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50 crochet flower patterns and what to do with them

From learning how to crochet a flower to free crochet flower patterns, we've got loads of bloomin' marvellous floral crochet makes!

Free crochet flower patterns

Crochet flowers need not explain themselves. We know they’re beautiful, versatile and look pretty darn glam as wedding bouquets. So the next time someone asks you why you’d want to make crochet flowers, send them a link to this post – our list is all the justification you’ll need.


Not only have we found 50 crochet flower patterns for you to try (including plenty of free crochet flower patterns), but we’ve also included ideas and ways for how to use them. Happy hooking!

If you’re looking for more crochet inspirations, why not have a browse at the rest of our free crochet patterns, and if you’re new to crochet you can find loads of helpful advice and tutorials in our crochet guide for beginners.

And don’t forget your poppy for Remembrance day, check out our free crochet poppy pattern and our free knitted poppy pattern.


How to crochet a flower

Want to learn the basics of how to crochet a flower? The lovely Carmen Heffernan shows you how to crochet a flower in our handy tutorial so you can make colourful crochet flowers just in time for spring, with two different sized free crochet flower patterns to try!


Pretty crochet flower paper clips

Paperclips – they’re useful but a teeny bit boring. Well, not anymore. This super easy free crochet flower pattern from Petals to Picots shows you how to whip up some crochet flowers to add to your clips and give everyone serious stationery envy. Bonus: she’s got a tutorial for crochet flower push pins as well, so you can use the free crochet flower pattern to tidy up your noticeboard too.


Spring crochet daffodil pattern

Is there any more cheery a flower to crochet than the daffodil? Luckily we’ve got a Free daffodil crochet pattern for you to get stuck into tonight to hook up instant Spring cheer – it’s the perfect free crochet flower pattern to celebrate the changing of the seasons!


Make a home arrangement with crochet lavender

Lavender has got to be one of our favourite plants, we love the scent as you walk past them. Although they’re maybe not a common crochet flower pattern, these ones by PippaPatternsCrochet are almost as good as the real thing! Find the Lavender Crochet Flower Pattern here.


Wedding bouquet made of crochet flowers

Planning flowers for your big day? Go crafty and crochet this  free crochet flower wedding bouquet pattern to really wow your guests. Warning: You probably won’t want to throw it when you can keep this crochet flower bouquet for yourself instead.


Free crochet corsage pattern

Why not make yourself something special while also enjoying a fun crochet project at the same time. This free crochet corsage pattern by Emma Lamb features loads of fun stitch and colour combinations, and looks bloomin’ fantastic – it’s a free crochet flower pattern that you’ll just love hooking from start to finish!


Mini crochet flower earrings

Sweeeeet! These mini crochet flower earrings are the ideal gift for a gal pal you want to treat. Make them with this free crochet flower earrings pattern from idea ivana and present them on a piece of yarn-trimmed bright card for I-can’t-believe-you-made-them amazement.


Crochet plumeria flower pattern

You could be forgiven for thinking that this plumeria crochet flower pattern was a real flower – but they’re not, which is great as it means we’ve finally got a houseplant that we can’t kill. Huzzah.


Crochet flower and bead necklace

Heart eyes, all the heart eyes. We’ve fallen hard for this crochet flower necklace, with its bright florals and luminous pearl beads. We’re crafting it as we speak. Want to join our fan club? Get the free crochet flower necklace pattern from Created in AWE and give it a go yourself.


Free flower headband crochet pattern

If you want to unleash your inner flower-child, then this free flower headband crochet pattern by Becky Garrat is perfect for you. With dainty little roses and delicate leaves, it’s one of our easier free crochet flower patterns that even beginners can try – Groovy!


Free crochet flower bunting punting

Brighten up any room of your home with these quick-to-hook crochet flowers – find the free crochet flower bunting pattern here… and if buntings not really your thing, these free crochet flower patterns would also make some cool coasters!


Realistic crochet rose pattern

If you want your crochet flowers to be super-realistic, then check out this amazing crochet flower pattern by Happy Patty Crochet. This is definitely a crochet flower pattern that is for the more experienced crocheter, but if you’ve got the skills then you should definitely give it a go – we’ll be ever so impressed! Find the crochet rose flower pattern on Etsy.


Seasonal wreath crochet patterns

If you want a crochet wreath suitable for every time of year, then why not hook up the Seasonal wreath crochet patterns by Kate Eastwood. With 4 wreaths made up of crochet flowers from each season, your front door will always look on trend!


Blooming spring flower crochet pattern

Another freebie, and this time from Rescued Paw Designs. What we really love about this free crochet flower pattern is its delicate petals and calming shades of blue and turquoise.


Frida flower crown crochet pattern

If you want to channel your inner artist and give a bit of Frida Kahlo style to your crochet, then you’ll love this amazing Frida Flower crown crochet pattern by Alia Bland. Perfect for parties and festivals!


Crochet Tulips flower pattern

You don’t have to head to the Netherlands to find Tulips, you can just crochet your own beautiful blooms with this Crochet Tulip Flower Pattern by Marina Chuchkalova!


Free crochet pansy pattern

If we had to pick a favourite flower (after peonies) we’d probably choose pansies. This free crochet pansy pattern by Little Monkey’s Crochet is particularly impressive, with their perfectly formed petals and embellishments making it one of our favourite free crochet flower patterns!


Free spring crochet flower coaster patterns

Don’t just plonk your cuppa anywhere, use this free crochet flower coasters pattern from Tanya at little things blogged to add some crochet style to your morning coffee. These crochet flowers almost seem too pretty to cover up!


Mini crochet flower garland

Mini crochet flowers, all delicately strung together. This free crochet flower garland tutorial from Ingthings is giving us all the feels. NB, translation required for this website, which is in Dutch.


How to crochet a rose

Roses are red, and also several shades of pink. With our How to crochet a rose step-by-step tutorial you’ll be able to crochet your own bunch of blooms in no time! Crochet roses may look complicated, but they’re actually one of the simpler free crochet flower patterns thanks to the clever construction!


Free rose purse crochet pattern

Now that you know how to crochet a rose, why not use your skills to make this free crochet rose purse pattern from Mama In A Stitch and feel every so slightly smug when out swinging it from your arm.


Make a spring wreath

What better way to see in spring than with a crochet flower wreath, and no matter how harsh the winter has been you can always have the freshest blooms thanks to this free spring crochet wreath pattern from Yarnspirations.


Free Mothers Day flower bouquet pattern

Here’s a pattern that any mama would love. This free Mothers Day flower bouquet pattern not only features beautiful roses, but also a crochet pot to keep them in too!


Crochet flower blanket

If you want to hook up an epic crochet flower project, then give this flower shower baby blanket crochet pattern by Kirsten Ballering a go! Hooked up in gorgeous Scheepjes yarn and with a ton of beautiful rainbow crochet flowers, baby is certainly in for a treat!


A selection of mini stem flowers

Continuing with the mini crochet flowers theme, we think this mini stem crochet flower pattern by Happy Patty Crochet is absolutely gorgeous! The pattern includes instructions for making Lily of the Valley, Miniature Daffodil, Mini Daisy, Anemone Hepatica & Forget-me-not flowers, and we love the way they’re displayed in a stylish cup. Find the Mini Stem Crochet Flowers Pattern here.


Free girls crochet flower collar

Treat your favourite little love with this free crochet flower collar pattern from Simply Tale. Keep it simple or add extra crochet flowers if you fancy, plus there’s a matching free crochet slippers pattern too!


Free five petal crochet flower pattern

Crochet a selection from this free five petal crochet flower pattern by One Dog Woof and then scatter them round your home to bring a touch of spring indoors.


Hook up a summer posy

This sweet crochet bouquet pattern includes loads of free crochet flower patterns to make a collection of different flowers, from Dogwood to Clematis and Forget-me-knots. Find the full set of free flower crochet patterns in our free crochet flower bouquet pattern


Free crochet flower necklace pattern

Make this delicate free white flower crochet necklace pattern, complete with leaves and a sweet button centre, then wear it to add a touch of greenery to your outfit.


Free flower baby booties

Encourage your little one to get into the joy of botany early with this adorable free flower crochet baby booties pattern from Yarnspirations.


Little doily crochet flower corsage

You could crochet this free little doily crochet flower pattern for a wedding, or just make them to pin to your outfit every day. After all, why save your best makes for special occasions when you can admire them all the time?


Tunisian crochet leaf and flower

We’re big fans of this unusual Free Tunisian crochet leaf pattern, which focuses on leaves, with flowers added on for good measure.


Crochet daisies

We’re going to make these crochet flowers, add some stems and create our own crochet daisy chain. Want to join us? Well then you can learn how to crochet daisies with free crochet flower pattern and tutorial from Caught on a Whim.


A crocheted sunflower

Bring a bit of sunshine indoors with your own mini crochet sunflower. Get the crochet sunflower pattern here.


Crochet rose with pom pom leaves (clever!)

Notice anything different about this free crochet rose flower pattern? Their leaves are made with pom pom trim. Good shout, Mama In Stitch.


Popcorn stitch crochet flower brooch

Little Doolally created this nifty Mothers day crochet flower brooch pattern, but we reckon these crochet flowers are just as good at any time of the year. We might crochet one to wear as a brooch and make some more to hang in a garland (we like the look of the below).


Crochet cacti (with flowers)

Can’t choose your fave? Us neither, so we’re going to make them all. This Cactus crochet patterns collection by Planet June features 8 realistic looking cacti which you can either combine together as an arrangement in a single pot or make individually!


Delicate crochet flowers

There’s something strangely mesmerising about these free crochet flower patterns by Maria Manuel – we just can’t stop staring at them, and can’t decide which of those fab colour combinations we love the most!


Crochet tulip bouquet

Crochet some spring tulips using this free crochet tulip pattern from the talented little things blogged. Make them in one colour or go for a selection of hues for a bit of variation. We’re imagining holding a bunch in our hands while we take a leisurely stroll along Amsterdam’s canals.


Crochet a flower card

Could this be any prettier? We think not. If you fancy making your own you can get the free crochet mothers day card pattern which also includes step-by-step construction photos from She Knows. Send it to some of your pals to give them extra happy post.


Crochet flower and bees wreath

Those crochet flowers, and those bees! Crochet Queen RedAgape excelled herself when she created this Flowers and Bees crochet wreath pattern for Mollie Makes. Planning to craft it? Don’t forget to show your finished make to us on social media using #molliemakers.


Make a bouquet of sunflowers

If you want to take your crochet sunflowers to the next level, then you’ll love this pattern from PippaPatternsCrochet. We love the different styles that can be achieved with different colour combinations! Get the crochet sunflowers pattern here.


Free crochet flower headband pattern

We love this pretty free crochet flower headband pattern from Make & Do Crew. And the best part? You can make it for babies, toddlers, children or adults so you can get everyone in on the action and be the family that matches.


Flower crochet pillow

What could be better than snuggling down into a handmade crochet pillow? We’ll have this free crochet flower cushion pattern from the lovely The WHOot, please. Chill time just got a whole lot prettier.


Here comes the sun(glasses case)

Summer’s still a way off but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing for warmer months. Our craft project of choice? Use this bright Free crochet sunglasses case pattern to store your shades in for the beach. We might even just make one now and pop our glasses in instead.


Appliqué crochet flowers

New to crochet and want to learn how to crochet a flower? Well, we’ve got free crochet flower patterns for the two crochet flowers marked out below (hurrah!). Make several of both for a knock-out spring floral display. Head to our free British blooms crochet flower patterns to get started.


Combine crochet and embroidery in a cute necklace

This pattern by Kate Bruning is perfect for those of you who love to multi-craft! This necklace combines pretty crochet flowers and stunning embroidered details, all delivered in a photo-rich step-by-step tutorial! Click here for the embroidered crochet necklace pattern.


Crochet a poinsettia

Ok so we’re a bit early for Christmas but with this Free Christmas poinsettia crochet pattern you can get ahead and whip up a batch of these festive free crochet flower patterns to get ready for the holiday season!


The neverending wildflower granny square

We’re always looking for new ideas for granny squares so were as pleased as the proverbial punch when we came across this. Get the free wildflower granny square crochet pattern from Little Monkey’s Crochet.


Double-layer corsage crochet pattern

They’re not the most practical but we love them all the same. This Free crochet flower barefoot baby sandals pattern will make the sweetest addition to a wee one’s wardrobe.


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