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Best Amigurumi Crochet Books

From delightful dolls to adorable animals and even food with faces, you'll find loads of inspiration in our list of the best amigurumi books!


We’re big fans of amigurumi crochet here at gathered, and there’s so many different types of those cute characters that you can hook up. From crocheted dolls to all sorts of animals, amigurumi is a fantastic way to give your crochet characters that extra kawaii feel! With so many amigurumi  books available, sometimes it can be tricky to know which one to choose, so we’ve picked our favourite amigurumi books to help you get your cute crochet on!


If you’re new to amigurumi and want a bit of help getting started, check out our How to crochet amigurumi guide, and if you want to browse some patterns to get you started on your journey into amigurumi, take a look at our list of top amigurumi crochet patterns!

Best amigurumi books


Unicorns and Dragons amigurumi crochet book

This fabulous amigurumi pattern book features a host of fantastical amigurumi characters from a range of talented designers! Whether you want to hook up unicorns or goblins, the tooth fairy or the loch ness monster, you’ll find 14 magical characters that you can bring to life – perfect for storytime!

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Amigurumi Style Crochet book

Whether you’re new to amigurumi or a seasoned pro, everyone can find something to love in this Amigurumi Style Crochet book by our good friend Cara Medus. This vintage-inspired amigurumi book teaches you how to make Betty and her cute cat Bert, as well as a whole range of fifties inspired outfits. This book also draws on Cara’s huge experience as a crochet designer and technical editor, so you’ll be sure to learn loads of professional tips and techniques while making your fab amigurumi characters!

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Crochet Cafe amigurumi book

One of our favourite aspects of amigurumi is how you can pretty much stick a face on any crochet object to make it look super-cute! And nothing makes us giggle more than amigurumi food – who would have thought you could make anything from burger and fries to avocado on toast look cute, and you can hook up all of these and more with the Crochet Cafe book by Lauren Epsy.

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Crochet Iconic Women amigurumi book

One of the most exciting amigurumi books to come out lately has got to be the Crochet Iconic Women book by Carla Mitrani! This fabulous amigurumi book features patterns for 15 amazing amigurumi versions of women that changed the world, from Rosa Parks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Florence Nightingale to Greta Thunberg, there’s a whole range of inspirational women from all walks of life!

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Crocheted Birds amigurumi book

Vanessa Moocie is a crochet designer that creates amazing anatomically correct amigurumi animals, and her Crocheted Birds book contains 10 incredibly impressive crochet patterns. From garden visitors like the Robin and Bluetit, to larger winged creatures such as a barn own, swan and bald eagle, this book is a must buy if you want to crochet some feathered friends!

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Amigurumi Monsters crochet book

If you want to hook up some amigurumi characters that are both scary and cute (and a little bit silly), then you’ll love the Amigurumi Monsters 2 book. With 15 fun patterns designed by 12 top crochet designers from around the world, they’re also easily to customise so you can get creative and make your own unique little monster!

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Kawaii Crochet amigurumi book

This amigurumi book features exactly what it says on the cover – Kawaii Crochet!!! Featuring 40 fabulous patterns for all sorts of cute amigurumi crochet characters, this is an amigurumi book that is just full of fun!

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Amigurumi Treasures crochet book

Erinna Lee specialises in designing amigurumi characters that are not only super cute, but also have a really sweet stylish quality to them too! In her Amigurumi Treasures book, you’ll find 15 patterns for lovely amigurumi characters, each with their own unique charming accessories.

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Dinosaurs, Mammoths and More amigurumi book

If you want to take your amigurumi crochet back to the stone age, then you’ll love the Dinosaurs, Mammoths and More amigurumi book! Theres 14 patterns inside including cute cave-people and darling dinosaurs, but we particularly love the saber-toothed tiger!

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Crochet Succulents amigurumi book

Perhaps you want to improve your amigurumi skills, but aren’t really a big fan of animals or dolls. That’s ok, this Crocheted Succulents book has 25 fun patterns that every type of crocheter can enjoy! These cute cacti look almost as good as the real thing and would make fantastic gifts, but the best thing is – no watering involved!

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Crocheted Sea Creatures amigurumi book

Here’s another fantastic amigurumi book by Vanessa Mooncie. The Crochet Sea Creatures amigurumi book is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with the ocean and the creatures it contains, from amigurumi whales to seahorses, jellyfish to star fish, you’ll find loads of fun underwater animals to make in this fabulous book!

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Edwards Crochet Doll Emporium amigurumi book

If you love making amigurumi dolls, then you really need this book! Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium by Kerry Lord from TOFT is a truly innovative book that allows you to unleash your creativity. The book is separated into two flippable sections, one for the head and one for the outfit, so that you can mix and match the patterns to create a character of your choosing – how about a mohawk punk in a wedding dress or a ballerina superhero? Plus theirs loads of tips on how to really customise your amigurumi characters, so the possibilities are endless!

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Zoomigurumi 9 amigurumi book

When it comes to collections of amigurumi animals, the Zoomigurumi book series has some of the best out there. There’s been 9 fabulous Zoomigurumi amigurumi books so far (Zoomigurumi 10 is out on the 29th April 2021 and is available to pre-order here), all with a collection of designs from a mix of professional amigurumi designers.

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Pokémon crochet amigurumi book

If you’re an avid Pokémon fan, you’ll be excited to learn that there’s an official Pokémon Crochet book being released on the 23rd March 2021! Featuring 20 official Pokémon patterns designed by Sabrina Somers, you’ll finally be able to crochet ’em all!

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