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35 magical Harry Potter crafts

Discover the most magical Harry Potter crafts and kits available, from knitting socks to building a miniature Hogwarts castle - there's something for everyone to enjoy (even muggles).

harry potter crafts
Published: December 11, 2021 at 10:00 am
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Whether you have been sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, we invite you all to take look through these magical Harry Potter crafts! In the spirit of Helga Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same". There's something on the list for everyone of all ages and all craft interests to enjoy, you never know you might just discover your hidden talent. You'll find beautiful craft kits starting from as little as £4, and we have included some bonus freebies for you right at the end of the article.


We in the crafting world absolutely adore the Harry Potter stories, they are timeless adventures that we know many generations love and many of us have grown up alongside the books. So, whether you are crafting for yourself, or making a gift for the younger Harry Potter fans in your life, we are sure of one thing, they will be even more in love with the Wizarding World after these crafts.

From knitting socks just like Dobby to building a book nook of Diagon Alley (one of our personal favourites), there will be something on the list that ignites the fire inside of you! You'll even find an 8ft dragon pattern - Hagrid would be so proud. So, grab yourself a Butterbeer and a pumpkin pasty and read on to get inspired.

If you are looking for even more crafty inspiration take a look at these 100 free daily craft projects and patterns, chock full of fun!

Main image: Number 7 on list: Owl Sculpture Kit

35 magical Harry Potter crafts

Harry Potter crochet kit

First on our list is this adorable Harry Potter crochet kit, featuring 10 of your favourite characters you can bring the magic to life in your own home. You'll find all your favourites including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid and even your least favourite (unless you are a Slytherin that is), Voldemort (ahem... he who must not be named). This is a magical kit for anyone wanting to try out the art of amigurumi crochet, some experience of crochet would be useful when taking on these patterns, but it does include a 76-page guidance book, so you won't be short of tips and tricks if you are a newbie. If you need extra help we have lots of crochet tutorials and patterns on Gathered which you can use to practice.

harry potter crafts - crochet

Create your own Monster Book of Monsters

Create your very own snappy hairy monster book, watch out though, he bites! If yours is getting out of control just like Harry's always remember Hagrids top tip: simply stroke the book's spine and he'll relax right away. In this kit you'll receive, a notebook, the fur and all the decor to make the creature come to life, there's even a step-by-step video tutorial available if you want an extra helping hand putting it together. Once your monster book is tamed, you can write and fill it with anything you like, if it starts to write back to you though like Tom Riddle's diary, we suggest you run away!

Buy the Monster Book of Monsters kit on Etsy

harry potter crafts -monster book

Harry Potter biscuit decorating kits

This one really takes the, well... biscuit. In the best way possible of course. Decorate these delightful Harry Potter inspired biscuits at home, get the kids involved, do it yourself, invite your friends for a Harry Potter crafts party. The best thing about this harry potter craft is that you can eat it afterwards, yay. You'll even receive extra biscuits just encase you get a clumsy owl and he drops them on the way to you.

Buy the Harry Potter biscuit decorating kits on Etsy

harry potter crafts - biscuits

Harry Potter magnets

Have your own sorting ceremony and paint your house colours onto these house badges! These are great for kids parties, or even if you just fancy having a Harry Potter night with some friends, especially if you want to get yourself in the festive mood. Switch on the Philosopher's Stone, watch Harry and the gang get sorted, and find out which house you'll be in! Head over to Pottermore for accurate sorting, or choose your own houses.

Buy the Harry Potter magnets kit on Etsy

harry potter crafts - magnets

Harry Potter Knitting Magic: The official Harry Potter knitting pattern book by Tanis Gray

This gorgeous book is filled with magical knitting patterns inspired by HP, including the iconic house scarves, Mrs Weasley's famous Christmas jumpers, more clothing and loads of home accessories such as mug cosies and teatowels, the more you knit the less you'll look like a muggle! The beautiful book contains 25 patterns, so this book will keep any keen knitter busy. It would also make a wonderful gift for any knitter who has a soft spot for Harry Potter, there's nothing quite like cosying up on a cold winter's evening whilst knitting and watching the Harry Potter films.

harry potter crafts - knitting

Harry Potter embroidery kit

Bring the magic of the Wizarding world to needle and thread with this lovely and unique embroidery kit. In the kit, you'll receive ten templates to choose from, and enough needle and thread to complete two of the cover designs. Then if you have your own thread stash you can make up the other designs too! This kit would make a wonderful gift for anybody who loves crafting and wants to try out embroidery.

harry potter crafts - embroidery

Owl sculpture kit

Celebrate the beautiful owl, a key element in the Harry Potter series, and they even trained real owls to use in the films! Whether you'd like a snowy owl like Harry's or a tawny owl like the school ones, you can decide because this sculpture kit is a digital download and you can print all the parts on whichever card you like the most. Having one of these gracious birds perched on your bookshelf will make you feel like part of the wizarding world, they just, unfortunately, won't deliver your mail, we'll have to leave that to the muggle post.

Buy the Owl sculpture kit on Etsy

harry potter crafts - owls

Mandrake keychain crochet pattern

Remember the cry of the adult Mandrake is fatal to anyone who hears it! Luckily for you, these are just baby Mandrakes, so as long as you keep your earmuffs on you'll be fine. These adorable little crochet creatures can keep your door keys company and safe! This PDF pattern is suitable for those with some knowledge of crochet, but a video is available for you to follow along, so maybe a good challenge for anyone who has the basics down and would like a new challenge.

Buy the Mandrake keychain crochet pattern from LoveCrafts.

harry potter crafts - keychain

Harry Potter embroidery kit for beginners

The perfect starter kit for Potterheads who are new to embroidery. Stitch the Hogwarts crest, which represents all four houses at Hogwarts and the founders of those houses: Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw. This kit comes with all the supplies you need plus easy to follow instructions. This project is great for beginners as it only uses a few stitches, and if you need any help with those you can visit our embroidery stitches library for more advice and tips. Once you are done you can proudly display your Hogwarts crest in your home, now all we need is our owl and our Hogwarts letter.

Buy the Harry Potter embroidery kit for beginners on Etsy

harry potter crafts - embroidery

Paint your own Harry Potter bath bombs

Create your very own magical bathtub experience like Harry in the Goblet of Fire when he needs to work out how to open the egg in the second task - we just hope Moaning Murtle isn't hanging around the u-bend in your bathroom! You'll receive these spectacular bath bombs, ready to be painted, this would be a fun and creative activity for the little wizards in your family, plus it makes bath time fun.

Buy the Paint your own Harry Potter bath bombs on Etsy

harry potter crafts - bath bombs

Potions labels and instructions

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a potions master? Get hands-on with these fabulous potion-making accessories, you will receive a PDF digital download of the potion bottle labels and the instructions, ready for you to print at home. This means you can print as many as you need, making it low-cost for occasions like Birthday parties. You will find everything you need to create the potions listed in the instructions (most of which you should already have in your kitchen cupboard) so that means you'll just have to find some suitable potions bottles, we'd recommend a trip to a charity shop for this, where you'll be able to find lots of quirky shaped bottles. To actually make the potions there is a YouTube video you can follow along with!

Buy the Potions labels and instructions on Etsy

harry potter crafts - potions

Hogwarts letters

Still, waiting on your Hogwarts letter? It's time to create your own, or maybe one for your little ones? This magical kit includes envelopes with gold detailing, Hogwarts watermarked paper and even wax seal style stickers for that extra special touch! Now you'll just need your quill and ink and you're away - just make sure Uncle Vernon doesn't see them flying in through your fireplace. You get four envelopes included with the set, so now you just need to decide who will be the chosen one(s) to attend Hogwarts with you.

harry potter crafts - letters

Harry Potter knit your own scarf

Create your own version of the iconic Gryffindor scarf and keep yourself cosy during the winter months! There's nothing more satisfying than creating your own items that you can show off to friends and family. So, channel your inner Mrs Weasley and get knitting. In this magical kit you'll receive everything you need to complete this scarf, including all materials and pattern booklet, once finished you will have a film replica scarf, featuring the classic mustard yellow and burgundy red.

harry potter crafts - scarf

Harry Potter diamond painting

If you have never tried diamond painting before, it is like a paint by numbers but instead of paint you are sticking small gems, the colour gem correlates with a number on the printed image and then you simply stick them in place, once you are done all of the gems together will make up the full picture, perfect for displaying in your home. These are easy and therapeutic to do thanks to their repetitive nature, making them the perfect hobby to do in the evening after a long day. In the kit you'll everything you need to complete the diamond painting, once you are finished you will just need to find the perfect frame for it.

harry potter crafts - diamond

Harry Potter crochet mitts

Represent your Hogwarts house with these fabulous knitted mittens! Choose your house colours, download the PDF pattern and get stitching. This pattern is great for beginner crocheters as it only requires basic stitches, working in the round, simple colour changes, and simple shaping and finishing! If you need some more advice on crochet we have lots of free guidance right here on Gathered, check out our helpful guide on how to crochet.

Buy the Harry Potter crochet mitts on LoveCrafts

harry potter crafts - mitts

Harry Potter knitted socks

Keep your tootsies warm with these cute chocolate frog-inspired knitted socks! You won't find a wizard card tucked away with these though, just a downloadable PDF knitting pattern, but not to fear, maybe you can make your own and give these socks away as Christmas gifts?! You'll certainly give Dobby a run for his money.

Buy Harry Potter knitted sock pattern on LoveCrafts

harry potter crafts - socks

Harry Potter sock garland

Socks are a running theme throughout Harry Potter (no pun intended) but we see them given to Dobby by Harry so that he is set free from the Malfoys, Dobby makes Harry socks for his Christmas presents, and Harry even gives Dobby a pair of his own most knobbly socks! So, now it's time to grab your knitting needles and get going on this adorable sock advent calendar garland, once you've made up all 24 mini socks you can fill them with whatever treats you like; Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Fizzing Whisbies or Chocolate Frogs!

Buy the Harry Potter sock garland PDF pattern on LoveCrafts

harry potter crafts - sock garland

Harry Potter crafts cross stitch pattern

Stitch Harry's friends with this pixelated-style cross stitch pattern, it's one of the few patterns which doesn't contain the big trio themselves: Harry, Ron and Hermione. The only thing missing is Professor Snape, and although not a direct friend, actually turned out to care a lot about Harry, we think he deserves a spot too! Despite this, we still absolutely adore this Harry Potter craft, if you are new to cross stitch we have plenty of tutorials available right here, find out how to cross stitch and get started today on this therapeutic craft.

Buy the Harry Potter crafts cross stitch pattern from LoveCrafts

harry potter crafts - XS

Harry Potter Hedwig crochet kit

Make your own trusted owl pal, we're afraid he won't deliver your mail but he will look lovely on your bookshelf and will keep you company around the house. This crochet kit is ideal for those who have some experience in crochet, as it is quite a detailed piece! If you need any guidance on crochet, check out our guide to amigurumi crochet.

Buy the Harry Potter Hedwig crochet kit from The Works

harry potter crafts - hedwig

Hogwarts embroidery pattern

This gorgeous depiction of Hogwarts castle was created by @lunarfoxstitch who stitches we just can't get enough of! They are a true expression of the magic of Hogwarts, and captured inside a jar that we wish we could pop on the mantlepiece at home! We equally love the embroidered version of it though, which you can frame and hang up at home as part of your magical decor ('ahem'... Harry Potter shrine). This is available as a PDF download which includes instructions, so is great for beginners to embroidery. If you need some extra help before taking on this lovely project, take a look at our guide to embroidery.

Buy the Hogwarts embroidery pattern from Etsy

harry potter crafts - embroidery

Harry Potter paint it yourself

Get messy with the paint it yourself canvas kit which contains 4 pre-printed canvas's ready to be painted, 10 paints, and 2 paintbrushes! So there's plenty of supplies to paint solo or with a friend. Why not settle down, pop on your all-time favourite Harry Potter film and get painting. Don't forget the butter beers!

Buy the Harry Potter paint it yourself from WHSmiths

harry potter crafts - painting

Harry Potter Lego

We simply had to include a Harry Potter Lego set, and we absolutely love this one of Hogwarts and the chamber of secrets below. If you love the movie as much as we do, you'll appreciate all the detail that has gone into this Lego set, from the giant Basilisk hiding in the depths below, to the escaped Cornish Pixies in the classroom above. You can't really go wrong with Lego, and this would be a dream Christmas gift for any Harry Potter enthusiast.

Buy Harry Potter lego from WHSmiths

harry potter crafts - lego

Harry Potter thread painting kit

This one might look a little dark but let's not pretend how dark the later films (and books) get. If that's part of what you love about Harry Potter then this may be the ideal craft for you. You may not have heard of thread painting, and it certainly isn't as tricky as it may seem at first glance. Around the edge of the canvas is numbers and you thread from one number to the next, and the way the thread lays creates these incredible pieces of artwork.

Buy the Harry Potter thread painting kit from Etsy

harry potter crafts - thread painting

Harry Potter string art kit

In a similar fashion to thread painting, string art is a very therapeutic and stress-free craft to take on, and as you can see has a very satisfying outcome. Catch the golden snitch in string form with this amazing kit, you can choose which type of wood you would like and whether you'd like it to be pre-nailed (so you can decide if you simply want to get right on with the string art part). There are also two different sizes to choose from.

Buy the Harry Potter string art kit on Etsy

harry potter crafts - string art

Harry Potter DIY gift bows

Show your true Harry Potter fandom right down to the finishing touch (in this case bows for your gifts!) These fabulous creations are the perfect topper to gifts for any occasion, but we think especially for the festive season. You can purchase a DIY kit that contains the paper and will show you how to make them, or if you don't fancy making them but love them you can purchase them pre-made (we won't tell).

Buy the Harry Potter DIY gift bows from Etsy

harry potter crafts - bows

Harry Potter wax seal

Seal your envelopes in true Potter fashion with this real wax sealing kit, you can choose from lots of Harry Potter stamps and the colour of your wax. Now all you'll need is your parchment paper, a quill and you're ready to write a Hogwarts letter! The question is, who are you going to send it to?

Find the Harry Potter wax seal on Etsy

harry potter crafts - wax

Harry Potter DIY book nook

I'm not sure we can put into words just how much we love this Harry Potter book nook. The kit contains all you need to make up this magical sculpture including LED lights to create a warm glow. It really is out of this world, imagine every time you go to your bookcase you are transported into the Wizarding world! This book nook might take you quite a long time to assemble, but it will be worth every second once you see the completed article. This is the ideal project for someone wanting to get lost in the magic. Visit Wurzill's Etsy page via the link below to see the finished product in a video.

Buy the Harry Potter DIY book nook on Etsy

harry potter crafts - nook

Book folding Harry Potter crafts

Dive into the wonderful art of book folding, if you have lots of old books or books you probably won't read again (or didn't enjoy) what better way to make use of them than making them into special artworks, you can even decorate the cover if you are not too fussed about the book itself. This pattern is for the phrase 'Always we well all know is Snape's answer to the question about Lily, 'After all this time?'. You'll also receive a free guide to paper folding and also a link to a helpful YouTube video tutorial.

Buy the Book folding PDF template from Etsy

harry potter crafts - folding

Giant dragon PDF pattern

Ok, this one is not for the faint-hearted, but for those with a serious knack for sewing! Create your little one their very own guardian dragon who is an amazing 8 feet long with an 8-foot wingspan. With this project, you can choose whatever colour fabric you like and you'll have your very own personalised dragon, even Hagrid would be envious of! With the PDF pattern download, you'll also receive digital instructions with 55 step-by-step photos!

Buy the Giant dragon PDF pattern on Etsy

harry potter crafts - dragon

The Burrow papercraft DIY model

Back to the burrow! Create the iconic Weasley's home with this cut and assemble kit. The finished model so perfectly depicted the quirkiness and charm of the Weasley's home, we simply wish we could step inside! You'll receive everything you need to make up the house ready for you to decorate how you wish, once you're done it would look lovely perched on a mantlepiece or bookshelf.

Buy the Burrow papercraft DIY model from Etsy

harry potter crafts - burrow

Harry Potter crafts freebies

Along with all of these amazing Harry Potter crafts from talented designers we have found a few freebies if you want to give a Harry Potter craft a try today.

Hermione's socks pattern

Knit yourself a pair of socks inspired by our favourite heroine, Hermione Granger. We absolutely adore these practical socks, and would certainly feel magical wearing them. Once you make one pair though, you'll be hooked, but we don't see a problem there as these make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Get the free sock pattern from Ravelry

harry potter crafts - socks

Hagrid ragdoll crochet pattern

Knit up this adorable Hagrid crochet ragdoll for free! This unique design is made to look almost 2-D as if he fell straight out of the book. We love the wide features and bushy beard on Hagrid and he looks very cuddly indeed! He would make the perfect gift for young Harry Potter fans out there.

Get the free Hagrid ragdoll pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet

harry potter crafts - hagrid

Hogwarts house hats free knitting pattern

Get sorted into your house and knit up one of these amazing hats to celebrate it! These fun woolly hats will not only keep you warm but show off your knitting skills. Follow along with the tutorial and find top tips over at Holly G Hats, who designed the wonderful pattern. What a treat!

Find the Hogwarts house hats free knitting pattern from Holly G Hats

harry potter crafts - hats

Harry Potter wand tutorial

One for the little wizards and witches in your home, get them creating their very own wands, the question is what will be inside? Dragon heartstring? Or maybe the feather of a Pheonix like Harry’s? Decorate these wonderful wands in any way you like, and remember: the wand chooses the wizard!

Get the free Harry Potter wand tutorial from Simply Bessy

harry potter crafts - wand

Make your own Maurader’s map

Make a full-size replica of the amazing Maurader’s map, with this free tutorial and template. You can decide whether you want to age the map or not too. You’ll find all you need in the video tutorial along with a list of tools that you’ll need. Once you’re finished, don’t forget to say, ‘mischief managed’.

Get the video guide and template from Amino Apps.

harry potter crafts - map

We hope you enjoyed these amazing Harry Potter crafts and found something to inspire you for your next magical project. If you want more crafty fun, try these paint by number kits, or rug making kits for ready-to-make fun. Looking for a new craft, try these resin crafts. It’s coming close to that festive time of year again, so maybe you’d like to get yourself prepared with some Christmas crafting. Try these crochet Christmas decorations or follow this guide on how to make a Christmas wreath to spruce up your Christmas decor this year. Want to get the little ones involved? We have plenty for them too, try these Christmas crafts for kids, arts and crafts to do at home or the crafts for toddlers for lots of fun inspiration.


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