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Best Jumbo Yarns

From jumbo chenille yarns to jumbo roving yarns, take your knitting and crochet to the next level with these amazing jumbo yarns!

Hoooked Zpaghetti Jumbo Yarn
Published: March 12, 2022 at 9:00 am
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Fancy taking your knitting or crochet projects super-size? Then you'll definitely want to try using Jumbo yarns! They're brilliant for making huge projects in super-quick time, and if you've never tried them before then you'll enjoy the challenge of a scaled up knitting or crochet project.


Jumbo yarns do fall into a category of their own, but there is quite a bit of cross-over with the super-chunky/super-bulky yarn category, especially as some online yarn retailers don't have a jumbo yarns category. One way to get a rough idea of whether it's a jumbo yarn or a super-chunky yarn is to look at the recommended needle or crochet hook size - if it's between 8 - 12mm, then it's likely to be classed as a super-chunky yarn - if it's 12mm or above (the most common sizes being 15mm, 20mm or 25mm), then it's a jumbo yarn! Jumbo yarns are great for making large scale crochet and knitting projects such as pouffes, cushions, baskets and huge blankets. While some super-chunky yarns will work just as well with these sorts of projects too, they can also be used for projects like scarves or accessories that a jumbo yarn would simply be too big and heavy for.

Jumbo yarns require big hooks or needles, which combined with the big yarn means you will need to physically move more, so you also get the bonus of getting a good workout too - who needs the gym when you can knit or crochet!!! As much as we joke about this, it is worth bearing in mind that those with conditions such as arthritis may struggle with some of the really big yarns due to the amount of movement and strength required. When first looking at jumbo yarns, it's easy to be taken aback by the price tag, but you have to remember quite how big these yarns are and how big they'll work up when knitted or crocheted - if you compare how much time it would take and how much yarn you would need to create a similar sized project with a smaller regular sized yarn, then the prices start to feel a bit more appropriate. If you want to try some jumbo yarn but don't quite have the budget at the moment (or want to try before splashing out), then you can always check out our how to make t-shirt yarn tutorial and make your own jumbo super chunky yarn from old t-shirts.

Many jumbo yarns are in the 'Roving' style - essentially wool fibres that have been processed but not been spun together (although they may be felted/matted together to provide consistency). These sorts of yarns are also great for arm knitting, and you can find more info about this and suggested yarns in our pick of the best arm knitting yarns. While any of these yarns will work well with knitting and crochet, in this post we've tried to pick a range of different styles of yarn (including some that are at the larger end of the super-chunky scale), which will hopefully help you find the best jumbo yarns for your knitting and crochet projects!

Best jumbo yarns for knitting and crochet

Bernat Blanket Extra Jumbo Chenille Yarn

One of the most popular projects for jumbo yarns are super-size blankets, and the Bernat Blanket Extra yarn is designed specifically with these in mind. It's a 100% polyester yarn that is in the style of a jumbo chenille yarn, giving you a soft and squishy texture that you'll love cuddling up with. Designed to be used with 15mm crochet hooks or 12.75mm knitting needles, it's at the manageable end of the jumbo yarn scale. Jumbo yarns make big stitches, so correspondingly they require a lot of yarn too - The Bernat Blanket Extra jumbo chenille yarn comes as a 300g ball, and although that would be a large weight for a regular Dk or 4ply yarn, in this jumbo chenille yarn that equates to 87m, so will almost certainly need more than one ball if you're planning on making a sizeable blanket. Being made from Polyester, it's also machine washable too (if you can fit your finished project in the machine), plus there's also a regular 'Bernat Blanket' range which is slightly lighter, or a 'Bernat Big' for an even bigger jumbo yarn!

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Bernat Blanket Extra Jumbo Chenille Yarn

Hoooked Zpaghetti Jumbo Yarn

If you want your jumbo yarn to also be eco-friendly, then the Hoooked Zpaghetti yarn is one you absolutely have to try! It's what is called a T-shirt yarn, as it's a 100% recycled yarn made of superior quality recycled textiles and remnants. As it's mostly made up of T-shirts and other recycled textiles, it's generally comprised of cotton with a small percentage elastane, giving you a solid ribbon style yarn with just a slight amount of stretch. While it may be slightly thinner in structure than other jumbo yarns, its fibre content means it's considerably heavier too, making it great for projects like baskets or cushions that you want to be sturdy or have a structural element, but probably a little too heavy for anything you'd want to wear. The Hoooked Zpaghetti yarn comes as a 700g bobbin with approx 120m of yarn (these amounts can vary slightly due to the use of different recycled materials), and is available in a huge amount of different colours, including some rather funky printed shades too!

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Hoooked Zpaghetti Jumbo Yarn

Yarn & Colors Fresh Jumbo Yarn

Fancy some funky fresh colours in your Jumbo yarn? Look no further than Yarn & Colors Fresh yarn for your super-size stitches! With a recommended hook or needle size of 25mm, your stitches are going to be nice and big. It's what some people would describe as a 'dreadlock' yarn, as although it doesn't have a clear spin it is matted together to give you one solid strand to work with (which also won't split or catch on your hook or needles). It's a great yarn for making decorations or accessories, however this 250g ball only provides 19m of jumbo yarn, which will be enough for small projects like decorations but you'll need a couple of balls if you plan on making anything of considerable size.

Buy Yarn & Colors Fresh from Lovecrafts

Yarn and colors jumbo super chunky yarn

Wulla Superphat Jumbo Yarn

If you prefer to buy your yarns from independent spinners and dyers, then we would highly recommend Wulla Yarns, who specialise in producing big and bold yarns! Their Superphat yarn is a lightly spun merino yarn that is in the 'dreadlock' matted/felted style. The balls are available in 125g/25m balls and 250g/50m balls, with the latter being enough to make a chunky cowl. They also do some awesome crochet kits to make super-stylish cowls and cushions, which combine the awesome Superphat yarn with their 4ply 'Skinny Mini' yarn (rather than crocheting with the jumbo yarn, you work the 4ply over the jumbo yarn to create an amazing weave effect). The Superphat is available in 15 deep and bright hand-dyed shades, but we particularly love their gorgeous 'neon kisses' shade pictured below!

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Wulla Superphat Jumbo Yarn

Loopy Mango Merino No5 Jumbo super chunky yarn

Maybe you like the idea of using a jumbo yarn, but really you want to make some accessories or garments rather than homewares. Well, we think the Loopy Mango Merino No5 yarn has a host of qualities that make it a jumbo yarn that is perfect for a whole range of different sort of projects. It's relatively lightweight for a jumbo yarn, with 150g providing you with 68m of yarn. It has a single strand wrapped around the rest of the roving style fibres which mimics the effects of a defined twist, and you can make some nice big and clear stitches that are still flexible and will drape nicely enough to use for wearable projects. It's a 100% pure merino yarn so it's lovely and soft, and while it could technically be classed as a super-chunky weight yarn it recommends hooks or needles between 10-25mm (with the most common size for it being 15mm) so can easily be used to create some nice jumbo oversized stitches.

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Loopy Mango Jumbo Super chunky yarn

Wool Couture Epic Extreme Jumbo Yarn

When it comes to jumbo yarns that really are the epitome of super-size, there's one producers name that always pops up - Wool Couture! They produce a range of chunky and jumbo yarns, but their Epic Extreme yarn has got to be one of the biggest out there! A single stitch in this 100% unspun merino yarn measures an impressive 3 inches! It's a popular choice for arm-knitting, but is also great for use with huge needles or crochet hooks which Wool Couture can supply too - they come in sizes from 20mm to 6omm!!! The balls come in a range of weights going from 0.25kg all the way up to 10kg, and Wool Couture also offer some handy guidelines on roughly how much yarn you'll need to make different sizes of blankets.

Buy Wool Couture Epic Extreme yarn from Etsy

Wool Couture Epic Extreme Jumbo Yarn

Hobbii Bungee Mini Super-Bulky Yarn

Let's take thing down a notch to an ever-so-slightly smaller size (although still using 12-15mm hooks or needles) with the Bungee Mini yarn from Hobbii. It's a clever tube yarn, with a soft outer tube constructed from cotton and a polyester stuffing inside the tube, giving you a lovely squishy yarn with a fantastically even and sturdy form. It's technically a yarn on the smaller scale in our list and would probably be classed as a jumbo super-chunky yarn, but we think that due to it's interesting construction and size it would make a great choice for many of your jumbo yarn projects. Plus, Hobbii also have a range of free patterns to use with this yarn, including cushions and baskets... and even a cat house!

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Hobbii Bungee Mini Jumbo Super Chunky Yarn

DMC Nova Vita Jumbo Yarn

Our final jumbo yarn is again not the thickest in our list, but we think it's a yarn that jumbo yarn lovers will love to try! It's another tube style yarn, but this one is made up of 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester, featuring a woven braid-style cord with a thinner cord inside. The result is a 4mm thick cord that is flexible enough to knit or crochet with 10-12mm hooks or needles, but that creates big strong solid stitches that will last the test of time - perfect for baskets and other projects that you want to be hard-wearing. As well as being planet-friendly there's also 24 fabulous colours in the range to choose from and it can even be machine washed at 30º. Please be aware that this yarn may be called 'Nova Vita 12' as well as just 'Nova Vita', but there is also a slightly thinner version of this yarn called Nova Vita 4, which is a similar cord but approx 2.5-3mm thick. If in doubt check the weight and lengths - this jumbo version has 55m in 250g, whereas the Nova Vita 4 has 200m in 250g.

Buy DMC Nova Vita from Lovecrafts

DMC Nova Vita Jumbo Yarn

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of the best jumbo yarns, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide, and for knitters check out our knitting for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks or the best knitting needles, or why not take a look at some of the best recycled yarns and see if you can find one for your next project. You might also enjoy our pick of the best vegan yarns, and best British yarn producers.


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