Looking for the coolest of the cool embroidery ideas to take your stitching to the next level? You’re in the right place.


These cool embroidery ideas are for those who want to capture their favourite things in stitches. Anything to speaks to your passion and personality can be defined as cool! For us, that means pop culture, movies and games (and of course, crafting). Our round-up will be jam-packed with Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Harry Potter and LOTR-inspired embroidery.

Embroidery designs are not only for creating beautiful creations. It can express moments in movie history, showcase your favourite characters or even quotes that nobody gets except for you. It can cross mediums and become memorabilia for your favourite fandom!

In our article, we want to show you some of the coolest embroidery patterns we’ve found. We hope it inspires you to combine your passions with your love of stitching.

15 modern and cool embroidery ideas

1. Funny cactus embroidery kit

Stitch this cheeky cactus embroidery as a reminder to your guests to be nice! It's beginner-friendly and ideal for plant-loving people.

This cool embroidery pattern is actually a kit, meaning it comes with everything you need to start stitching straight away. Needle, thread, pattern and embroidery hoop are inside the kit making it the perfect gift for a crafty pal.

2. Potions cabinet embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - potions

Of course, we’re kicking off our list with Harry Potter. This embroidery design features shelves of bubbling potions and dusty old books that you’d see in potions class. It’s exactly what you think of when you imagine Harry conjuring up the perfect Felix Felicis.

The design is suitable for beginners and it contains a 43-page guide to completing your hoop. You find all the tips and tricks of the designer too, to help you on your embroidery adventure.

If you’re more of a cross-stitching fan, then make sure you check out our Harry Potter cross stitch kits.

3. Homer in the bushes embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - homer

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons you’ll know the iconic scene where Homer backs away and disappears into a hedge. This hilarious moment can now be recreated in embroidery! Download an instant PDF of the design and stitch in any style you like.

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If you want to add texture, use green felt as the base for your stitching.

4. ‘This is fine’ dog meme pattern

cool embroidery - meme

Everything is fine, right?! This one is for folks who can’t get enough of silly memes. This comic-book-style dog sits calmly amongst a raging fire. It is often used as a reaction image to convey a sense of self-denial or acceptance in the face of a hopeless situation.

This pattern is available to download as a PDF, but if you prefer a kit, send the designer a message! The project is suitable for intermediate to advanced stitchers as it uses a lot of Satin Stitch and fine detailing.

5. Worm Labyrinth embroidery kit

cool embroidery - bowie

One for the fans of Labyrinth and Bowie! What’s cooler than a cult classic? Stitch up the Worm, a creature who resides in the wall of the Labyrinth. He has three tufts of blue hair and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

This kit contains everything you need to complete the hoop and the design is even pre-printed on the fabric so you can begin stitching straight away.

6. Bridgerton embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - bridgerton

Can’t wait to get Lady Whistledown’s next paper? Create your own gossip-worthy embroidery hoop with this classy pattern. Transport yourself to the world of ballroom dancing, corsets and puffy dresses.

The pattern is available to download as a PDF, so you can start stitching right away.

7. Stranger Things embroidery pattern

cool embroidery stranger things

We simply had to include Stranger Things! The hit franchise is now being celebrated in embroidery. Take your needle to this cool Vecna-inspired design of a broken clock face. Creepy!

8. Star Wars embroidery pattern

If you’re a Star Wars fan or even if you’ve seen the odd movie, this famous quote can be seen everywhere. Memes, fan art and now embroidery!

Get the PDF and stitch up this cute and cool design tonight. Make sure you also check out our Star Wars cross stitch kits and crochet patterns!

You can’t get much cooler than outerspace!

Stitch this whirling galaxy held between two hands for a modern and unique embroidery project. As you stitch, the beautiful starry embroidery will unfold before your eyes.

star embroidery

9. The Lord of the Rings embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - lord of the rings

Transport yourself to The Shire with this amazingly detailed embroidery of a hobbit hole. The digital download includes the pattern plus lots of tips and tricks for creating this magical design.

Once finished this hoop will take pride of place amongst your Lord of the Rings merchandise.

10. Mushroom embroidery kit

cool embroidery - mushrooms

There’s something pretty cool about mushrooms! They’re unique, there are countless varieties and they are always featured with fairytales and fantasy stories. This particular design gives us Alice in Wonderland vibes!

The kit includes everything, plus a helpful guide to stitching. This design is also suitable for complete beginners.

11. Sea captain embroidery pattern

cool embroidery sea

This chap looks like he’d have a story or two to tell about the seven seas! Its as if he’s fallen straight out of the pages of a children’s fantasy book.

With lots of detail and small stitches, this one will take a while but it’s a must-have for anyone who loves the ocean, sailing, or anything related to beards! If you’d like a pirate to help you stitch this ship-shape embroidery design then why not make our pirate toy knitting pattern?

12. Harry Potter Hogsmead embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - diagon alley

Transport yourself to the magical village of Hogsmead! The snow-topped roofs, the glowing lanterns and the quirky buildings. Stitch a dreamy village this weekend with this amazing Hogsmead pattern.

Included are the digital version of the pattern and a helpful stitching guide.

For more magical projects make sure you browse our Harry Potter crafts collection.

13. Star Wars embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - star wars

A must-have for any Star Wards fan! This flower-adorned lightsaber is suitable for beginners and quick to stitch. It works up well on a 6” hoop. If you’re on the dark side, they also have a red Darth Vader version.

14. Scarlett Witch embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - marvel

Calling all Marvel fans! This cool embroidery of the Scarlet Witch is suitable for beginners and a must-have for any fans of The Avengers.

15. Mad Hatter embroidery pattern

cool embroidery - mad hatter

‘We’re all mad here!’. The classic line from the franchise Alice in Wonderland! I think the Mad Hatter is so beloved because we can all see a bit of ourselves in him!

If you love weird and wonderful embroidery, you’re in for a treat with our Halloween embroidery.

Cool embroidery patterns for everyone

If there’s something out there that makes you go, ‘woah that’s so cool’, the chances are it can be recreated into an embroidery design. So whatever gives you goosebumps, start stitching it today.


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