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Christmas tree embroidery: Create your own stocking

Embroider neon Christmas trees onto a natural fabric to create a traditional stocking with a funky twist!

christmas tree embroidery - stocking

There’s something special about customising your own stockings, creating family heirlooms to cherish year after year or giving as gifts.

Adorned with pretty neon Christmas trees and shining stars, this simple stocking is sure to leave anyone beaming! Whether hanging on the mantlepiece in anticipation of the big day or brimming with presents, this design is the perfect addition for a truly magical Christmas.

The embroidery design is simple, using only a few stitch types, making it a perfect fit for enthusiastic beginners.

The stocking itself requires a bit of sewing to complete. You’ll need a sewing machine with a standard foot unless you’re a dab hand at sewing (or prefer a more rustic look), in which case you can do it by hand. Be prepared that the hand-sewn approach may take a little longer.

Below you’ll find everything to embroider your Christmas tree, including a free template to help create the shape of your stocking. We’ll finish by sharing an easy-to-follow guide to stitching and sewing your homemade stocking.

This lovely Christmas tree embroidery by Julia Staite was originally published in Love Embroidery issue 20.

Without further ado, let’s pull up those socks and get stitching!

Stitching your Christmas tree embroidery

What stitches will I need to complete the Christmas tree embroidery?

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Free templates for the Christmas tree stocking

Embroidered Christmas tree stocking: The step-by-step tutorial


You Will Need

  • Calico fabric (80x40cm, natural)
  • Stranded cotton (1 skein each of brown, coral, green and neon yellow)
  • Embroidery hoop (10cm diameter)
  • Ribbon (20cm long)
  • Sewing machine with standard foot
  • Machine cotton (white)
  • Basic embroidery kit

Total time:

Step 1

Cut out your Christmas tree design using the template

Cut out four stocking shapes from the calico fabric using the template.

Step 2

Transfer your designs from the front piece

Select your front piece and transfer the designs onto the fabric. Not sure how to transfer your template? Take a look at our embroidery transfer tutorial.

Step 3

Mount your Christmas tree design

Mount the first design in your hoop as per the image below. As your hoop will not be big enough to cover the whole design at once, you will need to move your hoop around as your stitch.

Step 4

Stitching the first Christmas tree

For the first tree, work the outline in backstitch using six strands of green. Then, work a french knot in six strands of coral at the end of each branch.

christmas tree embroidery step 1

Step 5

Stitching the second tree

Using six strands, outline the second three with backstitch and fill with leaf stitch in green. Use satin stitch to add a brown trunk.

christmas tree embroidery step 2

Step 6

Stitching the third (and final) Christmas tree

Moving onto the third motif, fill the shape using a diagonal satin stitch in six strands of green. Finish by adding the trunk in backstitch using four strands of brown.

christmas tree embroidery step 3

Step 7

It’s time to stitch the neon stars

Using backstitch add each sparkling star using six strands of your neon yellow thread.

Top tip: Want to make it extra special? Add the recipient’s name or initials to the design in golden thread.

christmas tree embroidery step 4

Step 8

Remove your hoop

Remove your hoop and press on the reverse of the fabric.

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diy christmas stocking - pom pom

Step 9

Sewing your stocking together

The next step is to sew your stocking into place. In this article, the terms RS means right side and WS means the wrong side. You might already be familiar with this if you’re a keen sewer.

Pin in place

Pin the front and back pieces together with RS facing each other, inserting a loop of ribbon into the seam along the top-left side.

Sew your stocking

Sew together with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving the top edge open.

Clip the curves, then repeat with the lining pieces, leaving a 5cm gap along one side.

Turn the lining RS out and insert it into the outer stocking, with RS together and the top edges aligned. Sew them together around the top.


Step 10

Turn it back the right way

Turn through the lining gap, then close the gap. Push the lining inside and press.

Step 11

Blanket stitch around the top

Work Blanket Stitch around the top using six strands of neon yellow.

christmas tree embroidery step 5

Step 12

Creating a tassel

To make the tassel, wrap the coral thread around a 9x5cm rectangle of cardboard until you have achieved your desired thickness. Loop a short length of thread through the threads at the top and tie them together.

Remove the cardboard, then wrap the neon yellow thread around the bundle, towards the top end, and tie it tightly. Trim, then attach the tassel to the ribbon loop.

We have a helpful video guide on how to create a tassel for a more in-depth tutorial.

christmas tree embroidery step 6

Making a homemade stocking to bring out every year

The joy of making a homemade stocking comes from bringing it out every year and establishing heartwarming traditions! This festive Christmas tree design is suitable for all ages, and could even be adapted to include a name or initial.

Remember: Personalised stockings make incredible gifts that are sure to raise a smile this year and every Christmas season to come!

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