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How to make a bauble wreath in 5 easy steps

Christmas bauble wreaths are hot stuff on the high street this year – they are so simple to make yourself with just a handful of basic supplies. Here's how...

How to make a bauble wreath

In case you missed it, wreaths are one of the biggest craft trends of 2021, with DIY wreaths have been popping up all year long. Now the surge in interest for decorating doors is stepping up a notch this Christmas bauble wreaths enjoying a surge in popularity. This is great news for those of us who love a creative project as they are hugely quick and easy to make at home and they’ll only take you an hour or so from start to finish.

The wreath in this tutorial only took 1 hour to make and I picked up the baubles from my local supermarket. The beauty of making your own is that you can pick whichever baubles match your favourite Christmas colour scheme. Will you opt for traditional reds and greens or go ultra modern with neon pinks and citrus shades? Let us know in the comments below.

For more DIY decoration ideas, check out our guide to the biggest Christmas trends this year or for a more traditional wreath, we’ve got a step by step guide to how to make a Christmas wreath out of foliage.

How to make a bauble wreath

Essentially you only need 3 things to make a wreath:

  • some Christmas baubles
  • a wreath base
  • something to tie the baubles in place with.

For this DIY I used a wire wreath base that came in a pack of two with some florists wire for attaching the baubles (£7.99, Amazon). and 3 multipacks of champagne baubles from my local supermarket. My wreath used about 80 baubles in total –30 larger baubles and rest were small ones. I found it was much cheaper to buy a multipack of assorted shapes and finishes than it is to buy them separately.

How to you make a wreath with a coat hanger and baubles?

In the full guide below we use a metal wreath base, but you can easily get the same affect with a wire coat hanger. You simply untwist the coat hanger and reshape it into a circle. Snip the string off your baubles and then thread them all on to the wire, adding as many as you can fit on and using small baubles in between larger ones to fill the gaps. To finish, twist the ends and shape your wreath with our hands, then tie with chunky ribbon to cover the join of the wire.

It helps to use some glue to secure the bauble pins first as this method puts quite a bit of pressure on the baubles as they cram together, and they can sometimes pop off their pins. It’s worth reinforcing the fixings before you begin.

How do you make a bauble wreath with a metal frame?


You Will Need

  • Wire wreath base ((or you can use a wire coat hanger))
  • 100 Christmas baubles (Assorted sizes)
  • Florists wire
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Step 1

Take a bunch of baubles and snip all the strings off so you just have the baubles and their pins.

How to make a bauble wreath step 2

Step 2

Cut a piece of florists or craft wire so it’s about 12cm long. Thread 6 or 7 baubles of assorted sizes on to the wire.

How to make a bauble wreath step 3

Then twist the two ends of the wire together to secure them into a tight cluster. You should end up with a group of baubles and a twisted length of wire, ready to attach to your wreath base.

How to make a bauble wreath step 5

Step 3

Take your wreath base and twist the wire around it to secure the baubles in place.

How to make a bauble wreath step 6

Step 4

Now make a batch of about clusters of baubles (you’ll probably need 15-20 clusters, depending on the size of your wreath) and twist them all to the base using the same method.

How to make a bauble wreath step 8

Step 5

To finish your wreath, tie a piece of ribbon at the top and finish with a bow. Lastly take a long piece of wire and wrap it around any bare patches in your wreath, adding a few small baubles to the wire before you fix it in place, to cover up the gaps.

How to make a bauble wreath step 10

Your Christmas bauble wreath is now complete!

How to make a bauble wreath tutorial