How to make resin rings

Get ready to have a whole lot of fun with resin with our step by step tutorial tutorial for DIY resin rings

How to make DIY resin rings

Get ready for some glitter craft action – we’re here to show you how to make resin rings! Not only will you get to practise the hottest craft trend of the year, this fun DIY will also show you how to make unique, handmade gifts for friends and family. We’ve been eyeing up resin rings on Pinterest for a while now, ever since epoxy resin crafts saw a surge in popularity last year. The beauty of this project is you can use this technique to make rings in a thousand different looks and effects, by simply switching what you add to your resin rings before they harden.

We’re already hooked on crafting our own jewellery and homewares from resin, but we’ve been looking for the chance to try DIY resin rings for ages, and this tutorial from Becki Clark has been the perfect excuse to give it a go! We’ve used chunky glitter here for a maximalist effect, but you could easily add small flowers or use inks to change the colour from clear. We’ve got a really thorough beginner’s guide to resin crafts if you’re brand new to crafting with resin – it tells you more about this addictive craft technique and also runs through the different options you can use to change the effect of your finished resin.

These rings will only take half an hour to make, but you’ll need to leave 24 hours for the resin to harden before you can free them from their mould (curing times can vary for different types or brands of resin so check the instructions before you begin). If this tutorial gives you a taste for resin – and if you haven’t tried it yet we guarantee it will do – then check out our round-up of the best resin moulds and 41 Epoxy Resin ideas to try

DIY resin rings

How to make resin rings – step by step


We’ve used a Gedeo Cristal resin kit and ring mould from Hobbycraft.

How to make resin rings materials

You Will Need

  • Epoxy resin kit
  • Ring mould
  • Bowl
  • Glitter
  • Pipette

Total time:

Step 1

Begin by your resin together in the small bowl, the kit I have used requires 2 part resin and 1 part hardener (but check your own resin instructions before you begin as the ratio can vary for different brands and types of resin).

How to make resin rings step 1b

The resin and hardener need to be mixed throughly but slowly so you don’t create bubbles in your resin mix. I used 10ml of hardener and 20ml of resin.

How to make resin rings step 2

Step 2

Once you have mixed your resin and hardener you can add in your glitter to the mix and mix thoroughly with the mixing stick. It’s totally up to you how much glitter you add, a few flecks will create a lesser glittery look and you’ll be able to see more of the resin however I added enough glitter to create a full coverage glittery resin look

How to make resin rings step 2b

Step 3

Using your pipette begin adding your resin to your mould, again this technique could work on any shape mould.

How to make resin rings step 3

Step 4

Leave for 24 hours to fully dry and then remove your resin rings from the mould.

How to make resin rings step 4

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How to make epoxy resin rings

About the designer

Becki Clark is a multidisciplinary creative designer based in the New Forest. Inspired by nature’s flora and fauna and seasonality, Becki’s signature painterly style lends itself to a vast range of projects from botanical painting and brush lettering to surface pattern design. She is continually inspired by the changing seasons and loves to create work and craft projects that reflect her love of nature.