Do you wish you could just sink into one of the squashy armchairs in the Gryffindor common room? How about planning your next scheme in the glittering green common room of Slytherin? Maybe you just love the colour of Hufflepuff or the secretive nature of Ravenclaw? With these Harry Potter diamond painting kits, you can turn your home into the common room of your dreams!


Diamond paintings contain thousands of individual gems and are capable of bringing any picture to life. In our round-up, you’ll find plenty of awe-inspiring designs including the Hogwarts castle, Harry, Hermione, Ron and even Lord Voldemort (one for the Slytherins).

If you haven’t had a go at diamond painting before, you’re in luck! We’ve got this fab guide to diamond painting where you’ll find everything you need to know about this relaxing craft. Diamond painting is easy to master even if you're not a crafter.

Part of the joy of diamond painting is the relaxation. It’s so simple to do and it requires minimal concentration. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day working at the Ministry of Magic (or studying at Hogwarts).

Save yourself the trip to Diagon Alley countdown with us our top 10 Harry Potter diamond painting kits.

Main image: Hogwarts crest diamond painting kit:

Top 10 Harry Potter diamond painting kits

10. Harry Potter diamond painting stickers

Best for little wizards and witches

harry potter diamond painting kits - stickers

Kids will love these easy, quick diamond painting stickers. Once they’ve stuck all the diamonds in place using the correlating numbers and gems they can be used as stickers.

Stick to phones, laptops, and game consoles (they’ll stick in most places). You'll find nine designs including all your favourite characters.

Who will you make first? Voldemort, Dumbledore or maybe Professor McGonagall?

9. Harry Potter diamond painting kit

Best for Gryffindors

harry potter diamond painting kits - Harry

We couldn’t really leave out the main wizard himself, could we? One for the true Gryffindors, only the most courageous and brave among them all!

This diamond painting kit contains all the materials you’ll need to create Harry wielding his wand. You’ll also receive an extra 20% of gems just encase you drop or lose any.

8. The Philosopher's Stone diamond painting kit

Best for old-school witches and wizards

harry potter diamond painting kits - philosophers stone

Do you remember reading the first Harry Potter book and feeling the magic on every page? Relive your childhood with this diamond painting recreation of the cover of The Philosopher's Stone.

You’ll find all your old favourites in the picture, including the famous trio, Dumbledore and Hagrid! There’s a lot of colour variation in this diamond painting so will be slightly easier than others on this list.

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7. Patronus diamond painting kit

Best for fighting off dementors

harry potter diamond painting kits - patronus

What’s your Patronus? Harry’s is a majestic stag, the same as his father's. Once produced, his fully-formed Patronus will ward off a group of dementors easily. You can bring that same warmth into your home with this beautiful diamond painting kit.

The kit includes everything you need. The only thing left to do is put on your favourite Potter movie and get stuck in.

6. Ravenclaw crest diamond painting

Best for Ravenclaws

harry potter diamond painting kits - ravenclaw

Are you intelligent, witty and wise? Then you’re probably a Ravenclaw, like the most famous Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood, a quirky and loveable witch.

This design is the Ravenclaw crest in a pretty blue watercolour style. Did you know that actually, the Ravenclaw mascot is an eagle, not a Raven?

Everything you need is included in the kit and at 12x16 inches the canvas is big enough to ensure lots of detail in the design.

Are you a total Potterhead? Try these Harry Potter cross stitch

If you like diamond painting you’ll love cross stitch, as patterns emerge in very similar ways.

Discover magical Harry Potter cross stitch kits with Gathered.

harry potter cross stitch deathly hallows with flowers

5. Harry vs Voldemort diamond painting

Best for those who will fight for Hogwarts

harry potter diamond painting kits - harry vs voldemort

This one is a real challenge! Probably not as much of a challenge as it was for Harry to defeat Voldemort.

In the design you’ll see the iconic image of Harry and Voldemort coming face to face, ready to battle. It’s an artwork of epic proportions and deserves to be encapsulated in diamonds.

The kit includes everything you need and even four Aurora Borealis (AB) diamond colours. These are diamonds which have a special glow to them and shine like the northern lights.

4. Slytherin crest diamond painting kit

Best for Slytherins

harry potter diamond painting kits - slytherin

If you thrive in the glittering green common room at the dungeons of Hogwarts, this diamond painting is for you. Encapsulating Slytherin's serpent in gems will be the ultimate way to honour your house, and Salazar himself!

Made up of 68,952 diamonds, this design is no mean feat, but we don’t expect you Slytherins to shy away from a challenge. Included with this kit is everything you need, you even get Diamond Spill Insurance (it does what it says on the tin).

3. Harry Potter crest diamond painting

Best for witches and wizards awaiting sorting

harry potter diamond painting kits - crest

Create the iconic Harry Potter crest! Diamond paint your way to this epic artwork which contains all four school houses. Whether you’re sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, you’ll have your bases covered with this iconic design.

Measuring 35x45cm, this high-quality canvas will allow you to easily stick your resin gems to the page and have your artwork completed in no time. You’ll receive up to 30% extra gems, so even if you drop one or make a mistake you can use your spare diamonds to ensure a perfect finish!

2. A Hogwarts Christmas diamond painting kit

Best for festive fans

harry potter diamond painting kits - xmas

If you aren't staying at Hogwarts there this year, the next best thing is this festive castle diamond painting kit. It encapsulates all the magical items that make up a wonderful wizarding world at Christmas time.

Think chocolate frogs, woolly socks (thanks Dobby), a new broom and all the other gifts that’ll be the envy of young witches or wizards next term!

The kit itself contains 90,045 diamonds, so get started on this one in the run-up to the big day so you have time to display it. It will certainly get you in the Christmas spirit!

1. Hogwarts castle diamond painting

Best for a hit of nostalgia

harry potter diamond painting kits - castle

The Hogwarts castle tops our list at number 1! The beauty of the castle, the whimsy of the lanterns and the gleaming lake are enough to transport you to Hogwarts!

As you might already know, the first years at Hogwarts make the traditional journey across the Black Lake as they enter the castle for the first time.

Recreate the wonder of that unforgettable journey with this beautiful diamond painting kit. Represented in glittering diamonds, the Black Lake, the castle and the lanterns are brought to life!

This Harry Potter diamond painting kit will be challenging thanks to its great detail and darker colour palette. It’s worth getting a few simple diamond paintings under your belt before you take on this magnificent creation.

Get stuck in with Harry Potter diamond art

Diamond painting is very therapeutic and easy enough for anybody to have a go. If you are new to the craft, start with a smaller project and work your way up to bigger designs. To keep it simple, try to choose designs with lighter colours to help visibility.

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