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How to make lavender oil

Eco-queen Emilie is back with another beautiful, sustainable project! Here's how to make lavender oil from fresh lavender.

How to make lavender oil Lavender finished

This time of year British gardens are bursting with a beautiful sea of bobbing lavender heads. Once the bees have had their fill and the flowers start to go over, you can harvest them and learn how to make your own lavender oil with Emilie Woodger-Smith. Emilie absolutely loves making her own natural beauty products, sharing them on her Instagram page @simply_sustainable_living, and has just published her first book, Simply Sustainable Beauty that you can buy from her!

Lavender is a scent used widely in beauty and self-care products for its calming scent, natural healing and antibacterial properties. But have you ever wondered if you could make your own lavender oil? It is so easy and straightforward to make your own lavender oil at home, no fancy equipment is required. You’ll be a botanical whizz in no time.

DIY lavender oil is perfect for adding into your body creams and lotions to give a beautiful floral scent. You can use it directly as a massage oil and enjoy the aromatherapy, and it’s perfect for adding into a DIY cuticle oil as the lavender is antibacterial and will help to keep your cuticles supple and healthy and keep the bugs at bay. Lastly, I love to use this as nighttime hair oil, I simply run it through the ends of my hair and twist them up together to let the oil really sink in. The relaxing natural scents of your lavender oil as you drift off are better than any sleep pillow spray money can buy. Pair this lavender oil with your DIY cuticle oil and natural lip balm for the ultimate pamper session.

So, let me show you how to make your own lavender oil!

How to make lavender oil Lavender oil 2

You will need:

How to make lavender oil


You Will Need

  • Dried lavender heads
  • Almond oil
  • Small jar
  • Sieve

Total time:

Step 1

How to make lavender oil Photo 1

Gather your dried lavender heads and remove the buds from the stems. If you have harvested your own lavender, make sure it is 100% dry as any water in the infusion could cause it to mould. If you are using bought lavender buds, skip straight to step 2.

Step 2

How to make lavender oil Photo 2

Clean your container with hot soapy water and let it dry in the oven to make sure it is completely sterilised and ready to be filled!

Step 3

How to make lavender oil Photo 3

Pour your lavender heads into your jar. They should be filling about ½ of the container.

Step 4

How to make lavender oil Photo 4

Fill your container with your carrier oil and secure the lid. I have chosen Sweet Almond Oil for its skin nourishing properties and high levels of vitamin E but sunflower oil is a great alternative and can be used in beauty products & cooking!

Step 5

How to make lavender oil Photo 5

Put your container on a bright windowsill and leave it for around 1 – 3 weeks depending on how strong you would like the scent. Make sure to turn it every day or so to keep the buds submerged.

Step 6

How to make lavender oil Photo 6

Once infused, using a sieve or a muslin cloth, drain the oil and remove all of the lavender buds. The buds can be popped into the compost or your food waste council bin. Alternatively, they are a great decorative addition to wax melts, bath salts, and soaps!

Step 7

How to make lavender oil Photo 7

Decant your oil into an amber bottle if you have one, or alternatively just use an ordinary jar and keep it in a dark cool place like a cupboard. Keeping the oil out of direct light once infused helps to retain the plant’s essential oil properties.

Step 8

How to make lavender oil final infused oil

It’s as easy as that! You can use this method to create other infused floral oils such as rose and calendula too!


And that’s it! You’ve officially learnt how to make lavender oil and can give this gorgeous homemade oil to all your friends and family as gifts. For more pampering tutorials and DIYs head to our other sustainable crafts which include everything from how to make bath bombs to a crochet make-up remover pad pattern.