How to crochet a slip stitch

Learn how to crochet a slip stitch - It’s really easy to learn and you will use it loads!

How to slip stitch crochet

The crochet slip stitch is a special stitch all on its own! It’s most commonly used for joining rounds, as well as being essential for many lacy and intricate stitch patterns. It doesn’t have a height like most stitches, but as well as being used for crochet joins it can also be used for decorative effects (like in surface crochet) and even to create clever shaping in projects such as garments. Whatever you are using it for, slip stitches are always made in the same way – it’s a nice simple stitch that you’ll master in no time!

If you already know how to double crochet (US single crochet), then you’ll have no problem with making a slip stitch – it’s essentially a simpler version! You will normally see slip stitches abbreviated to ‘ss’ – although you may also come across it being referred to as ‘sl st’.

Learn how to crochet slip stitch by checking out our handy video below, or keep reading for our step-by-step picture guide! If you’re completely new to crochet, you may want to learn how to crochet chain stitch first so that you can follow this tutorial, or alternatively check out our guide to crochet for beginners.


You Will Need

  • Any yarn
  • Crochet hook

Step 1

Insert your hook into your desired stitch…

In this example, we’ll show you how to make a slip stitch to make a foundation ring (you can find out more about these in our how to crochet in the round tutorial), which starts with 6 chains, then a ss is made in the first chain to join it into a ring. However, whatever stitch you are making a slip stitch into, it’s all done the same way.

How to slip stitch crochet - step 1


Step 2

…then wrap your yarn around the hook, and pull that loop through both the stitch (in this case the chain) AND the loop on your hook.

How to slip stitch crochet step 2

With a bit of practice you’ll be able to pull your yarn round hook through all the loops in one swift movement. But if you get caught or struggle to bring your hook through your stitch, some people prefer to make their slip stitches in a 2-stage approach, where you wrap yarn around hook and pull through the stitch, then pull that same loop through the loop on your hook. Just remember that you only need to wrap your yarn around hook once with a crochet slip stitch – don’t wrap again once you’ve brought your hook through the stitch (as then you’l be making a double crochet stitch).

How to slip stitch crochet step 2 alternative

Step 3

And that’s all there is to it, now you know how to slip stitch crochet, and in this example you can see that we’ve joined those 6 chains into a ring thanks to the crochet slip stitch!

How to crochet slip stitch 3

If you want to practice your slip stitches to get them perfect, you can also work this stitch into each stitch along a row to form a neat edging. Slip stitches are not only used for joining rounds or stitches in a single piece of crochet, but can also be used to join multiple pieces of crochet together. You simply hold your pieces together, insert your hook through both pieces of crochet like in the example below…

How to slip stitch crochet joins 1

… and then complete your crochet slip stitch as usual, and repeat in each stitch across.

How to slip stitch crochet joins 2

It’s a super quick and easy way of joining crochet shapes, especially with motifs such as granny squares. If you would like to more about this technique (as well as others), then make sure to check out our how to join crochet shapes together tutorial.

How to slip stitch crochet joins 3
We hope you’ve enjoyed this how to crochet slip stitch tutorial, and remember you can find all of our tutorials on our how to crochet page, as well as checking out the rest of our free crochet patterns.