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How to crochet a flower

Here's a new skill to learn: how to crochet a flower! Follow our easy beginners crochet flower pattern to hook up a garden full of blooms

How to crochet a flower

We love making crochet flowers, and there’s so many different types of flowers you can hook up. This 6 petal layered flower by Carmen Heffernan would make a brilliant first flower pattern as it shows you how to make a simple flower in the first 2 rounds, before moving on to making chain-loops so that you can layer your petals for super-pretty blooms!

People can find it a bit tricky when first attempting to make layered petals, so we’ve also made you this handy ‘how to crochet a flower’ video that guides you through the whole process!

Your crochet flower pattern

You will need

Any DK cotton in 4 colours – we’d recommend Sirdar Happy Cotton DK yarn (20g/43m)

A 3.5mm crochet hook


Tension is not important for this project


You can find a full list of all abbreviations we use in our abbreviations and conversions guide. This how to make a flower crochet tutorial is written in UK terminology but you can easily convert it to US terms using the guide.


For a simple small flower, you can just follow rounds 1 and 2 of the pattern below and then fasten off.

From Round 3 onwards, odd rows are worked on the back of the flower to make chain-loop spaces, and even rows create the petals which are worked into the chain-loop spaces.

Don’t forget, if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.

How to crochet a flower with layered petals


You Will Need

  • Yarn (Cotton DK yarn in 4 colours)
  • Crochet hook (3.5mm (UK9/US E4) crochet hook)
  • Tapestry needle

How to crochet a flower

Step 1

Round 1 Ch3 (counts as a tr), 11 tr into third ch from hook, ss into top of beginning ch3 to join [12tr]

Step 2

Round 2 Join second colour into top of any stitch from last round with a ss (this will count as your first ss of this round), *(ss, ch2, tr) into st, (tr, ch2, ss) into next st; Repeat from * 6 times, ss in same st as starting ss to join.

Fasten off.

Step 3

Round 3 Using third colour and working into the wrong side of your work, ss into stitch between petals (this will be a stitch from round 1, hook 2 loops to create a stable base to work from – see picture below), *ch4, ss in stitch between next petal; Repeat from * 5 times. ch4, ss in same place as first ss to join. [6 x 4ch-loop spaces made]

How to crochet a flower tutorial

Step 4

Round 4 (Ss, ch2, 3tr, ch2, ss) in each of the 4ch-loop spaces around. Fasten off.

How to crochet a flower guide

Step 5

Round 5 With fourth colour and working into wrong side of work, ss into stitch between petals, (ch5, ss in stitch between petals) 5 times, ch5, ss in same st as first ss of round to join. [6 x 5ch-loop spaces]

How to crochet a flower step by step

Step 6

Round 6 (ss, ch2, 4tr, ch2, ss) into each 5ch-loop around. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

How to crochet a large flower

Make flowers that will never die!

This beautiful crochet flower pattern can be turned into so many different things. Turn this layered crochet flower into a brooch, attach it to your bag or make it into a hair clip!

Grab your yarn and make yourself a bouquet of flowers that will never die.

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