Interior Design Masters series 4 has now finished but we've got all the gossip about the latest series right here!


Catch up with the series with our episode guide, learn more about the judges, and meet the 2023 Interior Design Masters winner below. Warning: there may be spoilers!

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What is Interior Design Masters about?

If you're a creative person who loves to watch home renovation shows, then you're guaranteed to enjoy Interior Design Masters – it's the perfect mix of crafting, DIY and interior design. And, of course, it's a competition with a prestigious prize in store for the winner.

Each week the contestants are asked to make over a new venue and past series have included restaurant makeovers, shop interiors and even beach hut redesigns. For some challenges, the contestants are split off into small teams and for others they must work separately.

It's often a real test of their team working and communication skills, which are essential for anyone who wants to be a professional interior designer. It's a competitive show, but often the best designs are the result of a successful collaboration between the contestants.

What channel is Interior Design Masters on?

The show originally launched on BBC Two in 2019, but because it's so popular it has now moved on to BBC One.

What time is Interior Design Masters 2023 on TV?

Interior Design Masters 2023 was on air from the Tuesday 7th March at 8pm on BBC One.

We don't know when the 2024 series will be airing yet but check back on this article for updates!

Where to watch Interior Design Masters online?

You can watch Interior Design Masters on BBC iPlayer after the show has aired on BBC One.

Where can I watch past episodes of Interior Design Masters?

Series one is currently available on Netflix, but we have no information on when series two will be added. Series two is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Where is Interior Design Masters filmed?

The challenges are filmed in a variety of locations around the UK, but the show is based in a beautiful brand-new design hub in Brighton.

Who won Interior Design Masters 2023?

Monkia Charchula won the Interior Design Masters 2023 crown! It was well deserved and we loved seeing her confidence grow week after week.

She received an outpouring of love from the general public for being so honest about her ADHD.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen? This is the start of something new, something big!
Monkia Charchula
Credit: BBC

Interior Design Masters series 4

The brand new batch of aspiring designers will be put to the test in a series of challenges, from show homes to shops and luxury holiday cottages. They'll visit different destinations around the country and will need to impress Michelle Ogundehin and the guest judges with their creative skills each week.

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Those on the losing team will have to sit on the couch and explain their design decisions to the judges – with one contestant being sent home each week. We can't wait to see what spaces the contestants create and decorate this year!

Interior Design Masters judge Michelle Ogundehin
BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Steve Peskett

Interior Design Masters 2024 judge Michelle Ogundehin

The main judge on the show is Michelle Ogundehin, who is the former editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration. She's both a judge and mentor to the contestants and loves to see their skills develop as the series progresses. She describes her judging style as "firm but fair".

Michelle is delighted that the show has now moved to BBC One: "It's fantastic! So exciting to be able to share this brilliant programme with more people. I love how engaged the audience gets as they follow our ten trainee designers. I really care about them, and the viewers begin to as well. I see it as the stories of the people played out through their design journey. You can’t help but get hooked."

So, what can we expect from the new series? "Another line up of fantastic characters, each with their own view of what makes an Interior Design Master," Michelle says. "I love how they start with all their preconceptions, then go through the mill of realising that this is actually pretty difficult, and then how they start to consider different ways to do things!

"They all have real talent though, so they learn as much off each other as they do me if they're open to that. Some are more open than others, despite me always trying to hammer it home that teamwork makes the dream work! The tricky bit is that they want to shine as individuals too, and therein lies the challenge."

What is Michelle hoping to see from the contestants? "Passion and perseverance. Someone who's eager to learn and keen to get stuck in," she says. "I make them jump through all sorts of hoops so they can begin to see what it takes to become a professional interior designer. It's not easy. But the ones that win through are the ones who go all in with energy and enthusiasm.

"Of course, there's also the important details like getting each project finished, understanding the brief, and creating something magical! Like I say, it's not easy."

Find out more about Michelle Ogundehin by reading her interview with YourHomeStyle.

Interior Design Masters presenter Alan Carr
BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Steve Peskett

Interior Design Masters 2024 presenter Alan Carr

Comedian and TV presenter Alan Carr took over as the host of Interior Design Masters in series two. The show was previously presented by Fearne Cotton. Alan is best known for hosting Alan Carr: Chatty Man, but has also made appearances on comedy shows such as Ru Paul's Drag Race UK and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Alan's bond with the contestants is one of our favourite parts of the show, but he admits that saying goodbye can be hard: "It’s so tough especially towards the end of the series because like you say, you do end up spending literally days with them and you can’t help getting to know them, and what’s going on in their home life.

"At least with the Covid rules being loosened this series, I can hug them or pat them on the back when they get sent home. Last series I felt awful just giving a little wave from six foot away."

With two series under his belt, how has Alan's approach to interior design changed? "I think I’m finally getting it. Half the battle is learning and understanding the lingo. Does my house have a story? Is there a flow? Does my front room need a ‘pop’ of colour? Once you understand this, I think you’re halfway there;" he says.

"Interior design for me is like the dark arts, it’s all subliminal messages and leading your eyes to certain aspects of the room. You probably don’t realise it, but your favourite pub, cafe or shop, is luring you in because of some really clever design tricks. It's all smoke and mirrors. I’ve made it sound like Michelle Ogundehin is a member of the Illuminati!"

Interior Design Masters 2023 contestants

We don't yet know the contestants for Interior Design Masters 2024 but we will update this page as soon as we find out! If you fancy meeting the brilliant aspiring designers from series 4, read on…

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,(L-R) Peter, Ry, Buse, Charlotte, Temi, Jack, Tom, Monika, Karl, Joanne,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Buse,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: London
  • Occupation: Architect and interior designer


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Charlotte,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: Ashtead
  • Occupation: Lawyer


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Jack,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • Age: 27
  • From: Norwich
  • Occupation: Runs the Norfolk Emporium furniture shop


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Joanne,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: Batley
  • Occupation: Foster carer


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Tom,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: London
  • Occupation: Waiter


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Temi,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: Hertfordshire
  • Occupation: Criminal Defence Lawyer


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Ry,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: London
  • Occupation: Assitant Interior Designer


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Peter,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: Belfast
  • Occupation: Visual Stylist


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Monika,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: Paignton
  • Occupation: Furniture Artist


Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,Karl,Darlow Smithson Productions,Ben Cross
  • From: Newcastle
  • Occupation: Architectural Designer

Interior Design Masters series 4 episode guide

Episode 1 - Sustainable Showrooms

Credit: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Ben Cross

Kicking off the new series of Interior Design Masters, Michelle sent the designers to Elephant in Castle in London!

They were challenged to redesign five studio apartments with a focus on sustainability. The designers were partnered up to create a studio apartment for a range of different ages.

We also discovered the big prize – a chance to redesign the famous chain of bars, The Cocktail Club.

Highlights: We loved Jack's open space oozed confidence, Temi's child circus room, and Charlotte's tropical mural. Tom and Charlotte took designers of the week!

Lowlights: Joanne & Peter's designs didn't meld together, Buse's time management wasn't there and Karl's living room wasn't finished. Sadly, Karl was sent home.

Episode 2 - Nursery week

BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Ben Cross

It's week two of Interior Design Masters and this week is all about the kids! Each design was given a budget of 1k to transform a room into a child-friendly space. There were three teams and they were given two rooms each, all with different ages in mind. Sophie Robinson was invited to help Michelle with the judging and it was a tough decision!

Team one was Peter, Charlotte and Buse and they had the toddler room to decorate. Peter's space was a creative rainbow of colour and Charlotte built a tree, complete with a song she wrote! Buse created a rustic, cave-like room with a sand pit and mural.

Team two was Jack, Monika and Joanna. They were given the preschooler room to inject life and colour into. Clouds, balloons, and sunshine murals made the space perfect for little ones wanting to be both creative and chilled out.

Team three was Ry, Temi, and Tom with the baby room. Their sensory space has interactive elements, fabulous globes, and a paired back room for a chill area.

Highlights: We loved Jack's DIY hot air balloons and team preschool's room was a beautifully thought-out and welcoming space. Team baby smashed the brief and their cohesive design won them room of the week. Peter and Jack were also given special shout-outs for their original designs.

Lowlights: Team three changed their plans as things were looking a bit beige, Buse and Monica worried they wouldn't finish. Monkia's space was too rigid, Joanne didn't go big enough, Charlotte's space too plain and Buse's too dark. We said goodbye to Buse this week as her space just wasn't practical enough.

Episode 3 - Hotel week

BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Ben Cross

This week the designers were flown to a 5 star Scottish hotel! They had to go it alone, creating either a relaxing room or a maximalist, Scottish experience. Each designer was given two thousand pounds, two days, and a team of talented helpers to bring their rooms to life.

Award-winning designer Matthew Williamson came to help Michelle with the judging. Plus this week was a double elimination – no pressure!

Highlights: Peter was in his element with his white room and Ry embraced the gloom! We loved Rys room, Monika's dark room and Jack's gorgeous, landscape room.

Lowlights: Monika had a wallpaper mishap and Tom wasn't feeling his design. Sadly we said goodbye to Joanna and Charlotte – they will be missed!

Episode 4 - Highstreet Shops

It's week four of Interior Design Masters and we're hitting the high street!

The designers were paired up and challenged to renovate three shops in beautiful Harrogate. Ry, Tom and Monika won the brief from their clients so took lead designer roles.

Entrepreneur and CEO Ross Bailey came to help Michelle with the toughest judging yet. All the shops were completely transformed and we loved them all.

Highlights: We loved the bright, warm colours in the sheep skin shop. Monika and Peter's contemporary space was brilliantly multi-functional. The dark navy of the fashion shop gave a luxury feel! It was Temi and Tom's cohesive, product-focused shop which won design of the week.

Lowlights: Temi and Tom clashed on colour, Ry had a down day and Monika had time management problems again. Tom's beautiful orange logo smashed but thankfully he had a backup! Sadly we said goodbye to Ry this week, we wish him all the best for the future.

Episode 5 - 1930's Chalets

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S4,04-04-2023,5,Temi,Darlow Smithson Productions,Steve Renney

We're off to the seaside! This week the designers were challenged to transform five beach chalets into savvy spaces for their beach-loving owners. Each chalet needed lots of storage and plenty of good vibes.

Interior design royalty, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen came to help Michelle judge the chalets. Every chalet was truly unique and all the designers did a brilliant job.

Highlights: Jack created an incredible ceiling design and clever storage. We loved Peter's colourful mural. Monika's chalet was giving cocktail club and Temi's chalet was a classic example of great design. It was the simplicity of Temi's chalet which won her design of the week.

Lowlights: Tom worried about his colours and Monika forgot about the porch... four designers were sent to Michelle's sofa of judgment and one was sent home. Goodbye and good luck to Peter.

Episode 6 - Wedding lodges week

ICredit: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Steve Renney

Love is in the air for the quarter-finals! This week the designers were paired up to create one lodge for groomsmen and one for a bridal party.

Jack and Temi were given the bridal lodge and Tom and Monika were given the groom's room. Shane Brady came to help Michelle judge the rooms and decide whether the designers captured the wedding spirit!

Highlights: Tom's space was light and spacious and Monika's dark vision paid off. Temi's soft, pretty dining room was perfect for relaxing. Jack's bedroom and terrace were fresh spaces which we loved!

Lowlights: Monika and Tom said no to teamwork and cohesion at first, Temi worried about the wooden beams and Jack wondered if he should have pushed the boat out more. It was a tough call this week but Michelle decided to send Temi home.

Episode 7 - Hair salon week

Credit: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Ben Cross

For the penultimate challenge of Interior Design Masters, the contestants were sent to our hometown – Bristol! They were tasked with transforming three hair salons in two days.

Mary Porter, queen of shops, came to help Michelle with judging and she had high standards! We also got to know our three semi-finalists better and we love every single one of them.

Highlights: Monika was in her element as she has a similar style to the client. Tom added sweeping curves into his salon and some beautiful furnishings. Jack invented a new style 'Japandy' – a mixture of Japanese and Scandi decor. It was Jack and Monika who made it through to the final of Interior Design Masters and we can't wait to see what they design in the final.

Lowlights: Tom worried about changing the industrial space too much and it affected his confidence. Monika worried about time and Jack panicked about his mountain mural. We sadly said goodbye to the incredibly talented Tom. We know there are big things coming for him in the future!

The final of Interior Design Masters – Pub week

It's the final of Interior Design Masters 2023! What a final it was. Monika and Jack are our two finalists and they put their all into their challenge. They were also invited to ask two former contestants to help them out – Jack chose Buse and Monika chose Tom.

For their last task, Monika and Jack were given 3k to reinvent a Gastro pub for a younger, trendy audience. Both pubs are based in Brighton and wanted a complete makeover!

Highlights: Jack created a stunning celestial space and Monika designed a copper-leafed beauty. Monkia's iconic bar was a statement piece that's perfect for social media snaps. Jack's sophisticated pub had a soothing colour palette and plenty of glamourous touches. It was a tough decision for Michelle but ultimately she crowned Monkia the winner of Interior Design Masters 2024.

Lowlights: Monika stressed about managing such a big team and Jack has pigment paint problems. Michelle wasn't a fan of Monika's cafe-style tables and Jack's design went more restaurant chic than a hearty pub.

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Interior Design Masters series 4 is going to back you want to completely redesign your space.

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