Free crochet carrot pattern

Use Cara Medus' free crochet carrot pattern to make a treat for Rudolph!

Free crochet carrot pattern

Christmas crafts for adults don’t have to be boring! Put aside the DIY Christmas cards and hook up this magic crochet carrot pattern AKA your next snowman’s nose. Whether it’s left out for Santa’s reindeer or stuffed into a powdery face as a snowman’s nose, carrots are fabulously festive. This crochet carrot is Christmas crafting at its finest and is the ideal winter evening project. It’s a great stash buster because of its size and we think it would make the sweetest addition to a Christmas Eve Box for little ones to discover. Crochet yours up and leave it out for Santa, attach it to your seasonal snowman for a cute carrot nose or hide it in the kid’s toy box for an orange treat.

Once you’ve mastered this crochet carrot pattern head over to our crochet Christmas heart tutorial and crochet star garland. If you want a more challenging project then hook up our free amigurumi crochet snowman pattern which has its own little carrot noses!

Free crochet carrot pattern

This delicious crochet carrot forms part of the yarn-based ‘Santa Kit’ (including a bottle and a mince pie), featured in the Mollie Makes Christmas book. For more Christmassy crochet check out our free crochet patterns and our crochet for beginners guide.

You will need:

• 3.5mm (US E4) crochet hook

• 1 x 100g ball of Sirdar in Clementine 541(H)

• 1 x 25g ball of Sirdar DK in Emerald 916 (E)

• Polyester toy stuffing

• Sewing needle


  • beg = beginning
  • ch = chain
  • ch sp = chain space
  • cont = continue.
  • Dc = double crochet
  • dc2tog = double crochet two stitches together (decrease by one stitch) insert hook into the first st, yarn around hook and pull it through this stitch (2 loops on hook). Insert the hook into the second st, yarn round hook and pull it through this stitch (3 loops on hook). Yarn round hook and pull through all 3 loops on hook.
  • Rep = repeat
  • ss = slip stitch
  • st (s) = stitch (es).

Please note: UK crochet terms used. Click to find our crochet conversion chart, perfect for all you American crocheters!

Free crochet carrot pattern


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Toy stuffing

Total time:

Step 1

Free crochet carrot pattern step 1

With 3.5mm hook and yarn H, ch6 and ss to join into a ring. Round 1: Ch1, 8dc into the ring, ss to the ch at beg of round to join. Round 2: Ch1, 2dc in each dc of previous round, ss to ch at beg of round to join. 16 sts. Continue working 1dc in each st in a spiral, without closing off each round with a ss, as follows:

Ch1, 48dc (three rounds on these 16 sts).

Dc2tog, 29dc, (counts as two rounds of 15 sts where the dc2tog is 1 st).

Dc2tog, 27dc, (counts as two rounds of 14 sts where the dc2tog is 1 st).

Dc2tog, 25dc, (counts as two rounds of 13 sts where the dc2tog is 1 st).

Cont in this fashion until you have worked:

Dc2tog, 17dc.

Skip 1 st, 8dc.

Skip 1 st, 7dc.

Skip 1 st, 6dc.

Skip 1 st, 5dc.

Skip 1 st, dc2tog, break yarn and fasten off leaving long end and use to sew up end of carrot.

Step 2

Free crochet carrot pattern step 2

Stuff with toy stuffing using the blunt end of the crochet hook to poke stuffing through the hole.

Step 3

Free crochet carrot pattern step 3

Weave in all the loose ends. Wind yarn E five or six times around two fingers and then pull these loops off the fingers, holding them together at one end. Use the working end of your yarn to bind these loops together tightly at one end by winding it round several times. Hold this in position and cut the working end of the yarn, leaving about 20cm (8in) to use for sewing.

Thread this end with a needle and sew a couple of stitches through the binding of the loops to secure them. Place the bound end of the loops inside the hole at the top of the stuffed carrot so that the binding is hidden. Sew around the base of the stalk with the tail end of yarn to attach it to the inside of the hole at the top of the carrot. Fasten off. Cut through the loops of the stalk to make individual strands of yarn.


We hope you’ve enjoyed making Cara Medus crochet carrot. Whip up a whole bunch using Cara’s free crochet carrot pattern and use them a Christmas, Easter and for little ‘uns to play greengrocers with!

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