How to make jammie dodgers – the felt version!

Learn how to make jammie dodgers - Britain favourite biscuit - with our free tutorial.

How to make jammy dodgers step 1

The great British biscuit (not to be mistaken with The Great British Sewing Bee but they would go rather well together) is a staple that every crafter needs in their cupboard. Of course, there’s the real version like our gingerbread biscuits but for a healthier option, we’re opting for Ouissi Gresty’s felt version! Take time out with a cuppa and your felt stash to bake up her Jammie Dodgers. They’d also make super cute gifts for any little ones in your life – who doesn’t want their very own tea party?

This project was created by Ouissi for Mollie Makes magazine – for more easy-make craft projects and creative inspiration, subscribe to Mollie or click here to find out more.

How to make jammy dodgers close up

You will need:

  •  Felt in various colours
  • Soft toy stuffing
  • Biscuit-coloured embroidery thread
  • Fine needle
  • Pins
  • Jammy dodgers templates from issue 4

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How to make felt jammie dodgers


You Will Need

  • Felt
  • Toy stuffing
  • Embroidery Thread

Total time:

Step 1

How to make jammy dodgers step 1

Using the templates from Mollie Makes issue 4 cut out your felt shapes. You can layer the red jam felt piece, the top of the biscuit, the splat and the little round splash.

Step 2

How to make jammy dodgers step 2

Make sure the ‘jam’ fills the heart-shaped holes and that the splat and top holes line up. Pin the layers together.

Step 3

How to make jammy dodgers step 3

Sew around the heart making sure the stitches go through all layers.

Step 4

How to make jammy dodgers step 4

Sew around the outer edges of the splat and the round splash piece.

Step 5

How to make jammy dodgers step 5

Fold the long side piece in half lengthwise and sew down the centre.

Step 6

How to make jammy dodgers step 6

Open out the two long edges to form the sides of the biscuit.

Step 7

How to make jammy dodgers step 7

Pin one long edge of the side piece to the edge of the top of your biscuit.

Step 8

Sew all the way around the top.

Step 9

How to make jammy dodgers step 8

Stuff your biscuit, making sure you fill the edges and corners. But don’t fill it so full as it will bulge!

Step 10

How to make jammy dodgers step 9

Pin the bottom piece to the bottom edge of the Jammie Dodger and sew. You are now done. Enjoy!


How to make jammy dodgers step 10

Jammie Dodgers complete! All you need now is some tea and your next craft project. Now you’ve made your own felt treats why not check out our other craft projects? We have all the top sewing patterns for beginners including a super cute free rabbit sewing pattern and a very useful how to make a face mask tutorial.