger children to draw, you could sketch the outline for them to colour in.

2. Scratch your own picture


Sgraffito is a fun creative activity for older kids. Cover your paper using old pastels, cover it over with ink, then scrape away the ink layer to reveal the rainbow colours underneath.

You could easily make a batch of these sheets in advance and store them until needed. Find out how to do sgraffito.

4. Feel festive by drawing Santa

How to draw Santa

This cute little Santa would make a brilliant centrepiece for a Christmas card! Learn how to make an adorable Santa drawing with illustrator Esther Curtis.

4. How to draw a dog

How to draw a dog

Show your child how to draw their pet with this simple dog drawing tutorial. This basic template can be easily altered to represent other dog breeds.

5. Toilet roll scribblers

Toilet roll scribbers

Toddlers and pre-schoolers will love this easy drawing idea for kids from The Craft Train. All you need to make toilet roll scribblers is a cardboard roll, some pens and some duct tape.

6. Let it snow!

Snowflake drawing

If you’re looking for a creative Christmas activity, this fun snowflake drawing project is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

For younger children, follow the first few steps to create a basic snowflake drawing. Older children can complete the tutorial to make a more elaborate drawing.

7. Trace your hands

Hand tracing

Experiment with pattern making using this clever hand tracing idea from Craft Whack.

Children can draw around their own hands and fill them with patterns. Let them draw around your hands too!

8. Draw a cute cat

How to draw a cat

Show your child how to draw a cat with this easy step-by-step guide! You can help younger kids by drawing the cat's outline for them, leaving them free to sketch the cat’s markings.

9. Draw a double doodle

Double doodling

This double doodling exercise from The Artful Parent will really put your child’s coordination to the test!

This drawing project requires concentration, but the end result will be stunning!

Make magical bubble art

Bubble painting is a great sensory play activity for young children! Discover how to do bubble painting with our easy tutorial.

10. Make a winning combination

Combination man

This drawing exercise is sometimes called the combination man or the exquisite corpse. This is a great drawing idea to try if you’ve got a group of children to entertain.

Everyone draws a part of the body before passing it on to their neighbour, folding the paper over to keep their drawing hidden. When the body is complete, you can open up the paper to reveal a spectacular monster!

11. Hop to it and draw a cute bunny

Easter bunny

Celebrate the spring by drawing an adorable Easter bunny. This cute little creature is easy to draw by following the video tutorial provided by Art Projects for Kids.

12. Have a go at observational drawing

Observational drawing

Drawing from life is an essential skill and will make your child feel like a real artist! Set up a table with some interesting objects and let them try observational drawing for themselves.

They can fill in their finished drawing with paints to make it really pop.

13. Create abstract art

Popsicle stick art

This popsicle stick drawing idea is a cool way to play around with abstract shapes. The best part is that each drawing will be completely unique.

14. Oh, Christmas tree!

How to draw a Christmas tree

We love this sweet little Christmas tree, which comes complete with tinsel and baubles! Charlotte Kinson shows how to draw a Christmas tree step by step.

15. Draw a creepy pumpkin for Halloween

How to draw a pumpkin

Looking for a challenging project? Older children can have a go at creating a spooky pumpkin drawing for Halloween.

This detailed drawing tutorial by Holly Spanner has been broken down into easy steps.

16. Find natural inspiration

Vegetable drawing

This creative vegetable drawing idea will give children an appreciation of the food that they eat. Buy some seasonal vegetables and draw them with your child.

Ugly, knobbly vegetables are very appealing to draw, especially if they’re a funny shape!

17. Sketch a little penguin pal

Penguin drawing

Isn’t this penguin drawing tutorial charming? We love the little hat and gloves! Any child would relish the chance to draw this cute character.

18. Try a transfer drawing

Transfer drawing

This crayon transfer drawing idea from Craft Whack can be used to create wonderful multi-coloured pictures. It’s a simple technique, but very effective.

19. Make awesome optical art

Optical art

Follow this optical art tutorial to make mind-bending pictures. The possibilities are endless and children will love experimenting with this relaxing technique.

20. Play with chalk outdoors

Chalk drawing

If the weather’s good, you can head outside with a packet of chalk sticks for an outdoor art session! The Craft Train has some imaginative chalk drawing ideas for you to try at home.

Brighten up a dull day with drawing ideas for kids

Drawing is perfect for when you need a cheap and easy activity to do with your children. It can help them to develop essential skills, such as the correct way to hold a pencil.

It’s also a brilliant way to encourage children to use their imagination and build their own fantasy worlds.

The easy drawing ideas for kids in this roundup are designed to improve their creative skills. You’re bound to find the right project to encourage your budding artist!

Brush up on your rock painting skills

If you’re looking for more fun activities to amuse kids, then rock painting is a fabulous choice. They’ll love coming up with their own bright designs!


If you need some inspiration before you begin, take a look at our favourite easy rock painting ideas.


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