Shaggy Bag Fringe tutorial

Ombré fringing helps to make this pretty retro purse totally on-trend!


We love our shaggy bag from our fringed summer accessories from issue 87 of Simply Crochet. But if you’re finding the fringe a little tricky, Martine de Regt has kindly provided a step by step walkthrough for adding the fringe.


Step 1: Cut two lengths of yarn and fold in half.


Step 2: Use a hook to pull the folded end through loop on stitch indicated


Step 3: Take the 4 ends and thread through the folded loop, pull tight to secure fringe.



Cut a piece of fabric app. 24cm x 30 cm.
Fold your fabric inside out and sew the sides together (1cm hem)
When you have put the lining into the crochet bag attach the lining to the bag with little hand sewn stitches (attach from the row where your fringes start) (see picture)



Use the colour ​Milk​ (400) for the tassel.
Wrap your yarn around a piece of cardboard (or a book) of 15 cm
Wrap your yarn approximately 80 times around.
Cut your yarn on one end and attach a piece of yarn around the middle of the top of your bundle of yarn;
Attach another piece of yarn around the tassel 2 cm from the top down.
Attach your tassel to the bag.


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