20 beautiful sewing room ideas

Find inspiration with Mollie Makes' colourful sewing room ideas and sewing room accessories

Mollie makes issue 62 sewing room ideas

Inspired to make your own craft room or jazz up your current one? Browse our 10 gorgeous sewing room ideas from designer-makers around the globe then get your shop on with our ten must-have sewing room accessories. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a wish list and a dreamy sewing room to call your own.


10 sewing room ideas to try at home


A simple desk set up

Photographer: Leigh Metcalf

If you don’t have space for an entire sewing room then follow Leigh Metcalf’s lead and find one wall to dedicate to your craft. All you need is a desk, some sewing room accessories, a comfy chair and you’re set. Leigh’s full house tour is in issue 63 of Mollie. Check out our round-up of the best sewing machine tables if you’re looking for a new one.


Loft conversion anyone?

Inge Cremer home tour Photographer: Henny Van Belkom

If you’ve got a bit more room to play with then why not convert your loft-like Inge Cremer? Issue 51 of Mollie took a tour of her crafty loft – there’s even room for a bed up there!


Set the atmosphere

sewing room ideas 4

It doesn’t matter whether your sewing station is a desk or a loft, the most important thing is that you make it your own. Set the atmosphere in your space like The Rosy Life has by adding colourful sewing room accessories, twinkling fairy lights and handmade bunting. Learn how to make bunting using our free tutorial!


Inspiration wall

Mollie makes issue 62 sewing room ideas
Kimberley Golding’s sewing room. Photographer: Rachael Smith

Kimberley Golding’s beautiful home was in issue 62 of Mollie and her sewing room is the thing of dreams. Her sewing room accessories make the room a cosy and colourful space to work in. We especially love her designs and art stuck on the walls to keep the inspiration flowing.


Pegboards for organising

How to make a sewing machine cover

Pegboard make great organisers, especially for sewing rooms. Attach pegs to hang your scissors and clips off or balance small baskets on top for even more storage! You can buy pegboard from various stores like Hobbycraft or you can make one yourself using Little House on the Corner’s free tutorial.


Display those threads

sewing room ideas 1
Tamsyns Morgans thread frames: Photography: Matt Keal

Sewing room storage ideas don’t come cuter than Tamsyns Morgans thread frames! Upcycle some old bookshelves and frames (or head to the charity shops) and mount them on your craft room walls. Plus this way you’ll be able to see your entire thread stash and avoid buying double of each thread. Tasmsyns vintage home was featured in issue 79 of Mollie Makes.


Clip up your draft papers

Laura Spring sewing room ideas
Laura Spring’s sewing room. Photography: Fiona Murray

In issue 56 of Mollie took a tour of Laura Spring’s creative home. We love her sewing room storage ideas, especially the ingenious idea of using bulldog clips to keep all your pattern sheets tidy. Cheap, quick and oh so handy.

For more handmade touches to add to your sewing room check out these projects: 


The ultimate sewing desk

sewing room ideas 3
Sew Can Do’s craft desk

Sew Can Do is the queen of inventive sewing room storage ideas. We’re obsessed with her craft desk which lifts up to reveal all her buttons, threads and needles stored safely inside. Hanging buckets also make great storage for patterns, pencils and drafts.


Unique storage


The fabulous Berylune has a dream sewing room that’s complete with a mannequin, a pegboard and unique storage solutions. Storing your bits and bobs doesn’t have to be boring, why not try upcycled clogs, plant pots or old, decorated jars?


Display your work!

sewing room ideas 5
A Quilting Life’s sewing room inspiration

Finally, and most importantly, display your work around your sewing room. Whether that’s handmade dresses on hangers/mannequins or quilts hanging on the walls like A Quilting Life has here, it’s good to be proud of your creations!

10 sewing room accessories


Sewing machine covers


Keep your sewing machine/overlocker dust-free and looking pretty with its own cover. You can buy cute ones from Etsy or make your own sewing machine cover with our free tutorial.


Personalised sewing room plaque

sewing room ideas 13

Etsy, £13

Make your sewing room truly your own with a personalised plaque! Etsy has loads of great ones like laser cut out sign.


Sewing room baskets

sewing room ideas 8

Amazon, £20.99

Every sewing room needs lots (and we mean lots) of storage. For bigger items like fabrics, these stackable white baskets will do the perfect job of making your room look a bit tidier. For those smaller threads, needles and pins, use our craft storage baskets tutorial and make your own handmade storage solutions.




Thread rack

sewing room ideas 10

Amazon, £11.99

Keep all your threads tidy with this foldable rack. You can fit up to 60 spools on this nifty rack so let your thread obsession go wild.


Desk lamp

sewing room ideas 9

Amazon, £25.55

Every sewist needs a good desk lamp in order to see those tricky stitches. There’s a whole bunch on Amazon to choose from but we love this one because you can store your embroidery scissors, pens and pencils inside!


Sewing room prints

Sewing room ideas 12

Amazon, £10.00

‘ sewing print is our forever sewing room mood. You can never have enough fabric right?


Ribbon storage

sewing room ideas 17

Amazon, £21.72

Keep all your ribbons safe with this handy contraption from Amazon. It’ll stop your trimmings from getting tangled and keep your ribbons in order.


Sewing machine pedal anti slip cover

sewing room ideas 11

Etsy, £6.00

Keep your foot firmly on the pedal with these anti slip covers. makes her own in cute patterns and sells them on Etsy. If you fancy making your own, follow So Sew Easy’s free tutorial.


Magazine storage

sewing room ideas 14

John Lewis, £16.50

Store all your Mollie Makes and Simply Sewing mags in this handy frame. Made from a gorgeous Morris Montague print, it’ll keep all your patterns, drafts and papers safely tucked away until creativity strikes.


Shelve storage


sewing room ideas 20

Etsy, £495

Finally, if you’re ready to splash some cash on your sewing room storage then order this custom build shelving unit from


We hope you’ve enjoyed our sewing room ideas and feel full of crafty inspiration. Share your sewing room ideas with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you’re after even more sewing goodness then check out our free sewing patterns.