Light up your life and your home with these wonderfully magical Disney cross stitch kits and patterns from a range of talented designers. Whether you're a huge Disney fan or you know someone who is, the Cheshire cat said it so, "Most everyone's mad here" - mad about Disney that is!


We've summoned up this list of our favourite Disney cross stitch kits and patterns available on the market right now! Using a mixture of classic and modern Disney inspiration, we're sure you find something you love on our list which is as long as Rapunzel's hair (well nearly). From The Lion King's Simba to the bright balloons of Up, to Anna and Elsa, there's magic to be found in every single one of these cross stitch patterns.

Cross stitch has been said to be very therapeutic and satisfying (we can vouch for that!) so give one of these Disney cross stitch a go in the evening after a long day and find yourself relaxing. The kits included on this list would also make fabulous gifts for anyone who would like to give cross stitch a try, due to the fact they are Disney-inspired this might prompt the kids to try a new craft.

Most of the kits and patterns we have included here are suitable for beginners, with the odd few which might be more suited to practised hands. However, if you want to challenge yourself why not brush up on your cross stitching skills, check out this handy guide on cross stitch for beginners, and the needle size guide to ensure you're using all the tools correctly.

Main image: Bambi number 9 on the list, Buy now from Love Crafts, £26.55

30 Disney cross stitch

1. Alice in Wonderland inspired cross stitch kit

Bring Alice to life in your home with this beautifully printed cross stitch kit. The design features Alice in her hallmark blue dress leaning across an enlarged pocket watch, you'll also see a cheeky glimpse of the white rabbit and a cute pink flamingo! This surreal cross stitch is suitable for beginners due to the ease of stitching with a printed kit, there's no need to worry about counting. Plus once you are done, the printed pattern can be simply washed away with water, leaving you with your stunning stitchwork.

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disney cross stitch - alice in wonderland

2. Beauty and the Beast inspired cross stitch kit

Dazzle your friends and family with this gorgeous scene from Beauty and the Beast captured so perfectly in thread. If you love Disney, there is no doubt this story has to be one of your favourites, a classic tale full of love, laughter and sadness. Encapture the spirit of this story in stitch, with this fabulous Disney cross stitch kit, you'll receive everything you need including Aida, threads and instructions.

disney cross stitch - beauty and the beast

3. Scar inspired Disney cross stitch

Adorable is not a word we would use to describe the villain Scar from The Lion King, but that doesn't mean he can't be cute in stitch form! And you'll get just that with this scar-inspired cross stitch kit, which includes everything you need to finish this little guy, and at a bargain price too!

Buy now from Etsy, £5.25

disney cross stitch - scar

4. Lego Disney princess mash-up cross stitch

We are totally on board with this awesome mash-up between our favourite Disney princesses and Lego! This cool cross stitch features 12 Lego princess motifs, so your favourite is bound to be featured. You don't have to stitch them like the picture either, you can stitch the motifs anywhere in any order or on their own if you prefer. They would look great on a tote bag too. In the kit, you'll receive everything you need to complete each princess.

disney cross stitch - lego

5. Pixar's Up floating house cross stitch kit

Oh, we all adore Up and it's wonderous, yet heartbreaking love story. If you love it as much as we do you can now have a little piece of it in your home. Stitch the house floating away into the clouds for an adventure with this Disney cross stitch kit.

Buy now from Etsy, £18.00

disney cross stitch - up

6. Toy Story cross stitch PDF download

To infinity and beyond! You can't really get much more of an iconic phrase from the Toy Story franchise! Stitch the ultimate ode to the spaceman with this cool Disney cross stitch pattern. You'll receive a PDF download of the pattern so you'll need all the kit on hand.

Buy now from Etsy, £3.23

disney cross stitch - toy story

7. 101 Dalmations cross stitch kit

There's no sign of Cruella in this cute cross stitch, phew! Instead, you'll find some cute dalmatian pups playing on the piano, now can we remember all their names? This pre-printed cross stitch kit is fabulous for beginners as you'll receive everything you need to finish it! Plus it looks amazing, check out the positive reviews to see some photos of other stitchers dalmatian creations.

disney cross stitch - 101 dalmations

8. Lion King cross stitch pattern

Good advice indeed from this Lion King inspired cross stitch pattern. The design shows the drawing of Simba by Rafiki, who later finds out Simba is in fact still alive! The ideal gift for any fan of the wonderful classic films, and who wants to live by those words.

Buy now from Etsy, £3.60

disney cross stitch - lion king

9. Bambi cross stitch cushion kit

Going back to a real classic here, Bambi is up there with one of the old favourites, and isn't he the sweetest? Stitch him up into your very own handmade cross stitch cushion with this fabulous kit. The kit includes lovely thick yarn, a canvas, threads and needles. You'll need to source the cushion stuffing and backing separately.

Buy now from Love Crafts, £26.55

disney cross stitch -bambi

10. Frozen counted cross stitch kit

This link is for Anna, but there is also an Elsa cross stitch available which almost looks as though it is a pair - can we stitch both? These beautiful cross stitches capture the essence and beauty of Frozen 2 when the leaves fly around the sisters. These would look fabulous in any Disney fan home, or in a little one's bedroom.

Buy now from Love Crafts, £47.99

disney cross stitch -frozen

11. Belle counted cross stitch bookmarks (set of 2)

If you love books just as much as Belle, then this cross stitch kit is for you! Stitch up two beautiful designs, and keep them for yourself, or give one to a friend to cherish. You'll receive in the kit everything you need to make the front panels, the Aida, thread and needles. Then you can choose if you'd like to mount them onto something else.

Buy now from Love Crafts, £15.99

disney cross stitch -belle

12. Moana cross stitch kit

Bring the adventure and bravery of our favourite heroine Moana into your home with this gorgeous cross stitch kit! The kit features Moana holding her little pig sidekick Pua against a lovely dusky pin background. You'll find all you need in this kit to create the finished piece, then you'll just have to decide how to display it. We do think it looks lovely framed and up on the wall! It would make a thoughtful gift for any little ones who can't get enough of the Polynesian hero.

Buy now from Love Crafts, £30.99

disney cross stitch -moana

13. Winnie the Pooh cross stitch cushion kit

Oh, we do think this little bear is as sweet as the honey he loves. Stitching this warming canvas to add that touch of cosy to your home. Perfect for a little one's bedroom or nursery. The kit includes a hand-painted canvas, so it will be really easy for beginners to follow along, plus it includes everything you need to complete the canvas.

Buy now from Love Crafts, £29.99

disney cross stitch -winnie the pooh

14. Micky mouse cushion cross stitch kit

We simply had to include the big guy himself, Micky Mouse! This adorable peek-a-boo cross stitch shows Micky hiding behind a cushion against a background of the most lovely shade of mustard yellow! Stitch this beginner-friendly pattern up in no time with the easy to follow instructions.

Buy now from Love Crafts, £29.99

disney cross stitch -mickey

15. Cross stitch Creations: Disney Classic: 12 Patterns

We all have a soft spot for the classic characters of Disney! This 64-page book is jammed packed with all of your favourite Disney classic characters from Steamboat Willie, Snow White to Sneezy (one of our favourite dwarfs)! The book itself is magical in design and content, we love the clearly laid out charts, the Micky symbols to indicate which stitches go where and you'll even find a lovely introduction from Disney. There are 12 patterns to make in total and the materials needed to make two of them are included with this kit, bonus!

disney cross stitch -classics

16. Mickey Mouse silhouette cross stitch pattern PDF

This counted cross stitch contains a multitude of Disney favourites, old and new. You'll find the likes of Ariel and Dumbo to Wreck-it-Ralph - a more modern Disney character! But they all come together to form the iconic Mickey Mouse head shape. We think this one is really creative and fun. Check out the user reviews to see other stitchers completed work, it is very impressive!

Buy now from Etsy, £1.84

disney cross stitch -mickey

17. The Nightmare Before Christmas cross stitch kit

Our list is taking a slightly darker turn, but no less charming with this special Nightmare Before Christmas cross stitch kit. You'll receive 4 easy patterns to choose from within the kit plus all the materials you'll need to get started right away.

disney cross stitch -nightmare

18. Alice in Wonderland cross stitch pattern PDF

Fall into Wonderland with Alice and friends with this magical cross stitch featuring all the well-known characters. This lovely cross stitch will have you feeling like you're lost in Wonderland because of the unique and mesmerising design. This pattern is a counted cross stitch available as an instant PDF download.

Buy it now from Etsy, £13.80

disney cross stitch -alice in wonderland

19. Set of 3 Frozen cross stitch cards

Treat your friends and family to these beautiful Frozen inspired cross stitch cards. The designs include Elsa, Anna and of course Olaf, who are brought to life in thread. You'll get everything you need to make these three cards, even the envelope when you are ready to send them to their lucky recipients.

disney cross stitch - frozen cards

20. Avengers cross stitch PDF

Recreate Earth's mightiest heroes in miniature with this awe-inspiring cross stitch pattern! On the design you'll find all your favourites; Loki, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Doctor Strange and Iron Man! This design is available as a PDF instant download, so you can get stitching straight away.

Buy from Etsy, £5.89

disney cross stitch - avengers

21. Cars height chart

Calling to all you Cars fans out there! If you want to take a bit of a mega project for the little one in your life bedroom then this might just be the ultimate cross stitch. Are they mad about Cars? Then we'll say no more, except happy stitching!

Buy from Love Crafts, £54.99

disney cross stitch - cars

22. Minnie Mouse cross stitch

Now we couldn't leave the beautiful Minnie off our list! Stitch this darling Mouse with her big red bow and sweet smile. This piece would look fabulous in any Dinsey-fan's home, or maybe one for the Granddaughters room?

Buy from Love Crafts, £29.99

disney cross stitch - minnie

23. Disney villains Lego cross stitch kit

Oh, we all love a good villain, well in fact I think we love to hate them. But what makes the perfect villain? Gothic clothes, two-toned hairstyles, or hair made from blue flames? We're not sure. But we do know one thing all these villains have in common, they're pure evil! So time to stitch them.

Buy now from Etsy, £35.99

disney cross stitch - villians

24. Disney Mai Tai cross stitch pattern PDF

If you're familiar with Trader Joe's cocktail bar you'll love this Mai Tai cocktail cross stitch pattern. Hang it in your kitchen at home, or above a drinks cabinet to add that exotic touch to your home. This pattern is available to download as an instant PDF so you won't lose any time.

Buy now from Etsy, £2.76

disney cross stitch - mai tai

25. Tangled cross stitch pattern PDF

Wise words from our favourite long-haired princess, Rapunzel. This is a digital download so you can get started instantly on this lovely project. Suitable for beginners and appealing to more advanced stitchers it would look fabulous hanging in any Disney-lovers home.

Buy now from Etsy, £3.23

disney cross stitch -tangled

26. Jasmine cross stitch pattern PDF

You won't need a genie to bring the magic into your home with this Aladdin-inspired cross stitch pattern. Stitch your favourite princess in her iconic blue outfit. This pattern is available as a digital download so you can get stitching right away!

Buy now from Etsy, £3.00

disney cross stitch -jasmine

27. Set of 5 Disney villain cross stitch patterns PDF

Unveil the dark side of Disney with these 5 fabulously evil queens. You'll find the likes of Ursula, The Evil Queen and Cruella De Vil! If you only want a couple of the designs too you can purchase each one individually.

Buy now from Etsy, £8.30

disney cross stitch - villians

28. Disney Tangled cross stitch bookmark

Stitch this sweet bookmark to save your page! If you're new to cross stitch this would be a great place to start as it requires only simple stitches and you can follow along with a simple chart. Find this pattern as an instant digital download and get stitching now.

Buy now from Etsy, £4.61

disney cross stitch -tangled

29. Disney princesses cross stitch pattern PDF

We just could resist this gorgeous sampler featuring all of your favourite princesses, in a style that makes it easy to stitch. Although the stitching is easier they are still iconic and recognisable in their outfits and hairstyles. Stitch all of them now!

Buy now from Etsy, £3.25

disney cross stitch - princess

30. Ariel cross stitch PDF

Create a fabulously easy yet beautiful cross stitch with this Ariel sampler. You'll bring a little bit of ocean magic into your home, as Sebastian once sang, "Under the sea, under the sea. Darling, it's better down where it's wetter. Take it from me." We won't argue with that!

Buy now from Etsy, £2.50

disney cross stitch - ariel

If you loved the Disney cross stitch collection and want more magical projects try the Harry Potter cross stitch. Need inspiration for your next project, try these modern cross stitch kits. If you’re after just patterns we have plenty of those too, check out our huge collection of free cross stitch patterns, from a range of talented designers. Want to try more decor stitches? Try this lovely durene jones cross stitch and create a beautiful fox to brighten up your home. A fan of the oranges and browns of autumn? You’ll love these autumn cross stitch patterns. If you are thinking of getting the kids involved, get them started on this lovely craft with these cross stitch kits for kids.


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