In our minds, mohair yarn had its heyday in the 70s. Big shaggy jumpers, hats and gilets with a furry chunky mohair yarn finish to add bulk, warmth and classic 70s chic. But the appeal of this furry fibre has never gone away. Nowadays, it may be more common in super lightweight, floaty yarns for lace knitting or delicate crochet hand warmers. But its timeless style has never gone away. Despite its popularity, its main characteristic is often missed. Did you know that mohair actually comes from goats?


What is mohair yarn made of?

Yes, mohair yarn is made from goat hair. The Angora goat is shaved to remove its hair before it is cleaned and carded to be spun into mohair yarn. It is a bit of a confusing name, because angora wool is actually made from rabbits. But the angora goat is shaved to make mohair yarn. Typically goats are shaved twice a year. Baby goat hair is the thinest and softest. This makes it the most highly prized and commonly used in luxury mohair yarns. As the goat ages, the hairs become thicker and less delicate. But mohair is still considered to be much softer than sheep wool. The fibres are stronger than those in sheep's wool, too. This is what makes mohair so popular in fine lace-weight yarns. Spun into a fine yarn, you get much stronger tensile strength than you would with a sheep's wool at that thickness.

Where to buy mohair yarn

You will be able to buy mohair yarn in any local craft stores where wool and yarn is sold. As lace knitting become more and more popular, all but the very smallest or most specialist craft stores will be stocking a mohair yarn or two. Take a look in your local store, or find a new place to visit in person with our best wool shops near me roundup. If you want to buy mohair yarn online, here are 10 of our favourite mohair yarns to try, along with links to purchase them online.

1. Kidsilk Haze mohair yarn from Rowan

a ball of moss green mohair yarn with a white ball band

Living up to its name, Kidsilk mohair yarn has a subtle haze of fibres surrounding it when knitted up – resulting in a wonderfully soft fabric that’s a real joy to wear. It has a fine core, creating a fabric with flowing drape. On larger needles, it’s ideal for lacework – for a denser fabric, cast on with a smaller size. Just two balls give you a fab scarf! Out of the 33 shades (six are new for this season), we can’t pick a favourite but we have fallen for Jelly (above). This lace weight mohair yarn is 70% mohair and 30% silk. Hand wash and dry flat.

2. Nell mohair yarn from Debbie Bliss

chunky mohair yarn in olive green with a black ball band

Buy the chunky mohair yarn from Lovecrafts

Do you ever feel like luxurious mohair mixes catch your yarn yearnings unawares? We certainly go weak at the knees for a plush, warm-looking fluffy yarn when we’re least expecting it! Take a look at new Debbie Bliss Nell, a chunky 78% mohair yarn and 13% Merino wool blend that’s packed with wispiness! The remaining 9% polyamide adds strength and stability to these luxury fibres, main it more stable and safer to wash – though and washing is still recommended. Not only does it come with that irresistible stroke- ability, but it’s gorgeously warm to wear during the winter months too. Nell comes in a range of jewel-like shades and neutrals, from the vibrant Willow above to rich Ruby and deep Midnight. The joy of working with this chunky mohair yarn on 6mm needles is that you’ll have whipped up a fabulous project in no time!

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3. Super kid mohair loves silk from Rico

Ball off blue mohair yarn with a while ball band

Knit light and airy accessories with this silky mohair yarn blend. The suggested 4.5mm needles create a delicate, open fabric, ideal for breezy shawls and wraps. Cast on in a mix of pastel pinks, rich reds and oranges, or soft greys and blues. There are 18 stunning choices in total and you can work a project entirely in this yarn, or pair it with another of Rico’s range to create a unique texture. Choose from a selection of scarves, wraps, cardigans and tops to make the most of this fluffy yarn – keeping your tension loose to show off the fuzzy fibres. Hand wash and dry flat.

4. Sultano mohair yarn by Rowan

a twisted skein of pale pink mohair yarn with a white ball band

Buy the chunky Mohair yarn from Etsy

Sultano has all the oomph of a chunky mohair yarn with all the delicate grace of a 4ply. Though technically this is a chunky mohair yarn that you would want to use with 6mm needles. Sultano is an absolute treat for your hands and your needles. Its intricate chainette construction creates an airy feel with a softness unique to its 38% silk/38 % Mohair/24 % cashmere fibre combination. That fibre combo is also why knitted fabrics have a delicate sheen to them. Sultano comes in four soft shades: Whisper (above), Glacier Noir, and Prune Purple.

5. Air mohair yarn by Wendy

a ball of red mohair yarn with a white ball band and purple writing

Buy the mohair yarn from Etsy

Soft and fluffy come to mind when you pick up a ball of Wendy Air mohair yarn. As with most mohairs, its fabric has luxurious drape – ideal for garments and floaty accessories. This lace weight yarn works well for both knitted and crocheted accessories. It is 70% kid mohair and 30% nylon. Air knits up quickly on 5mm needles, with light and open stitches. Hand wash Air only and dry it flat.

6. Gigi mohair yarn by Conway & Bliss

a ball of pale blue mohair yarn with a black ball band

Buy the Mohair yarn on ebay

Looking for a chunky mohair yarn with a bit of a pedigree? Say hello to Conway+Bliss’ charming mohair mix – where lightweight fibres get the supersize treatment. This blend is 57% mohair, 28% wool and 15% acrylic Gigi knits up quickly on chunky 6mm needles, creating a dense fabric that is soft to the touch and warm to wear. Take your pick from 12 rich shades, including Baby Blue (above) and Strawberry Laces. Cast on with larger needles to create a lace look and help Gigi last by hand washing only.

7. Hush mohair yarn by Sirdar

a ball of deep blue mohair yarn with a sparkling thread running through it

If you’re on the hunt for a glamorous touch to your mohair yarn, then look no further! Constructed of three tight plies, this fine lace weight yarn would be ideal for light accessories with a bit of sparkle. It is 44% acrylic, 27% mohair, 22% nylon and 7% polyester The man-made fibres coil around the mohair for a slightly reduced halo. All six of the shades available are beautifully variegated, with subtle gradations of colour for a rich overall finish. This versatile yarn is great for garments as well as accessories with a good range of patterns to choose from. A hard-wearing option, this yarn is machine washable at 40C, but must be dried flat.

8. Angel mohair yarn by Debbie Bliss

a ball of hit prink mohair yarn with a white bal; band

Angel mohair yarn is a fluffy cloud made of 76% mohair and 24% silk. It's super luxurious and soft and fluffy, while the silk adds strength to the silky fibres that makes it surprisingly sturdy too. This lace weight yarn has a lot of fluffy fibres making it warm and comforting to wear, while garments made with it are super breathable because of the pure natural fibres in the blend. Ideal for boleros, shawls, lace jumpers and ponchos, we love the wide range of shades in this yarn, too. Hot pink, anyone?

9. Kid silk mohair yarn from Drops

$ balls of mohair yarn in sales of blue are piled up on a white background

Buy the mohair yarn from Etsy

It may be called kid silk, but I think this yarn is too special for your kids! Use it for projects for you instead. The kid in the name here is actually a baby goat. Only they very softest mohair fibres are included from angora kids for a super soft yarn. It is 75% mohair and 25% silk, spun together in a feather-light lace yarn. With a choice of more than 40 colours in the range, the bulk are solid colours with just a few long print variegated yarns with subtle shade changes.

10. Furiosa mohair yarn from Schachenmayr Select

A very fluffy ball of get mohair yarn with a grey ball band

Buy the mohair yarn from Etsy

We love how different Furiosa is from all the other mohair yarns in this round up. Typically mohair yarns are lightweight, often lace weight, infact! They are designed for etherial floaty garments and accessories. There is nothing lightweight about Furiosa mohair yarn. It is actually a super-chunky weight fur yarn. It is 35% mohair, 35% wool and 30% polyamide
. Soft and cosy, Furiosa is a wildly fluffy yarn with an oh-so fuzzy mohair content. The natural fibres provide a more organic look. This yarn creates a thick, shaggy, realistic fur in your creations. It would be fantastic for a luxurious rug for your bedroom or a cosy jumper or cardi. There are four fabulous animal-themed colours to choose from – Chinchilla, Panther, Sable and Polar Bear. Limited edition, this yarn is older now so quantities will be scarce. If you want this mohair yarn, snap it up while you can!

What to make with mohair yarn?

The things you can make with mohair yarn depend on the type of mohair yarn you have. You can make almost any knitted or crochet item with mohair yarn - from delicate lace to shaggy chunky mohair yarn pieces. Here are some projects we love that use mohair yarn.

Mohair yarn lace scarf

a purple lace scarf modelled by a ;lady with brown hair in a blue coat

This lovely lace scarf uses mohair yarn, and we have the pattern for you right here! Click to find the mohair scarf knitting pattern, free for you on Gathered.

Mohair yarn egg cosy

Four mini egg cosies made in different colours of mohair yarn sit on top of 4 boiled eggs in egg cups like they are little bobble hats

Cosy mohair is perfect for hats for humans - and for eggs! This cute mohair yarn egg cosy will keep your boiled egg from getting cold while you are buttering your soldiers. Find the how too make a crochet egg cosy tutorial.

Mohair yarn tablet cover

a tablet cover knitted in mohair yarn with bulky cable pattern and a wooden toggle sits on a pale wooden table

Let the soft and strong nature of mohair yarn protect your tech with this brilliant pattern to stop your tablet getting bashed up. Find the DIY tablet cover knitting pattern.

Mohair yarn cable sock knitting pattern

a pair of cable socks knitted in mohair yarn with big twisted bales in a purple variegated colour

Treat your toes to a mohair mix cable sock! Warm, hardwearing and non stinky, mohair makes a great sock yarn choice too. Find the free cable sock knitting pattern.


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