Whether you are dipping your toe into the world of loom knitting for the first time or have been loom knitting for years, you'll love our selection of brilliant loom knitting patterns.


We've selected loom knitting patterns that are clear and concise, many of which include video guides to help you skill up and master different loom and stitches. Read on to find out more about knitting looms, or go straight to the loom knitting patterns.

What is a knitting loom?

There are two main types of knitting loom - round knitting looms and flat knitting looms. While flat looms are often used for making flat fabrics, and round looms are used for creating tubes and circular knits - both types of looms can actually be used for both purposes.

Loom knitting essentially creates the same sort of fabric as regular knitting, just without the need for needles. Many people actually find this easier than regular knitting, and it's particularly well-suited to people that struggle with wrist or hand strain from regular knitting.

These types of peg looms come in a range of different sizes (and even some extra shapes too), but we'd recommend choosing knitting looms that have adjustable or removable pegs. This means that you can adjust the distance between the pegs to suit your yarn needs, i.e. more space between for chunkier yarns and less for thinner yarns.

3 knitting looms to buy today

If you're looking to try your hand at loom knitting and want to get stuck in, here's three knitting looms to check out.

Set of 4 round knitting looms

circular knitting loom set

This set of four round knitting looms features removable pegs, meaning you can use it with chunkier yarns too. It comes in sizes ranging from the smallest 14cm diameter round knitting loom with 24 pegs, up to the largest 29cm diameter round knitting loom with 41 pegs.

More like this

Set of 4 flat long knitting looms

flat knitting loom set

If you prefer the flat style over round knitting looms, this set of four long flat looms are a great choice. They come in four sizes, going from the smallest 26cm knitting loom with 26 pegs, up to the largest 58cm loom with 61 pegs. This set also comes with a load of extra pegs which you can click into the extra holes on your looms, meaning you can double up the amount of pegs on each loom to use with finer yarns.

Flexee loom

Can't decide between flat or round knitting looms? Well why not have the best of both and enjoy even more flexibility with your knitting loom with this clever FlexeeLoom. The links click together meaning you can make your own custom knitting loom to any size or shape you require. It's also available in different sizes to accommodate different yarn thicknesses.

25 top loom knitting patterns

We've rounded up some of our favourite loom knitting patterns, including plenty of free loom knitting patterns. Make sure to read all patterns thoroughly before starting to ensure you're using the recommended type of knitting loom and yarn.

For classic knitting, check out out our knitting kits article, or keep things needle free with our how to do finger knitting and how to French knit tutorials

Loom knitting drawstring bag pattern

Loom knitting sack bag pattern

This fabulous drawstring bag loom knitting pattern is a great way of enjoying adding some colour into your life, as well as being a practical project for both kids and adults. The pattern is also presented as a complete video tutorial, so it's perfect for beginners (plus you can also find the tutorial in Spanish too)

Pet bandana loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting pattern PDF 17

It's no secret that we love a pet bandana here at Gathered – have you stitched our embroidered pet bandana pattern yet?

This sweet and loom knitting pattern from Good Knits, modelled here by Ranger the dog, is completely free! The free loom knitting pattern comes in three sizes, but you can always up or downscale for different sized pups beyond these ranges with lower or higher gauge looms. There are some great ides for personalising the bandanas, too.

Boulder beanie loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf 1

This loom knitting pattern is a great one to help you get to grips with your knitting loom and skill up with a few different stitch patterns. You'll need a 3/8” gauge round loom to make this fabulous beanie hat, and you'll be working a transverse herringbone stitch pattern – perfect for upping your skill set.

Twisted garter sweater loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf

This is a brilliant beginner loom knitting pattern, using super chunky yarn that will knit up quickly.

The sweater is knitted in four different sections and made up with a simple crochet join. You'll need a sectioned loom that works with a chunky yarn for this one.

Scarf loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf 3

If you are a visual learner, this is the loom knitting pattern for you, as when you buy the loom knitting pattern PDF you get access to a matching video tutorial too.

You'll need an extra large peg loom for this one, working two different variations of the knit stitch and mock mesh stitch

Chubby cable beanie loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf

If you struggle with hand dexterity on needles, cable patterns can be a nightmare, but this loom knitting pattern lets you create the look of cables with none of the drama of balancing a cable needle.

You'll need a large gauge circular loom for this one with at least 48 pegs for an adult size or at least 40 pegs for a child sized version.

Legwarmer loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf

This loom knitting pattern has jumped straight to the top of our must-make list – look at these brilliant leg warmers!

There's a handy stirrup strap securing below the foot for added at-home cosiness, but keeping floor contact for our outdoor yoga sessions. You'll need a circular loom, with instructions written for a 36 peg loom, but options for other peg counts too if you need them.

Hair scrunchie loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf

The big hair of the 80s and 90s required big hair accessories, and this brilliant loom knitting pattern would have been right at home in those decades, but is also bang on trend for today too!

This is a great beginner loom knitting pattern using a basic small circular loom and hook. Buying this loom knitting pattern PDF gives you access to the accompanying video tutorial, too.

Fingerless gloves loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf 7

More than just a loom knitting pattern, this is actually a complete step-by-step photo tutorial teaching the basics of knitting on a circular loom and creating a par of chunky fingerless mitts in the process! And best of all, it is completely free too – thank you Ems Fibre Arts.

Island cape loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns pdf 8

We just love the easy-to-follow instructions for this lovely loom knitting pattern. You'll need a 3/4 inch large gauge flat knit loom with around 32 pegs. Though it looks impressive, this is an easy loom knitting pattern for a beginner to try.

Romeo slippers loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 9

Did somebody say free loom knitting patterns? Hang on, was it us? Well, combine a free loom knitting pattern PDF with one of our very favourite things to knit – slippers! – and you get these brilliant button up Romeos from the Knitting Board website.

Foot pouffe loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 10

Speaking of keeping feet comfortable, have you considered crafting a foot stool? They're great when you literally want to put your feet up, and crafting your own lets you choose a nice hardwearing yarn that will still feel nice on your tootsies.

Not one for beginners, this free loom knitting pattern uses interlocking Zippy loom pegs, or a total of 20 very chunky pegs to complete the project in three different sections. There are helpful videos to guide you through the different stitches though!

Scrubbies free loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 12

Gathered's free crochet makeup remover pads pattern is always a popular project, and here's a similar option for the loom knitters too!

Download the free loom knitting pattern to make use of your circular loom for similar scrap yarn eco upcycling. The texture on these scrubbies make them great for removing make up, taking off nail varnish or even doing the dishes! Then wash and reuse time and time again.

Forest walk leg warmers loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 12

As well as our imaginary yoga sessions we are also going to need specific leg warmers for our regular walks in the forest, right? Actually it will be more likely snuggling up with Strictly for us, but having the right accessories is also key to most things in life, so hook on this loom knitting pattern and have cosy legs for every occasion.

Teddy bear loom knitting pattern

free knitting patterns PDF 13

Did you know that you could use knitting looms to work cuddly toys? Well, if you have the right loom knitting patterns you can!

We like this sweet and simple loom knitting pattern from LoomaHat which lets you knit up the basic bear, and then customise each one with different accessories and embellishments. Great for beginners, ideal for gifting, you'll love the accompanying video tutorial, too.

Halloween hat loom knitting pattern, loom and yarn set

ree loom knitting pattern PDF 13

Here is a loom knitting pattern with a difference – because it is a loom knitting kit! We love this Halloween treat pack which comes with loom, yarn, pattern and video tutorial teaching you how to loom knit a black and orange stripy hat, perfect for Halloween.

Though not specifically for kids, the video tutorial means that kids could learn the basic of loom knitting with this kit – plus there is enough yarn to make 2 child-sized hats, so different family members can have a go with it. If your child likes knitting, check out our finger knitting for kids tutorial, too.

Clog slipper loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 14

Here's another loom knitting pattern that is quick to knit and great for gifting – the clog slipper loom knitting pattern from Dayna Scoles Designs!

Worked on a small 24 peg loom in bulky yarn, it should only take a couple of hours for each slipper, and you can finish in different yarns for speedy gifts for both sexes.

Afghan loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 15

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a crochet pattern – that is if you are not too distracted by the snoozing cat to notice the textile at all! But in fact this flower garden afghan is the most crochet-like project in our loom knitting patterns round up!

Worked on a 118 peg flat knit 1/2 inch gauge loom in super chunky yarn, it will knit up very quickly once you get to grips with the cool wavey feather and fan stitches.

Fair Isle hats loom knitting patterns

free loom knitting patterns PDF 16

Hard to believe that you can work Fair Isle designs on a loom – but thanks to This Moment Is Good's collection of Fair Isle loom knitting patterns you can!

The collections contains 6 loom knitting patterns for the different styles of hat, all of which can be create using a 3/8 inch peg spacing round loom. You get accompanying video tutorials too, to help you master the stitches needed for these eye-catching loom knitting patterns.

Winter sweater loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 17

This is perhaps our favourite larger garment in our selection of loom knitting patterns. Big projects seem to be more sparse, but we do love the chunky two tone finish of this winter sweater loom knitting pattern.

It's a bottom up loom knitting patterns worked in sections on a XL gauge round loom. The loom knitting pattern comes with a video tutorial too.

Tilt -A-Whirl socks free loom knitting pattern


If you're looking for the perfect project to really show off your loom knitting skills and impress your friends with, prepare to blow their minds with these incredible tilt-a -whirl socks!

They use multi-coloured yarn to show off the stunning stitch pattern, and as much as they look complicated, they're actually surprisingly simple.

Circle bag loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 18

Here's a great idea which we wish we'd thought of first – use a circular loom to create a sophisticated shoulder bag.

This circle beach bag/tote loom knitting pattern is worked in pieces and then stitched together, and you can work the pattern on any gauge of loom – you'll just end up with different sizes of bag on smaller gauge looms, or larger bags on larger gauge looms!

Pineapple hat loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 18

We've seen many a strawberry hat, but this is the first time we have encountered a pineapple hat – and best of all it is a loom knitting pattern to boot.

Worked on a 40 peg round loom, the pineapple texture is created using a mix of diamond brocade and reduced bobbles to brilliant effect. Unisex, tropical and cosy all at the same time.

Retreat cowl loom knitting patterns

free loom knitting patterns PDF 19

Well, hello beautiful! This cowl is simply stunning, and best of all this one is a free loom knitting pattern available with brilliant video guides and different size and gauge options on the Good Knit Kisses website (you can also buy a printable pdf on Etsy if you prefer).

This loom knitting pattern features stunning Indian cross stitch and seagrass stitch, which, once you've mastered, you'll want to use again and again.

Fair Isle winter beanie loom knitting pattern

free loom knitting patterns PDF 21

Here's a lovely loom knitting pattern with a photo showing off the different looks you can create using a variegated yarn or a solid colour yarn – both brilliant, but very different, despite being created using exactly the same loom knitting pattern.

This Fair Isle winter beanie is worked brim up on a round loom with options for both small and medium gauges. You'll get a nice slouchy finish and a very cosy head with this loom knitting pattern!

Everyone can enjoy loom knitting

The beauty of knitting looms is that it doesn't matter whether you're a hugely experienced knitter or a complete beginner, everyone can enjoy it. Most knitting looms will come with instructions, but there is a huge array of tutorials and videos available online to help you master this tool.

In fact, loom knitting is a great craft to try with your kids too. The large pegs and structured approach make it easier for little ones to see and understand, plus their small fingers will find a knitting loom a lot easier to use than a pair of knitting needles.


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Get kids started with the basics of weaving yarn by showing them our tutorial video for jellyfish woven bracelets. Find it in our how to make friendship bracelets tutorial on Gathered.

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