Crochet corsage pattern

Use Emma Lamb's crochet corsage pattern to make yourself something beautiful to wear for British Flower week.

Crochet corsage pattern

Designing and crocheting flowers is an exciting process, offering endless possibilities of shape, colour, and stitch combinations. Crochet flower patterns are not only beautiful but they can be turned into all sorts of decorative and wearable items and the lovely Emma Lamb has done just that! Emma shows you how to make a crochet corsage that you can wear to all your spring and summer events. It would also make for sweet handmade prom jewellery or could be turned into a brooch if you’d rather attach it to your outfit. For these decorative crochet corsage flowers, Emma Lamb worked with a palette of pink and orange mixed with neutral tones of grey and cream. For the flower motifs themselves, Emma just picked up her hooks and started creating stitches.

Sometimes the freedom of designing without a plan can lead to some very pretty results.
Emma Lamb

Choose your yarn, begin making the double-layered corsage then mix up the stitches to design your own crochet corsage blooms. If you’re new to crochet don’t worry this pattern is still for you. Just head over to our crochet for beginners guide which will teach you all the basic techniques you need. Now over to Emma for her crochet corsage pattern!

Crochet corsage pattern final image

You’ll need:

• 100g balls (280m/306yd) of DMC Petra 3 Crochet Cotton, one in each of Beige 5712 (A), Orange 5722 (B), Pale lemon 53901 (C), Pink 5149 (D), Green 5907 (E) and Light green 5772 (F), or similar yarn (2ply-weight mercerised cotton)
• 2.5mm hook (we round up the best crochet hooks here on Gathered if you haven’t already got a 2.5 hook)

Flower size (in diameter)

6cm ( with leaves 4cm ( at longest point

Check out our crochet abbreviations and conversions chart if you’re American.

How to make a crochet corsage


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook

Total time:

Make the bottom crochet corsage flower

Step 1

Crochet corsage pattern flower

Base ring
With yarn A and 2.5mm hook, 5ch, ss to form ring.

Round 1
3ch (counts as 1tr), 11tr into ring, ss into third of 3ch. (12tr)

Round 2
3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr into same sp, inc by working 2tr in next 11 sts, ss into third of 3ch, fasten off. (24tr)

Round 3
With yarn B, join yarn in any st, *8ch, starting in second ch from hook work [1dc, 1htr, 4tr, 1htr] over 7ch, ss into next st of beige centre, rep from * 23 times (makes 24 petals) with last ss into same sp as you joined this colour, fasten off.

Weave in loose ends.

Make the top crochet corsage flower

Step 1

Crochet corsage pattern

Base ring
With yarn C, 5ch, ss to form ring.

Round 1
6ch, [1dtr into ring, 2ch] nine times, ss into fourth of 6ch, fasten off leaving long enough tail for sewing the two motifs together.

Round 2
With yarn D, join yarn in any 2ch-sp, *6ch, starting in second ch from hook work [1dc, 1htr, 2tr, 1htr] over 5ch, ss into next ch-sp of pale lemon centre, work another petal into this same ch-sp (makes 2 petals), rep from * nine times (makes 20 petals), fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Making up the crochet corsage

Step 1

Lay top flower motif on top of bottom flower motif and line up from the centre. Using the long tail of thread from the top flower motif, hand-sew the two motifs together with a running stitch at the base of the petals. Fasten off securely and weave in loose ends.

Making the crochet corsage leaves (makes 3)

Step 1

Make two leaves in yarn E and one leaf in yarn F, working leaf as for pointed petal.

This project is made up of two separate crochet flowers that are layered one on top of the other and sewn together: the right-hand photograph shows the back view.


Your crochet corsage is complete! Wear it at all your fancy events and tag us in a pic on Instagram using #molliemakers. For your next crochet project check out our free granny square patterns and free amigurumi crochet patterns

Meet the maker

This project was designed by textile designer and blogger Emma Lamb and is extracted from How To Crochet by Mollie Makes, published by Pavilion Craft. Buy your copy from their official online store.