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Dog bandana pattern

Use a few leftover fat quarters to make this cute dog bandana pattern for your pet!

Dog bandana pattern

Give your favourite pooch a cute new look with this free dog bandana pattern! It’s the perfect way to make your pet look smart for a special occasion.

This dog bandana can be made using a just one fat quarter and some basic sewing kit, so it’s a great project to make if you’ve got some left over from another project. We’re big fans of any pattern that helps to reduce fabric waste!

We’ve made this using some Christmas fabrics, but you could use any fat quarters that you have in your stash. Looking for more ways to use up fat quarters? Find lots of ideas in our fat quarter projects round-up.

This dog bandana sewing pattern was originally published in Simply Sewing Magazine. Simply Sewing is an inspiring magazine for sewers of all abilities, from experienced stitchers to complete beginners. It’s packed with beautiful projects to sew, plus expert tips and advice. Debbie Wainhouse is a designer-maker from Bristol who regularly contributes to Simply Sewing and MollieMakes.

Our dog bandana pattern is ideal for beginners to attempt because it only uses some basic sewing techniques and you can whip it up in a couple of hours. If you’re new to sewing, we’d recommend that you check out our beginner’s guides, which have lots of great tips to help you get started. Take a look at our sewing for beginners and how to use a sewing machine guides, or stock up on supplies with our guides to the best sewing machines for beginners and sewing kits for beginners.

Dog bandana sewing pattern


Material used


You Will Need

  • A fat quarter
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Cutting out the bandana

Step 1

Choose the correct size pattern for your dog:

  • X-Small: 18cm
  • Small: 23cm
  • Medium: 30cm
  • Large/ XL: 37.5cm

Step 2

Cut two bandanas on the fold using the template provided.

Cut two bandanas using the templates

Sewing the bandana

Step 1

Press the short ends of the two bandana pieces in by 5mm and stitch in place with a 3mm seam allowance.

Press the short ends and stitch together

Step 2

With right sides (RS) facing, pin the bandanas together along the top edge and the diagonal sides.

Step 3

Stitch the pieces together, taking care to remove the pins as you sew. Remember to back stitch at the start and end, leaving the ends you hemmed open.

Stitch the pieces together


Step 1

Turn the bandana RS out through one of the open ends and use a chop stick or similar long blunt item to poke out the bottom point.

Step 2

Give the finished bandana a good press to finish, then carefully thread it onto your dog’s collar for a Christmas-ready look!

Press then stitch onto the dog collar

We hope you enjoyed our pattern for a dog bandana! If you’re looking for more things to sew for your dog, check out our dog bow tie pattern, our free dog coat pattern or make your own DIY dog pattern.

Dog bandana pattern