Free Embellished Crochet Sandals Pattern

Neon brights and pompoms – who could resist these crochet sandals designed by Sara Huntington.


Fancy giving that old pair of sandals a new lease of life? With just a few clever tricks and some overlapping crochet chains you can transform some old footwear into some fab embellished crochet sandals – perfect for the festival season!


You will need

  • Knit Picks Mighty Stitch, (20% superwash wool, 80% acrylic, 190m/100g) or alternative Aran yarn, 1 ball of each:
  • Yarn A Pomegranate (26834)
  • Yarn B Pucker (26809)
  • Yarn C Orange (26817)
  • Yarn D Alfalfa (26814)
  • Yarn E Canary (26810)
  • Yarn F Gulfstream (26827)
  • A 1.5mm (US 8 steel) hook
  • A 3.5mm (US E/4) hook
  • A pair of sandals with plastic or leather upper foot straps of approx 4cm (1½in) in width across the foot
  • Leather punch pliers
  • 50cm (20in) bobble trimming


You can find a full list of all abbreviations we use in our abbreviations and conversions guide. This pattern is written in UK terminology but you can easily convert it to US terms using this handy chart.

Simply Crochet UK-to-US conversion chart
crochet embellishment patterns free sandals


When you have decided which upper straps on the sandals you wish to decorate, use a leather punch to make holes on one of the smaller settings at 1cm (½in) intervals on each edge of the strap approx 0.5cm (1/4in) from the edge. Add 6 holes close tog into each side of the ankle straps at the front using the image as a guide.

First Colour

With Yarn B and using the 1.5mm hook (or the largest hook which fits through the punched hole), pull yarn through the first hole on one side of the upper strap, change to 3.5mm hook and secure with a ss. Ch5, skip the hole on the other edge of the strap that is directly opposite the one just worked and dc in the adjacent hole, swapping to the smaller hook to secure the yarn through the hole if required. Using the 3.5mm hook, ch5, skip one hole on the opposite side and dc in the adjacent hole, swapping to the smaller hook to secure the yarn through the hole if required. Cont until you have worked all alternate holes on both sides of the strap. Fasten off.

Second Colour

Attach Yarn F to the first unused hole on one edge of the strap, work as for first colour into all available alternate holes. Fasten off. If the upper straps on your sandals are not 4cm (1½in) you can adapt the pattern by increasing or decreasing the number of chains worked as required.

Front Ankle Strap

Secure the first of your colours into the lowest hole and work a chain that is long enough to cross the front of your ankle. Secure into the lowest hole on the opposite side.

Using each of the other 5 colours work dc rows across, securing every row into holes on each side of the ankle strap.


To Finish

Embellish your sandal straps by adding a trimming of your choice sewn in position to underside of the strap.