Top 25 amigurumi crochet patterns

Check out our round-up of some of the best amigurumi crochet patterns, including some special free amigurumi crochet patterns!


Amigurumi is a hugely popular crochet technique, with a huge range of patterns available for super-cute toys including animals, dolls, food and much more! We take a look at 25 of our favourite amigurumi crochet patterns, including a host of free amigurumi patterns too – enjoy!


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If you love a spot of Amigurumi, check out our Crochet Amigurumi Collection. It’s an essential compendium for crochet lovers, packed with the cutest creatures from lambs and lions to dogs and dolls. 

Crochet Amigurumi Collection

All these patterns are in UK measurements. To convert them into US measurement use our chart.

Just starting out with amigurumi crochet patterns? This super-sweet octopus by Melanie Morita is a great project for beginners! You can find it in our Amigurumi Collection, available here!

Regular Simply Crochet designer Ilaria Caliri is in our opinion one of the best amigurumi designers out there! Her character designs always have that super-cute factor, and although amigurumi crochet patterns are generally on the small scale, this adorable free amigurumi pattern for Cory the giant bunny is a project you can really get your hooks stuck into


If you’re a fan of British wildlife, then you’ll love Bettie Badger! This adorable amigurumi crochet pattern by Erinna Lee sees Bettie all dressed to impress with her sweet frilled dress and flower headband. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here or you can find the pattern in issue 75 of Simply Crochet – find out what you need to make her and how to download a digital edition here.

All About Ami (Stephanie Lau) is another pro in the world of amigurumi design. Stephanie has loads of fab free amigurumi patterns on her blog, but we’re particularly taken with this free amigurumi crochet monkey pattern – what a cheeky little fella!


Not just for Halloween, this cute little bat is an easy-peasy amigurumi make for those of you who love your night-time critters! And the best part is, he’s another of our free amigurumi patterns – you can find the free crochet bat pattern here!

If you’re looking for a totally ROAR-some amigurumi project, then you’ll love this little lion by Ilaria Caliri. His thick mane might suggest he’s fully grown, but his adorable hat and sweet little face makes us think he’s definitely more of a cute cub! You can find the pattern for him in our Amigurumi Collection, order your copy here!

When it comes to amigurumi, one of our favourite things is how designers can make super-cute characters to cater to the latest trends! Seeing as baby Yoda is super-popular right now, we just had to include this sweet free Yoda amigurumi crochet pattern from Amigurinos.

This Kangaroo and Joey amigurumi pattern takes cuteness to a whole new level, with the beautiful little joey fitting snuggly in it’s mothers pouch! You can find the pattern in our special Amigurumi Collection!

We love this little snail by Kristina from Tiny Curl. He’s quick to hook up, has a multi-coloured shell and who wouldn’t love that adorable party hat! You can find the free party snail crochet pattern here and don’t forget to check out the rest of her free amigurumi crochet patterns too.

Continuing with some more of Tiny Curls fabulous amigurumi characters, we love these fabulously fun Grandparents from the Rico Design Crazy Cute Family collection!


If you fancy hooking up some Easter-themed amigurumi, then this lovely lamb by Vannessa Moocie is a great choice. Bobble stitches are used to give a really nice textural detail to it’s woolly coat. Find the pattern in our special Amigurumi Collection.

We couldn’t possibly do an amigurumi round-up without including some cute kitties, and this free dumpling kitty crochet pattern is is one of the cutest ever!


If cute kitties aren’t your kind of thing, then perhaps you’re more of a dog lover! If so, then you’ll definitely enjoy hooking up this perfect pug, complete with his cute little party hat! You can find the pattern inside issue 81 of Simply Crochet or download the pattern from Ravelry, find out more here.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or full blown carnivore, here’s a delicious burger we can all sink our teeth into! This fab design by Emma Lyons was from issue 55 of Mollie Makes, and you can find the pattern on their Ravelry store here!

Here’s an amigurumi project from Simply Crochet that proved so popular we definitely had to include in in our list. This Alebrije design (a fantastical creature based on Mexican folk art) by Kate McCully was the winner of this Simply Crochet issue 86 hook to hook designer challenge, and you can find the pattern on Ravelry here!

Simply Crochet issue80 axolotl

If you fancy another unique amigurumi creature, then how about hooking up the ever-so-slightly alternative axolotyl. This awesome amphibian (sometimes called the ‘Mexican walking fish’) is not only incredibly cute, but also has amazing limb-regenerating powers! You can find the pattern inside issue 80 of Simply Crochet or download the pattern from Ravelry, find out more here.

Time for tea? Yes please, and if it’s in the form of this adorable teacup pincushion then even better! You can find the pattern in our special Amigurumi Collection.

This quick and simple amigurumi make by 1dogwoof designs certainly gets our seal of approval. You can find the free crochet pattern for this baby seal on the 1dogwoof blog!

Everyone loves a toy dinosaur, and the best part about this free amigurumi pattern from Yarnspirations is that their Red Heart Amigurumi yarn cakes have been produced to include enough yarn and all the colours you need to make both these dinosaurs with just one yarn cake! You can find the free crochet pattern here and you can find loads more free amigurumi crochet patterns on the Yarnspirations website.

There’s that name again, here’s another design by super-star designer Ilaria Caliri that really shows off the cute-factor of amigurumi crochet patterns. We love those adorable dungarees and the cute little bird that make up part of the Martin the Elephant crochet pattern.


Time for another popular amigurmi character! This sweet Harry Potter amigurumi by The Blue Bobbin makes a great gift for all your Potter-obsessed friends, plus there’s also a video tutorial on how to make those intricate wire glasses too! You can find the free amigurumi Harry Potter pattern here!

Show off your crochet skills by hooking up this pretty peacock with it’s terrific tail-feathers! This design is by (you guessed it) amigurumi queen Ilaria Caliri, and if you fancy making yourself this beautiful bird you can find the pattern in our special Amigurumi Collection.

Simply Crochet issue 84 Hedgehog toy

Here’s another classic creature that is synonymous with British wildlife, the humble hedgehog! Unlike the real things though, this crochet character uses boucle yarn to create cuddly curls rather than painful prickles! You can find the pattern inside issue 84 of Simply Crochet or download the pattern from Ravelry, find out more here.

Not only is this Pink Grapefruit free amigurumi crochet pattern super-cute, but it’s also the first of a monthly series of fruit patterns by Yarn Blossom Boutique! You can find the free crochet pattern at


And finally, how could we possibly have an amigurumi post without mentioning the amazing Aisha doll by Aniqua Wilkerson! Originally published in issue 66 of Simply Crochet, this design proved incredibly popular with crocheters all around the world and you can find the pattern in our special Amigurumi Collection (find out more below).

Packed with the cutest creatures and most fantastical friends, our Amigurumi Collection is an essential compendium for crochet lovers.

From lambs and lions to dogs and dolls (plus some super-cute wearable patterns), every project is beautifully photographed and clearly explained. Crochet some new friends today!


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