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25 of the best resin moulds UK – your ultimate guide to resin casting moulds

Get ready to shape your resin creations into an array of magical items, from jewellery to games and homewares, with our guide to the best silicone moulds out there

Best silicone resin moulds UK

If you’re new to working with resin, or you’re looking for ways to up your game, get ready to discover a world with this round-up of the best resin moulds to shape your creations this summer. The mould you use will shape your finished project completely and there are thousands out there. So where do you begin finding the best silicone mould for you?


There are two main types of resin mould used with epoxy resin – silicone moulds and flexible plastic moulds made from polypropylene or polyethylene.  In this article we’ll talk you through both but we’ll be focusing on silicone moulds in our list of favourite resin casting molds below. As well as bringing your resin masterpieces to life, you might also find this article useful if you’re on the hunt for silicone moulds for chocolate making or DIY wax melts.

We’ve included a variety of silicone molds to inspire you – from classic DIY fashion projects (you’ll find earrings and pedants below) to clever ways to use resin to make coasters, vases and homewares, a couple of resin moulds for games, plus a few more out there kits that we’re just including because they’re really fun and would make truly unique gifts or eye catching centrepieces for your home.

If you’re new to crafting with resin, learn the basics with our core guides! Learn how to use resin and dive into our favourite resin craft ideas. And if the thought of making your own wax melts got your interest, we’ll show you how with our How to make wax melts tutorial.

Resin casting moulds: where to start?

Silicone molds

You can find a huge variety of silicone moulds on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon as well as in specialist resin shops. These are flexible and have some stretch to them, so they lend themselves to detailed designs as well as simpler ones. Because they can be stretched, they can be used for three dimensional shapes (you would be unable to extract a 3D shape from a rigid mold). It is possible to tear silicone molds so be gentle when extracting resin pieces!

Silicone molds can be either shiny or matte within the mold, and this will determine the finish on the resin you cast. If you use a silicone mold with a matte interior, your final item will be matte and dull in appearance. If you use a mold with a shiny interior, it will produce shiny items, however over time, as it is used it will gradually lose the shine.

Silicone molds have a limited lifespan and will eventually wear out. If the mold is shiny, over time it will become more matte in appearance, and will lose some of its definition on details. If there is a mold you really love, it can be worth buying an extra one to make sure you can keep working with it for longer!

When you are not using your silicone molds, store them in a container to keep dust off them and help stop them becoming damaged. You’ll find that the texture of a silicone mould is a bit of a magnet for dust and lint, which is hard to get off and can spoil projects. 

If you need to wash them, be very gentle not to scratch the inside of the mold cavity and leave them to fully air dry. If they have any water on them when you use them, you’ll ruin your resin project.

Plastic polypropylene or polyethylene molds

These are hard, rigid molds and are made from plastic sheets. They tend to be less detailed than silicone molds, but they are often cheaper. 

Plastic molds do not always produce shiny resin pieces – they may come out dull depending on the plastic. If this is the case, you can recoat the surface with another layer of resin to make it shiny.

As they are rigid, they are only suitable for relatively flat mold shapes (more three dimensional designs would be impossible to de-mold). These molds are often used for small to medium sized cabochon shapes, where multiple shapes are part of the same mold.

More resin moulds to try

There are lots of molds available to use with epoxy resin, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can also use some molds designed for other things such as silicone baking molds or polymer clay molds. If you decide to use another type of mold for resin casting check what it is made out of before pouring resin into it – resin will adhere to some plastics and could ruin the mold making it unusable. If you use a mold designed for food, keep that just for resin use and don’t make food with it to avoid any chemical contamination.

How to make a silicone mould

If you still can’t find the mold you are looking for, you can make your own silicone mold using a kit such as this one from DecorRom (Amazon, £18.99).

Best resin casting moulds: 25 silicone moulds to try

There are a lot of fantastic resin kits available, which provide an easy way of trying the craft and getting a feel for if you like it. Many kits contain a selection of moulds, which makes them an affordable way of making a variety of objects and learning a lot of different techniques along the way. We’ve picked our favourite resin mould kits below – dive in and give them a go!

25 of the best Silicone resin moulds UK

  • Alphabet keyring resin moulds
  • Jewellery starter kit
  • Leaf shaped coasters
  • Hair grip resin moulds
  • Resin light bulb kit
  • Drop earrings silicone moulds
  • Horoscope resin moulds
  • Resin pendant casting kit
  • Stud earring kit
  • Resin dice set
  • 3D shapes moulds set
  • 6 piece coasters kit
  • DIY trinket boxes moulds
  • Chess set resin moulds
  • Resin gemstones mould
  • Mini kitty cat resin mould
  • Dinosaur resin moulds
  • Oval dish silicone mould
  • Dominoes resin mould
  • Cake stand resin mold set
  • Sun, moon and stars moulds
  • Poker chips resin kit
  • Cute mini motifs 7 set
  • Goddess body art resin mould
  • Sphere resin mould

Small resin moulds


Alphabet Keyring resin moulds

This kit has everything you need (except the resin) to begin making personalised alphabet keyrings and jewellery. It comes with a mould for each letter of the alphabet alongside numbers 0-9. 

Alphabet resin molds set


Jewellery resin mould kit

This kit contains 15 different moulds suitable for making jewellery. These include a selection of pendant moulds that have holes incorporated into the mold itself (a great time saver as you don’t need to drill a hole or screw an eye pin in to use them). There are also moulds to make small jewel-like items that you can use to embellish other crafts, or place within other resin projects. A single bangle mold is also included, and a host of useful jewellery findings.

Silicone molds for resin kit


Leaf shaped coaster resin mould kit

This fantastic set of molds features five different leaf shapes that would make a really beautiful set of coasters. Add glitter and play with colours with the resin you add to switch up the finished look.

Leaf silicone molds for resin


Hair grip mould and clip kit

We absolutely love making our own hair clips – we’ve got this set at home and they work brilliantly, especially if you add confetti or glitter to your resin to give it a colour boost.  As well as the silicone molds, you also get the stainless steel hair clips to stick your hardened resin to.

Hairclips resin silicone molds kit


Resin light up light bulb kit

This incredible kit includes everything you need to make multiple light up light bulbs! These glowing light bulbs could be used to showcase dried flowers or lots of other interesting objects, and be a lovely gift (or something to keep for yourself of course!).

LIghtbulbs silicone molds for resin kit


Drop earrings resin moulds kit

Make your own eye catching drop earrings with this great beginner kit – it comes with 3 silicone moulds to make a variety of different earring styles, plus all the metal hardware you need to turn your resin shapes into finished earrings, from jump rings to earring hooks.

Drop Earrings resin moulds kit


Horoscope resin mould

Cast your own zodiac pendants with this silicone mold to make resin constellations. It contains all 12 zodiac signs, each one measuring just 26mm so you can use them for jewellery, key chains or little lucky charms.

Zodiac resin moulds kit


Resin pendant moulds kit

This great beginner pedant jewellery kit for resin making comes with all the molds and studs you need to make your own eye catching necklaces. It even comes with a drill so you can insert the metal hardware you need to wear your finished resin creations.

Resin jewellery pendant casting kit

Earring resin moulds kit

We absolutely love these teeny tiny shape moulds for making your own earrings. The nine-piece set includes a range of cute shapes from essentials (ovals, teardrops and stars) to fun shapes from butterflies to ice creams.

Earring resin moulds kit

Resin dice moulds kit

Cast your own dice out of resin! A great kit for boardgame fans, it comes with all the moulds you need to make 19 different styles of ice, plus droppers

Dice resin moulds

Large resin moulds


3D shapes Resin casting moulds set

Deck out your desk or coffee table with amazing DIY resin art with this set of 43 assorted resin shape moulds, including eye-catching 3D resin moulds, including a sphere, cube, pyramid, diamond and gemstone shapes.

Resin casting molds 3D shapes

Coaster moulds for resin kit

This six-piece resin moulds set includes  the moulds to make a range of shaped resin coasters, plus three bottles of gold foil flakes to add metallic shimmer to your finished coasters.

Resin coaster moulds kit


Chess resin moulds kit

Make your own chess board and chess set with this really nifty set of resin moulds. There are so many options for how you can add colour for the different pieces, and it would make a stunning centrepiece for your living room, or a really special DIY gift.

Chess board silicone moulds kit


Make your own resin gems to fill a vase!

We love this beautiful way to use resin to make a unique home decorations. This silicone mould allows you to make a batch of resin gems – make them in all the colours of the rainbow and use them to fill a clear vase for a beautiful home decoration, or make a pirate treasure hunt for children!

Gems casting moulds for resin


Mini kitty cat resin mould

No YOU want to make a whole cluster of cats out of resin with this super cute kitten silicone mould! Nothing more to say about this one except we had to include it in this round up to mark the fact that our cats come along to most of our Gathered website team meetings.

resin cat mould


Silicone mini dinosaur moulds

Who doesn’t want DIY resin dinosaur earrings? No seriously – we can’t think of anyone. This 4-pack bundle of miniature resin moulds includes a diplodocus, stegosaurus, triceratops and T-rex.

Dinosaur stud resin moulds


DIY resin dominos

Make your own fun family game to treasure for years, complete with a full set of dominos plus the mould to make a box to store them in!

Dominos silicone molds kit


Moon, star and sun resin mould set

Happy days, now we can make moon phases out of resin! This beautiful set of silicone moulds includes the sun, stars and lunar phases. We can’t wait to get casting this. Use your finished shapes for jewellery or hang them in bedrooms for a unique home decor project.

Moon and stars resin moulds Uk


Poker chips resin moulds set

If you know a poker player, what better gift to make them than a homemade set of poker chips. This clever set comes with all the silicone moulds you need to make a set of 9 poker chips, 40mm in diameter.

Resin poker chip moulds

Cute mini motifs mould

Create dinky resin shapes, perfect for earrings and necklaces. This 70mm mould contains 7 pairs of shapes, from ice cream to fruit and butterflies. We can see a whole load of seriously cute resin potential here if you play around with colour or add sprinkles to the ice creams!

Insects resin casting moulds

Goddess body art resin moulds

Body vases and body art have enjoyed a big surge in popularity in recent years, and now you can make your own out of resin with this silicone mould to cast resin body art.

Goddess body shape resin moulds

Large resin moulds


Sphere resin mould

We’re ending this collection of our favourite silicone moulds with this classic sphere shape resin mold – use it to make DIY paperweights or decorations for your home.  It’s the perfect mould to use if you’re looking to cast flowers or other objects inside your finished resin for a really interesting finished effect. It comes in 4 sizes, from small up to Jumbo size. The price we’ve included here is for the small size.

Globe resin mould


Cake stand resin mold set

Make a classic circular or square cake stand with 3 tiers – this kit comes with the moulds to make the different tier trays, plus brackets and gold foils to add a luxurious finish.

Cake stand resin moulds kit


Oval dish silicone mould

Add a beautiful homemade resin touch to dressing tables, bathrooms and kitchens with this lovely little oval dish casting mould for resin. You could use it as a little tea tray or soap dish!

Resin mold for oval plate


Resin moulds set for DIY trinket boxes and storage pots


Why stick to jewellery when you can use resin to make unique homewares to spruce up plain desks and tables in your home. This 10-piece set of resin moulds will make a collection of different trinket pots, pen pots – great for gifts for workmates and friends. You just need to decide which resin effect to fill them with!

Resin moulds for boxes and storage