How to knit a chevron cushion

Settle down and get comfy with Leanne Garrity’s chevron cushion tutorial!

How to knit a chevron textured cushion

It’s a little chilly out there, so we asked Leanne to knit us up an intarsia chevron cushion pattern. It’s a great way of practising the intarsia method without too much fuss, as the shapes are so simple. While the intarsia method does take a little more practice Leanne’s chevron cushions are still beginner-friendly. We have a knitting for beginners guide to help you master the technique as well as teaching you basics like how to cast on knitting and how to cable knit. Once you’ve master Leanne’s pattern you’ll be able to make chevron cushions for all your pals and family members. 

We love that Leanne’s neon shapes really pop against the slate grey, giving an easy interiors update. Knit your chevron cushions in colours that match your decor and place them around the house for a cosy knitted vibe. These cushions will look great anywhere and we mean anywhere. Sofas, window seats, beds or even dining room chairs. Now just add a chunky knit blanket, a cuppa and your Netflix login for supreme autumn lazing.

How to knit a chevron textured cushion

You’ll need

  • Patons Fab Big, 100% Acrylic, 200g/120m per ball, or similar super bulky yarn. Two balls in Grey (2353), one ball each in Neon Orange (8279), Strawberry (2340), Frost (2349) and Delphinium (2350) (only about 20g are needed of each of these yarns)
  • 10mm knitting needles
  • Tapestry needle or crochet hook
  • Cushion pad approx. 40cm (15 ¾”) square

Finished size

Approx. 40cm (15 ¾”) square

Abbreviations (UK)

st(s) stitch(es)

k knit

p purl

rep repeat

rs right side

ws wrong side

Head to our knitting abbreviations chart and yarn weight conversion chart for more help. 


Approx 8 sts and 12 rows to 10cm (4″) over stocking stitch


The front of the cushion is knitted using the intarsia method. Be careful with your tension when changing colours and make sure you twist your yarn strands. You may find it easier to ball up short amounts of the coloured yarns (say about 20g) and use these to work with rather than large ones.

The back of the cushion is knitted in halves. Then the pieces are sewn together with the back overlapping to form an envelope for the cushion pad.

How to knit a chevron cushion


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Cushion pad

Total time:

Chevron cushion: front

Step 1

How to knit a chevron textured cushion step 1

Using Grey yarn, cast on 31 sts.

Row 1 (WS) p

Row 2 k15 Grey, k1 Delphinium, attach new ball of Grey yarn and k15 Grey

Row 3 and all subsequent odd rows p, matching colours to previous row

Row 4 k14 Grey, k3 Delphinium, k14 Grey

Row 6 k13 Grey, k5 Delphinium, k13 Grey

Row 8 k12 Grey, k7 Delphinium, k12 Grey

Step 2

How to knit a chevron textured cushion step 2

Row 10 k11 Grey, k4 Delphinium, k1 Orange, k4 Delphinium, k11 Grey

Row 12 k10 Grey, k4 Delphinium, k3 Orange, k4 Delphinium, k10 Grey

Row 14 k10 Grey, k3 Delphinium, k5 Orange, k3 Delphinium, k10 Grey

Row 16 k10 Grey, k2 Delphinium, k7 Orange, k2 Delphinium, k10 Grey

Row 18 k10 Grey, k1 Delphinium, k4 Orange, k1 Frost, k4 Orange, k1 Delphinium, k10 Grey

Step 3

How to knit a chevron textured cushion step 3

Row 20 k10 Grey, k4 Orange, k3 Frost, k4 Orange, k10 Grey. Break off Delphinium yarn, leaving tail

Row 22 k10 Grey, k3 Orange, k5 Frost, k3 Orange, k10 Grey

Row 24 k10 Grey, k2 Orange, k7 Frost, k2 Orange, k10 Grey

Step 4

How to knit a chevron textured cushion step 4

Row 26 k10 Grey, k1 Orange, k4 Frost, k1 Strawberry, k4 Frost, k1 Orange, k10 Grey

Row 28 k10 Grey, k4 Frost, k3 Strawberry, k4 Frost, k10 Grey. Break off Orange yarn, leaving tail

Row 30 k10 Grey, k3 Frost, k5 Strawberry, k3 Frost, k10 Grey

Step 5

How to knit a chevron textured cushion step 5

Row 32 k10 Grey, k2 Frost, k7 Strawberry, k2 Frost, k10 Grey

Row 34 k10 Grey, k1 Frost, k4 Strawberry, k1 Grey, k4 Strawberry, k1 Frost, k10 Grey

Row 36 k10 Grey, k4 Strawberry, k3 Grey, k4 Strawberry, k10 Grey. Break off Frost yarn, leaving tail

Row 38 k10 Grey, k3 Strawberry, k5 Grey, k3 Strawberry, k10 Grey

Row 40 k10 Grey, k2 Strawberry, k7 Grey, k2 Strawberry, k10 Grey

Row 42 k10 Grey, k1 Strawberry, k9 Grey, k1 Strawberry, k10 Grey

Row 44 k all sts in Grey.

Cast off purlwise. Fasten off leaving long tail of grey yarn. Weave and trim all other yarn ends.

Chevron cushion: back

Step 1

Using Grey yarn, cast on 30 sts

Row 1 *k1, p1; rep from * until end of row. Rep this ribbed row sequence for 5 rows

Then work 30 rows of stocking stitch (k one row, p one row)

Note the p row is the WS row

Cast off purlwise

Repeat entire process for second cushion back piece

Making up your chevron cushion

Step 1

With your cushion front RS up, lay one cushion back piece RS down, aligning the top and side edges and orientating the ribbed edge towards the centre. Place the second cushion piece RS down, aligning in the same way. Pin in place and sew around the edges using the yarn tails and a tapestry needle or crochet hook. Sew in the ends and insert a cushion pad.


We hope you’ve enjoyed knitting up Leanne’s chevron cushions. They’re a staple for any sofa! For more cosy knitting patterns check out our free poppy knitting pattern and our premature baby hats knitting patterns.

Meet the Maker

Leanne is a DIY blogger, writer, reviewer and designer-maker for her own indie fashion accessories label, Chi Chi Dee Handmade. She recently moved from East London to the Bavarian alps with her boyfriend and their baby son.