Looking to start your embroidery journey or want a quick and refreshing project to make? Try these beginner-friendly embroidery patterns which are easy to make and can be completed in just a few hours.


Every project in our round-up is free and straightforward to access. You’ll find a range of projects from talented designers right here on Gathered, plus a few extra designs from our trusted crafty friends.

These simple embroidery ideas are suitable for complete beginners and should help you on your way to becoming an embroidery pro! Most of the projects focus on a single stitch, so you can master certain key stitches while creating beautiful patterns.

We’ve included a range of project types, so you don’t have to stick to the traditional hoop finish. Try your hand at updating tote bags and clothing, as even a small design can breathe life into an old item.

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21 Simple embroidery ideas

1. DIY cushion embroidery

If you love the idea of using your embroidery skills to transform your home then this is the perfect quick project for you. Using only three stitch types create this modern design to spice up your cushion covers!

Try the DIY cushion embroidery with Gathered

2. Mini cactus embroidery

cactus embroidery

These botanical cuties can be whipped up in no time thanks to their small size. Choose from a trio of designs, one of which will even help you get accustomed to applique. All of the designs use basic stitches that we have handy tutorials for here on Gathered.

Find this Mini cactus embroidery pattern on Gathered

3. Embroidery letters

embroidery letters by hand 1

You might feel intimidated by lettering, but this project is so simple even beginners can give it a try. The majority of the stitching is Satin Stitch, a really useful stitch which is easy to learn (we have a full tutorial for this too). You’ll create a lovely banner to decorate your space.

Stitch an Embroidery letters banner with Gathered

4. Lazy daisy stitch project

How to sew Lazy Daisy Stitch

Each time you learn a new stitch, another creative door opens! The Lazy Daisy Stitch is an easy one to learn, and we even have a helpful video for you to follow. It’s one of only two stitches required for this cute project, the other being a little bit of Backstitch for the lettering.

Have a go at this Lazy Daisy Stitch project with Gathered

5. ‘Let’s do this’ motivational embroidery hoop

How to make a slogan embroidery hoop

Need a little motivation to get going on your next embroidery project? Be one step ahead with this lovely design! The focus of this project is Split Stitch, a handy little technique which is ideal for outlines and lettering (and a bit thicker than Backstitch).

Make a Motivational hoop with Gathered

6. Easy brooches


In this tutorial you’ll learn the Woven Wheel Stitch, it’s so easy yet so beautiful! It will allow you to create pretty details quickly, like roses. Once you’ve mastered the stitch you can use it on all sorts of projects.

Stitch these Easy brooches with Gathered

7. Easy embroidered scarf

How to embroider a scarf

Refreshing old clothes with even simple embroidery patterns can create a whole new look. Embroidering your clothes is a fun way to use your skills in a practical way!

Find our Embroidered scarf tutorial on Gathered

8. Modern cat embroidery

simple embroidery - cat

Of course, we had to include a kitty in our round-up! This pattern is probably the most simple on our whole list! It uses only one stitch: Back Stitch. It’s so easy to do but looks really cute on a t-shirt or jumper.

Try this Simple cat embroidery by Swoodson Says

9. Simple floral t-shirt embroidery

simple embroidery - tshirt

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern way to add a touch of fun to your plain t-shirts, this is the pattern for you! A quick rose and leaf outline is so minimal yet so impactful! The project only uses one basic stitch (which works great for clothing), and there’s a quick video guide should you need it!

Learn how to make an Embroidered t-shirt with Cutesy Crafts

10. Embroidery stitch hoop

simple embroidery - stitches

Once you’ve stitched this design, keep it by your side for quick reference when working on a project! It will not only help you practise different stitches but jog your memory when it comes to using them.

Try this Embroidery stitch reference guide from Cutesy Crafts

Embroidery for beginners

Our beginner's guide to embroidery is a great way to get going with this fun craft. It contains everything you need to know about starting your first project plus lots of helpful hints and tips from the experts.

11. Modern plant embroidery

simple embroidery - plants

Celebrate your love of plants with this beautifully modern design! Although the design is larger than others on this list, it still uses basic stitches so is still suitable for a beginner.

Go green with this Plant embroidery design from Love Crafts

12. Koi pond embroidery

simple embroidery - koi

Quick, simple and modern. This minimal Koi design packs a punch and is a real head-turner in any home. Leave it in the hoop, mount it in a frame or stitch it onto a t-shirt!

Find this Koi embroidery design on Love Crafts

13. Simple mountain embroidery

simple embroidery - mountain

Use black stitches to create a beautiful mountain and hands design. It requires the knowledge of only one stitch and is quick to make. It looks fabulous on tote bags, cushions or even a t-shirt! DMC has lots more free embroidery patterns to browse through too.

Make a Mountain embroidery, with DMC

15. Constellation embroidery

simple embroidery - stars

Recreate the starry night in stitches. The design features all twelve star sign constellations in a simple line design. Update a tote bag to give it a new lease of life with this lovely pattern.

Show you’re a star with this Constellation embroidery from, DMC

16. Daisy embroidery

simple embroidery - daisy

Learning how to stitch flowers is a great skill. They are used in a wide variety of designs and can add an extra dimension to your work – plus they look so pretty! These delicate daisies are quick to stitch and will help you practise French Knots.

Try some Daisy embroidery withCrewel Ghoul

17. Fruit embroidery cards

simple embroidery - fruit

You might not have thought about embroidering on card, but it can be a great way to get used to the stitching without the challenges of fabric. These fruity designs are a great way to get started, plus you’ll have a stash of cards to give to friends and family once you are done.

Stitch some Fruit embroidery with DIY and Crafts

18. Cactus embroidery

simple embroidery - cactus

Make your embroidery fun! This particular project only uses one stitch type, so it’s really easy to have a go at. You’ll have the chance to practise both outlines and lettering.

Get all spiky with this Cactus embroidery from Flamingo Toes

19. Bumblebee embroidery

simple embroidery - bee

Have a go at this quick and simple embroidery design! This bee design only uses a couple of easy stitches and would look fab on a tote bag or t-shirt.

You can find this Bee embroidery from Bees Knees Industries

20. Cute animal embroidery designs

simple embroidery - animals

These cute embroidery designs are the ideal starting point for complete newbies. They are so straightforward, even kids should be able to have a go. There’s a variety of animals to choose from, and you can even practise different stitch types if you are feeling adventurous.

Try these Cute animal embroidery designs from So What Simple

21. Easy eucalyptus pattern

simple embroidery - floral

Delicate, modern and simple. This beautiful embroidery pattern might be small but it’s so eye-catching. Once you’ve mastered this design you can incorporate it into larger work, or update totes and clothing.

Embrace your inner panda with this Eucalyptus embroidery by A Wild Flower Sews

Enjoying the beginner embroidery process

Being new to a craft need not be frustrating, and starting simple will give you a solid grounding in embroidery. Master the key stitches and techniques and you’ll be able to take on most beginner-friendly projects, before working your way up to more challenging embroidery designs.


Keep your stitch guide on hand!

One of the most helpful things to do when you are new to embroidery is to keep a stitch key on hand! You can quickly refer back to it when starting a project, and it will make you feel more confident in trying new stitches. Our helpful guide to embroidery stitches covers all of the key stitches and gives you a helpful guide to each one – we’ve even suggested some free projects to try them out on.


Katie Dolan
Katie DolanDigital Assistant, Gathered

Katie Dolan edits our needlework sections, focusing on our embroidery and cross stitch articles, as well as making videos for our arts and crafts projects. Katie runs her jewellery business, Ophelia Jewellery Art, on Etsy, where she sells beautiful resin-pressed flower earrings. She has a wide range of craft interests including embroidery – she particularly loves all things pop culture and a less traditional approach – The Simpsons and Rick & Morty are among her favourites to embroider. She has recently completed a silversmith workshop and hopes to expand her jewellery business with these new skills. When she’s not crafting, she’s usually fuelling her Harry Potter addiction with a Sunday film marathon and a couple of butter beers!

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