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Create a festive hanging with this dog embroidery pattern

Stitch up this cosy dachshund in a tartan jumper and hang it on your wall for a cute winter feeling.

dog embroidery hanging

Pups, jumpers and tartan! What a cute trio! Stitch up this charming dog wall hanging to give your home a subtle festive feeling.

The design gives traditional tartan a modern makeover using Trellis and Weave stitch to create a pair of adorable dachshunds wearing chunky jumpers. We have to say, the end result is truly dashing!

Stitched onto crisp white cotton fabric and clipped into a wooden magnetic poster hanger, this free pattern will add a modern festive touch to your home.

This project uses a variety of stitches, so make sure to check out our tutorials to brush up on your skills. The stitches can be a little fiddly, but we feel the end result is totally worth the effort. Besides, giving yourself a challenge is the best way to learn new stitches and develop your embroidery skills.

This design by Kelly Fletcher was originally published in Love Embroidery Issue 19, which is still available to buy as a digital copy.

Stitching the tartan dog embroidery pattern

Your free dog embroidery template

What stitches will I need for the dog embroidery pattern?

For more tips and tricks for your stitching, try our embroidery stitch library and find more embroidery patterns for free here on Gathered.

Top tips for stitching your dog embroidery:

We’d recommend stitching this design in a 30cm hoop. If you want to stitch in a smaller one you will need to move the hoop around as you work.

Turn your needle around and slide it eye-first under your stitches – because this end is blunt, it won’t snag as much.

Tartan Dog Embroidery Pattern: The step-by-step tutorial


You Will Need

  • Cotton fabric (40x40cm), white
  • Embroidery hoop (30cm diameter)
  • Stranded cotton (1 skein of brown, light grey, red, light red and white)
  • Erasable marker pen
  • Basic embroidery kit
  • Magnetic poster hanger (30cm), Teak
  • Hemming web, Optional

Total time:

Step 1

Transferring the design onto the fabric

Transfer the design from the template onto the fabric using your preferred method. Not sure how to transfer your template? Take a look at our embroidery transfer tutorial.

Mount the fabric into your hoop ready for stitching.

Step 2

Stitching bold lines for the jumper

Using red, work Trellis Stitch across the jumpers. First, embroider the bolder vertical lines and then the horizontal ones using three strands to give the jumpers that iconic tartan finish.

Next, switch to one strand and work small crosses over the point where the lines intersect.

dog embroidery

Step 3

Straight Stitch vertical lines using lighter red

Work each pair of the finer vertical lines in Straight Stitch using one strand of light red. Make sure your stitches are going underneath your Trellis Stitches.

Step 4

Weave Stitch thin grey and white lines

For the finer horizontal lines, work Weave Stitch using one strand of light grey and white.

For the top and bottom rows of each set of three, use light grey and weave your thread:

  • Under the bolder vertical Trellis Stitches
  • Over the left-hand thread of each vertical pair of Straight Stitches from step 3
  • Under the right-hand thread of each of those pairs.
dog embroidery step 3

Step 5

Creating the white middle row

Use white to work the middle line of every row.

Alternate between going over and under the stitches from steps 2 and 3.

Note: If you’ve gone over in the row above, go under in the row you’re on and vice versa. You should be going under the left-hand light red stitches and over the right-hand ones.

Step 6

Embroider the neck of the jumpers

Now it’s time to create the all-important neck of the jumper! Embroider the neck using Blanket Stitch in three strands of red. You should see the neck of the jumper become chunky.

Using Stem Stitch, work the outline of the jumper in three strands of red.

dog embroidery 4

Step 7

Stitching the ears and body in Stem Stitch

Stitch to brown thread. Using Stem Stitch work the ears in three strands. Continue the outline of the dog in four strands using Stem Stitch.

dog embroidery step 5

Step 8

To finish your embroidered hanging

To finish, trim the fabric to measure 25.5cm high and 33cm wide, making sure the design is straight and central.

Then, press a 1.5cm hem along the side edges, using a hemming web to fix them in place if needed.

Finally, attach your magnetic poster hanger to the top and bottom of the design and hang!

dog embroidery 6

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