How to make a knitted advent calendar with pockets

This simple, Scandi-inspired knitted advent calendar will deliver festive fun and excitement year after year. Cast it on today!

Knitted advent calendar with pockets

Get ready for Christmas by making this fab knitted advent calendar with pockets. Each easy-to-knit pocket follows the same pattern, and once stitched to thick red fabric tape, this knitted advent calendar looks gorgeous hung up in front of the fireplace or on a wall.


This pattern uses Swiss darning for the numbers, which is a great way to add small details to your knitting, as it covers the stitch with an embroidery stitch in the same shape as the stitch beneath it. It’s essentially duplicate stitching and is an easy-to-learn embroidery technique. If you’re a beginner or are in need of a refresher, check out our handy guide to Swiss darning.

Julie Ferguson’s fun for kids and adults alike! Download the free knitted advent calendar pattern for knitting on the go, or scroll down to get started.

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To make a knitted advent calendar you will need:

  • King Cole, Merino Blend DK (100% wool, 50g/112m)
    4 balls of each:
    Yarn A Aran (046)
    Yarn B Cranberry (703)
  • A pair of 4mm needles
  • 26 buttons (optional)
  • 5m of 2.5cm wide
    fabric tape
  • Tapestry needle
Knitted advent calendar with pockets
Stitch your pockets to thick red fabric tape to hang up

Knitted advent calendar pattern


Yarn used knits as DK to this tension: 22 sts and 28 rows to measure 10x10cm (4x4in) over st st using 4mm needles


Each pocket measures 10cm (4in) wide x 13.5 (51/4in) tall


You’ll find our standard knitting abbreviations in this pattern.

Knitted advent calendar

Pocket 1

(make 13)

Cast on 22 sts using 4mm needles and Yarn B.

Row 1 (RS) (K1, P1) to end.

Row 2 (P1, K1) to end.

Rep rows 1 & 2 twice more.

Work 2 rows in st st.

Using the Fair Isle technique, work rows 1–8 of Pocket Chart 1 on p33.

Cont in Yarn B and st st only for 22 rows.

Knit 2 rows.

Beg with a P row, work 15 rows in st st.

Rep rows 1 & 2 once more.

Cast off.

Pocket 2

(make 12)

Work as for Pocket 1, reversing the colours and working from Pocket Chart 2. Fold the pocket up at knit ridge and stitch side seams.

Swiss darning

Using the charts and instructions below, Swiss darn your numbers directly onto the front of each pocket in the contrasting colour.

To make up

Fold pockets up at knit ridge and stitch side seams. Weave in ends and stitch onto tape. Stitch on the buttons if using.

Knitted advent calendar with pockets, day 25

Download the Knitted advent calendar pattern

Get a PDF version of this pattern here: Knitted advent calendar pattern